Italy - Serie A1 2017/18

  • Saugella Team Monza – Igor Gorgonzola Novara 3-2 (25-13, 25-16, 23-25, 29-31, 18-16)
    Saugella Team Monza: Begic 16, Dixon 17, Balboni 3, Orthmann 14, Devetag 10, Ortolani 26; Arcangeli (L). Rastelli, Bonvicini. N.E. Candi, Hancock, Bianchi. All. Pedullà.
    Igor Gorgonzola Novara: Parini, Skorupa 2, Enright 16, Gibbemeyer 12, Vasilantonaki 18, Populini 17; Sansonna (L). Camera, Zannoni, Brumat. N.E. Piccinini, Corti. Piacentini. All. Barbolini.

  • Volley Pesaro – Salvino Del Bene Scandicci 0-4 (16-25; 13-25; 18-25; 33-35)

    VOLLEY PESARO: Tatiana Bokan 14, Olivotto 9, Baldi 8, Arciprete 8, Lapi 5, Carraro; Ghilardi (L), Cambi 2, Bussoli 6. All.: Bertini.

    SCANDICCI SAVINO DEL BENE: Carlini 2, Bianchini 11, Adenizia Ferreira Da Silva 20, Isabelle Haak 25, Papa 16, Valentina Arrighetti 12; Merlo (L), Di Iulio 1, Mancini 5, Ferrara (L). All. Parisi.

    Judging from this performance, it seems Haak will be a more than sufficient piece on the italian playing board for the upcoming season.

  • Yes, Scandicci has made very wise transfers through the summer, transferring Haak and Carlini who are supposed to be good players but not really costly for club policy. I hope Bella will rule the Italian league somehow :super:

  • Busto is streaming their match against Novara. Novara for now is destroying Busto.
    Edit: Busto is now showing very good game too. Oh God Can't wait to watch Seria A this season <3

    Imoco won against Legnano 3:1 (25:14, 25:11, 19:25, 25:19)
    Best scorer: Samanta Fabris with 17 points.

    Novara made really good team this season.
    Two strong hitters Plak-Egonu, Christina-Gibby as MB and Skorupa as setter and I don't need to say anything about Piccinini. Great team.
    My God Seria A have so many great teams this season. Pomi, Novara, Conegliano, Modena, and I haven't seen others but I believe they are on pretty good level.

  • Geez, Adenízia truly is incredible in Italy.
    I'm reeeeally looking forward to watching Scandicci this season and hope they can be a threat to the bigger teams.

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  • Savino Del Bene Volley – Il Bisonte Firenze 3-0

    Set: 25 – 17, 25 – 18, 28 – 26

    Savino Del Bene Volley: Chiara Di Iulio ne, Enrica Merlo (l), Ferrara ne, Adenizia Da Silva 9,Valentina Arrighetti (k) 7, Mancini ne, Isabelle Haak 20, Bianchini 4, Papa ne, Samadova 3, Lucia Bosetti 9, Carlini 2.

    Il Bisonte Firenze: Indre Sorokaite 14, Alberti 5, Bechis 2, Bonciani, Tapp 5, Daly Santana 2, Di Iulio C. 2, Parrocchiale (l), Pietrelli 4, Ivana Milos Prokopic ne, Valentina Tirozzi (k) 10.

  • Yeah, looks good so far. Last season was pretty decent compared to the mess that was 2 years ago when the least exciting match was the TV match of the round half the time, hopefully it's like that again.

    And now I see that Serie A will again be shown on SportKlub in Serbia :dance6:

  • Imoco and Novara played very good match. And this was only preview because this two teams will for sure fight for the first place this season. Novara beat Imoco 3:1 but match was super close so it could go in diffrent way.
    And Imoco didn't have Samanta Bricio is their roster same as Robin. Can't wait to see team in CL. I believe they are super strong this season.

  • What are the best ways to watch Series A1 from the USA. I'm shifting from the Turkish league this year and am excited by the influx of top players into Italy for 2017. I particularly want to watch Imoco. Do they broadcast all their own games? That's what was great about Vakif last year.

  • There is a pay online TV, called LVF TV.
    It's 50 euro for all the matches (live and on demand). They'll show all the matches of A1 and A2 (Italian Championship, Italian Cup, Supercup, Play off etc) except the matches aired by Rai, but I think they have on demand also the matches broadcasted by Rai.

    Raisport will also stream about one matches for week (something more during play off), they have the live streaming too but outside Italy you'll need a VPN.

    Plus, I'm not an expert on the female side, but few teams may have a local TV that shows the matches for free (not live). You have to verify if they have an online streaming too, though.