CEV Champions League 2018

  • :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall:

    Seriously, Vakifbank does not deserve to play in final. Only Zhu does!

    Conegliano overall was the better TEAM for me, but what's the point when on the other side there is a player that you can simply set 50 balls in a row and wait until she scores enough to win the match? :cursing:

  • What a disappointment. :wall:

    Kudos to Gizem Örge though, she digged everything in this tie-break.

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  • This was definitely the finale match! :super: I feel sad for Conegliano as I was rooting for them at some point but it takes nothing away from Vb! That save Gözde and Vb defense made at 12-10 is imo what turned the match around. Brilliant world class stuff from Zhu and Vb defense afterwards as well. Both teams deserved to be finalists, an amazing semi final match this was and maybe even the real final of CL 2017-2018.

    I hope the next match will be a good game as well, Alba Blaj has a lot of foreigners so I don't expect them to be weak at all.

    Win CL Galatasaray!

  • Bricio didn't receive well. I wonder what Fenerbahce thinks about her performance. That slip up that tied the game hurt Conegliano's confidence.

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  • Omg! What a match! It started with 2 bad sets and then turned out a great match in tie break! Thanks to Connegliano and Vakifbank for this joy!

    Vakifbank failed with their serving today, for some reason they were far from their usual serve tempo, that also effected their great blocks which is their key strategy. Cansu Özbay could not hold the stress of the semis and Naz looked scared due to her pregnancy. Rasic looked hangover, she could not even make it to the blocking on time and let Connegliano make block outs from her far too many times. Gözde was really bad in attacking. Slöetjes started great but ended bad. Simply, Zhu saved the day.

    On the other hand, Connegliano served really well at some parts of the game, and besides those balls Bricio just watched, they gave lots of perfect receives to Wolosz. Wolosz played amazing. Fabris and De Gennaro deserve a big applaud too.

    In overall, Wolosz outplayed both Vakifbank setters, De Gennaro outplayed Gizem Örge, Hill outplayed Gözde, middles of Connegliano and Fabris outplayed Vakif's middles and Slöetjes. But for some reason, these were not enough, because even in such a so so day, Zhu was far over Bricio's performance.

    Depending on how Gamze does today and tomorrow, Wolosz is a solid candidate for best setter. De Gennaro should also be awarded. For Fabris, we gotta wait and watch tomorrow's match first.

  • Gizem was simply awesome. She was the best player of the match for me, judging by the tie break :white: :super:

    Fabris couldn't kill the most important balls

    Why this is always about Fabris? Hill had so much opportunities and did nothing :aww: I'm so sorry for Fabris, she's getting plenty of hate here... :down:

  • Bricio with about 20 errors if you count the 5 balls she let go through for aces....

    Those are counted as reception errors in the stats.

    The crucial moments were Fabris not using the free ball chance and then Bricio's misjudgement. That brought Vakifbank back to life and then it was only a matter of time for Zhu to make enough kills.

    Gözde 28%, Sloetjes 31%, Zhu 55% compared to Bricio 45%, Hill 39%, Fabris 52%...but all that doesn't matter when it's 2:2 and 12:12, then you can just forget all stats in the world.