CEV Champions League 2018

  • Natalia's performance has not been good in the recent matches
    Also it scares me how Mia Jerkov will performe in this match
    i agree Fener's passing could be quite shaky with Natalia-Mia -Merve trio
    I'll be in the sporthall for this match :D

  • I think it will depend on Fenerbahce playing cohesively as a single unit. Flexible as a lineup they may be... they never really clicked yet. One thing going for Novara is that they never change the lineup like they are playing dress-me like barbie. I guess that's the only advantage of Novara over Fenerbahce and should take every opportunity that Fenerbahce becomes a mess.

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  • Egonu is very talented and athletic, but she also makes a lot of unforced errors. I noticed that when she spikes, she just uses her forearm bring the ball down rather than using her wrist snapping down the ball. it's a difficult way to controlle the ball. that's why she’s more likely to hit the ball out.

  • Fener is nothing special, I do believe if they keep playing as this Imoco will not have any problems against them.

    If novara can not beat fenerbahce without eda, I can say there is no hope for novara to get out of group b! :teach:

    As vakifbank's supporter, i will say the worst nightmare for vakfibank is eda's serving round and her block and attack is also very good :teach:

  • Skorupa! :thumbdown:

    What does she expect from Piccinini when she set to her sky ball on the 3m against Babat-Jerkov? And the last one was on her left hand? Picci already saved few uncomfortable sets on the 3m before, but that was just too much. :aww:

    Agil proves once more to be the strongest italian team. Way better than Imoco.

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  • crovolley you make no sense. Fener is nothing special? Eda Erdem the captain and glue of the team is missing and Novara can only get points when Polen and Damla (2nd league player last year) come in set 1 and Rahimova leaves... I see you hoped Novara could beat FB easily so you dont have to be scared for your precious Conegliano :rolll:

    HUGE blocks from Dicle Nur in the end.

  • You just don't know who is playing worst.(They are not bad teams, but they are just not on high level at all) Fener or Novara. Novara to many mistakes, and Fener is all about Rahimova. That is it.

    And I still can't believe that Plak is on the court. Why He doesn't try with Enright.

  • Skorupa and Egonu are always like this: up and downs, hot and cold, black and white...

    Kasia shall realize she has to go to Piccinini when Tomkom is under the net. She did it just once.

    Egonu is spiking a lot out of system, which is something she has to work on.

    Barbolini took Plak out of the reception line and Piccinini is struggling a bit...

    I want to see Piccinini and Enright together. Agil was doing amazing when they were passing well and Skorupa runned her middles.

    "Voglio i tuoi occhi quando sognerai per farmi rimanere qui"
    "...come la terra la pioggia d'estate"
    "Io ti ho coperto le spalle, scoprendo tutto il mio cuore"
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