CEV Champions League 2018

  • If Terzic hadn’t asked for his 2 time outs before the first 5 points of the tie break, maybe Dínamo would’ve had a chance in the end of this set. Really don’t like his attitudes and his choices. But it was good to see that Goncha still has her skills, because, IMO, she was a little bit shy recently. I just hope Conegliano or Novara improve their game, because even though Vakif didn’t have a great match today, I still can’t see none of the Champions League teams taking the title away from their hands.

  • Vakıfbank isnt playing well in the recent matches..they lost to Vitra ( i dont/dont want to think they lost intentionally for a better matchup in the playoffs) .now they won 3-2 todays match
    winning this match was important for first place in the pool so no matter with what results it was

  • Chemik got a very important win against Maritza
    they keep staying in the playoff pot by this win

    three second teams have 3-1 W-L now : Galatasaray,Novara,Chemik
    Gala is 1 point ahead of them

    There will be a fight between novara and chemik for playoff-6. And who will be the host will decide lots of things... :teach:

  • We were wrong about Fener because they're having one of the worst season in club history.They were beated by Halkbank with 3-1 score, they hardly won against Bursa BB and Beşiktaş (3-2), after 5 years they were beated by Galatasaray.We can say Fener is not like top Turkish teams right now.Beating Fener with 3-2 score, it's not big deal.Galatasaray easily crushed them in 3 sets.Imoco have good squad and they have big potential.But if we look at how they are playing, I also think Vakıfbank or Galatasaray will beat them.

    You're right definitely right. FB SK lost to GS after six years.Also in 10 years lost to Ecz. only a few times.Vakıfbank only one times until 2012 after transferrred by naz they start sometimes beat to FB SK.

    This year What a coincidence FB SK not only women but also Men again and again the good İtalian Teams same group.

    Also budget decreased.Kim gone, Jerkov is discuss also lost Meliha and Ezgi Ecz. offer best money for everytime.
    Even Though everything last match no outside hitter three times gave while 2 0 then 2 3 . last matches only four point after FB won 3 1 then group leader but again and again.

    FB is suffered their group. GS and Vakıf played The Worst Moskow Team No Foreign Players ans passed easily As A result FB SK bad team

    If only one year FB SK bad team, Ecz. SK who The Biggest Budget All The World Voleyball History won Nothing and Playing CEV Cup. What Should We Say For Ecz. for example?

    İnteresting Point Of View

  • Even though Imoco is playing against Agel I can't wait to watch this match because it will be the first time this season they will play with their "original" starting six. :D

    I think you should pray for them from now not to be second ecz vitra as last season. Only two chance of champion left this season for imoco volley. Novara seems will become tough opponent in play-off phase in italy league! :teach:

    This team is very balanced, but when tough time and tough serving comes who will be the key player if the team is not in system. :teach:

    Bricio still needs to practise one-two years to compete in turkish league. She needs to learn to get more BPs in important matches when so many chances are given to her! :teach:

  • Today the most interesting match is supposed to be return match Galatasaray vs. Moscow from Burhan Felek Salonu in Istanbul, 17 CET or 16 UT:


    It's the last theoretical chance for Moscow to stay in competition for playoff 6.

    so if Moscow still has a chance then Fb also has a chance for the playoffs 6 ...lol

    the race for best two second teams is being amongst Novara,Chemik and Galatasasay and seems it will last to the last match of this phase

    Galatasay - Dinamo : Dinamo played well against Vakıf so they'd like to show the same resistance against Gala too..id day Gala would win before Vakıf-Dinamo macth considering the result of Dinamo-Gala match.but now im not sure

    Kazan-Chemik : i guess Kazan can win at home yet could Chemik resist better than we thought ?

    Novara - Fenerbahçe : i guess Novara can win but if Fener can serve well then Novara can live some problems.i just dont want to see another 3-2 loss for Fener..either a win or a 3-0 or 3-1 loss :D