Brazilian League 2017/2018

  • Look, you think she can't play with cis women, fine. I don't agree with that sentiment, but I don't expect everyone to think the same way I do as it's not really something realistic.

    But saying Tifanny will never be 100% woman is extremely offensive. There are people killing themselves and being murdered, kicked out of their homes and being completely sidelined by society (who would have thought?!?) over not being accepted by people around them everyday and, to be fairly honest, behavior and "opinions" like these just add to the statistics. Calling people out on their bullshit like this is not censorship; it is being an actual decent human being.

    Gold - European Championship 2013 (M) Prediction Game
    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

  • I find this a difficult one. I don't agree with people saying the players shouldn't speak about it, it is their profession and they can say what they like as long as they're not insulting which Tandara wasn't.

    I fully understand why the players would think this is unfair but I don't see any other way of working. Tiffany has advantages that they never had but what is the other solution? Ban all trans players? That is even more unfair. She is a woman so she has to play with the women.

    It's not as if Tiffany made the change so that she could become a star in women's volleyball. It's not as if this will lead to several men changing sex in order to play top-level sport. It's not as if Tiffany has totally ruined the game by being much better than everyone else because there are other players here better than she is IMO.

    So while I understand some of the complaints, some of these comments are just horrible to see in the 21st century.

  • My point wasn't that players couldn't express their opinion, but maybe do a little research on the subject before giving interviews. When you have a professional in any field, and you without any knowledge try to say they are wrong, is bizarre to me.. It's the same as telling the doctor he shouldn't give you those pills and etc..

  • My point wasn't that players couldn't express their opinion, but maybe do a little research on the subject before giving interviews. When you have a professional in any field, and you without any knowledge try to say they are wrong, is bizarre to me.. It's the same as telling the doctor he shouldn't give you those pills and etc..

    Well Tandara did say she'd talked to team doctors and physiologists about it before making that statement. The science behind it does seem a bit unclear as there are professionals on both sides of the argument.

    Anyway, I didn't come here to disrupt the thread. I was just checking the latest results and saw this debate. I can see that people want to move on from this topic so I will stop posting.

  • Tandara was clearly prepared to give the speech, very badly prepared by the way, because they did not instruct her well, since she does not know the difference between homophobia and transphobia, that alone invalidates much of her arguments.

    If you're a public person, and does not really know how to talk about something, them you should read first, not go to the television arguing what you want or not from who has already decide about the thing, and please this is not a question of censorship.

    And if you do not think it's a matter of disrespect, know that Tandara, who speaks in respect so many times during her speech, liked a post in the instagram where they called Tifanny "man of wigs". That's what this type of speech does, spreads misinformation, or things (value morals) that people deem relevant enough to decide whether or not she can play.

  • i don't need to tell anyone what my professional background is, but let's just say i know more about transgender persons than the average citizen.

    it is not true that this matter was settled by IOC, fivb, or IAAF or whatever. it was not settled at all. look at the semenya affair (who is an intersex athlete not transgender, but similar issues apply). she was allowed to compete initially with almost no restrictions because there were no protocols as to how to deal with an athlete like her. she won the WCh in the women's 800 easily. later, they imposed a limit on how much testosterone her body could have, and (this is not publicly known because of patient privacy), she then had to take drugs to suppress her hormone levels (and even rumored to have either been told to, or actually underwent surgery). in that period, her times increased a lot and she almost disappeared from competition. after the dutee chand lawsuit, that's when the IAAF had to do away with the testosterone limit, and she was back to her best times again and won the gold in rio in 2016.

    so, no, these matters have not been settled by the doctors and lawyers and all the big poo-bahs yet. there's more talk of further changes in the protocols and procedures and they may go back to imposing some limits again. whoever said this is settled, is sadly mistaken.

  • RETURN - 8th ROUND

    E.C. Pinheiros 2x3 São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano
    Pinheiros: Bruna (OPP) 22, Mari Cassemiro (OH) 17, Milka (MB) 15;
    São Caetano: Sonaly (OH) 22, Fernanda Tomé (OH) 18, Sabrina (OPP) 12;
    MVP: Camila Paracatu (MB)

    Vôlei Bauru 1x3 SESC-RJ
    Bauru: Tifanny (OPP) 20,Yoana Palácio (OH) 14, Valquíria (MB) 11 -5 blocks-;
    Rio de Janeiro: Drussyla (OH) 20, Monique (OPP) 19, Gabi (OH) 13;
    MVP: Drussyla (OH)

    BRB/Brasília Võlei 1x3 Hinode/Barueri
    Brasília: Malu (OPP) 20, Aline (MB) 17 -6 blocks-, Priscila (OH) 14;
    Barueri: Suelle (OH) 18, Jaqueline (OH) 15 -5 blocks- Francynne (MB) 12;
    MVP: Jaqueline (OH)

    Fluminense F.C. 3x0 Renata Valinhos/Country
    Fluminense: Renatinha (OPP) & Thaisinha (OH) 14, Michelle (OH) 8;
    Valinhos: Natasha (OH) 7, Nayara (OH) 6, Vivian (MB) 4;
    MVP: Sassá (L)

    Camponesa/Minas 3x2 Vôlei Nestlé/Osasco video
    Minas: Destinee Hooker (OPP) 24, Rosamaria (OH) 14, Carol Gattaz (MB) 13;
    Osasco: Tandara (OPP) 39 -51%-, Nadja Ninkovic (MB) & Angela Leyva (OH) 7;
    MVP: Destinee Hooker (OPP)
    Tandara score 15 points in one set.

    Dentil/Praia Clube 3x0 SESI-SP
    Praia Clube: Fê Garay (OH) 18 -82%, Ellen (OH) 17 -75%-, Fabiana Claudino (MB) 8;
    SESI: Dani Suco (MB) 6, Amábilie (OH) 5, Domingas (OPP) & Glayce (OH) 4;
    MVP: Fê Garay (OH)

  • RETURN - 9th ROUND

    02/16/18 stats
    Hinode/Barueri 3x2 Vôlei Bauru
    Barueri: Skowronska (OPP) 25 -61%-, Jaqueline (OH) 14, Francynne (MB) 11 -5 block-;
    Bauru: Tifanny (OPP) 36 -62%-, Yoana Palácios 15, Valquíria (MB) 9 -5 blocks-;
    MVP: Skowronska (OPP)

    São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano 2x3 Fluminense F.C.
    São Caetano: Sabrina (OPP) 26, Mimi Sosa (MB) 15 -7 blocks-, Sonaly (OH) 15;
    Fluminense: Thaisinha (OH) 24, Lara (MB) 16 -7 blocks-, Renatinha (OPP) 15;
    MVP: Thaisinha (OH)

    Renata Valinhos/Country 1x3 BRB/Brasília Vôlei
    Valinhos: Paula Mohr (OH) 16, Nayara (OH) 11, Natalia (OPP) 10;
    Brasília: Malu (OPP) 25, Isabela (OH) 16, Aline (MB) 10;
    MVP: Juju Perdigão (L)

    Vôlei Nestlé/Osasco 0x3 Dentil/Praia Clube video
    Osasco: Bia (MB) 16 -6 blocks-, Tandara (OPP) 9, Nadja Ninkovic (MB) 6;
    Praia Clube: Nicole Fawcett (OPP) & Ellen (OH) 11, Walewska (MB) 10;
    MVP: Nicole Fawcett (OPP)

    SESC-RJ 0x3 Camponesa/Minas video
    Rio de Janeiro: Juciely (MB) 11, Drussyla (OH) 10, Mayhara (MB) 9;
    Minas: Carol Gattaz (MB) & Rosamaria (OH) 17, Destinee Hooker (OPP) 10;
    MVP: Carol Gattaz (MB)

    E.C. Pinheiros 3x0 SESI-SP
    Pinheiros: Bruna (OPP) 18, Roberta (MB) 11, Mari Cassemiro (OH) 10;
    SESI: Domingas (OPP) 10, Neneca (OPP) 8, Glayce (OH) 7;
    MVP: Mari Cassemiro (OH)


    in the lead 2/16/2018FEMALE
    Away from home, Dentil / Beach Club wins Nestle Volleyball and follows undefeated
    On TV 2/16/2018FEMALE
    Sesc RJ hits with Camponesa / Minas this Saturday
    This Friday 02/15/2018MALE / FEMALE
    Sada Cruzeiro and JF Volleyball open sixth round of return

    Camponesa / Minas celebrates victory over Sesc RJ (Credits: Disclosure / CBV)The Camponesa / Minas (MG) traveled to Rio de Janeiro and achieved an important result for the Cimed 17/18 women's volleyball Super League. With great performance the central Carol Gattaz, the Minas Gerais team won, this Saturday (17.02), the Sesc RJ for 3 sets to 0 (25/21, 25/22 and 25/20), in the gym of the Tijuca. The match was valid for the ninth round of the return of the competition.
    In the overall standings, Sesc RJ remains in second place with 52 points (18 wins and two losses). The Camponesa / Minas is in third place, with 45 points (15 positive results and six negative) Dentil / Praia Clube (MG) is the isolated leader with 57 points.
    The central Carol Gattaz played a decisive role, was voted the best of the match in a popular vote on the website of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) and won the VivaVôlei Cimed Trophy. At the end of the duel, the striker commented on the outcome of the match.
    "Today, our team had a great performance. We trained well and were focused on the game against Sesc-RJ. It's the team to beat, they'll always be the favorites. It's a team that has a great commander, who always comes up very tactically. It is very difficult to play against them. In this final stretch of the return we need to grow as a team. The game was important for that, "said Carol Gattaz, the scorer of the match, with 18 points.
    Sesc RJ will return to the court for Superliga 17/18 on 02/27 at 9:30 p.m., against Dentil / Praia Clube (MG), in the gymnasium of Praia in Uberlândia (MG). Already the Camponesa / Minas will have Renata Valinhos / Country (SP), on 02/03 at 9:30 p.m., at Pedro Ezequiel da Silva, in Valinhos (SP).
    Other game
    Also this Saturday in the closing game of the ninth round of the return of the Superliga Cimed 17/18, better for the Pinheiros. The team from São Paulo won the Sesi-SP for 3 sets at 0 (25/17, 25/15 and 25/19), at Henrique Villaboin, in São Paulo. Mari Cassemiro, who won the VivaVôlei Cimed Trophy, was the highlight.
    Sesc RJ made the first two points of the match. The Camponesa / Minas grew from production and turned the marker (7/6). When the miners made 8/6, coach Bernardinho asked for time. The team of Belo Horizonte made 11/6 and coach Bernardinho changed the tips. Peña entered and Gabi left. In the blockade, the miners opened six points (16/10). The Peasants / Minas secured a reaction from the Carioca team and won the first set by 25/21.
    The second set started balanced. Well in the serve, the Minas Gerais team opened two points (5/3). In a fastball of the central Carol Gattaz, the Camponesa / Minas maintained the advantage in the marker (10/8). In a good sequence of serves of the tip Rosamaria, the advantage in the marker increased to four points (14/10). Well in the block, the mining team increased the advantage on the scoreboard to six points (18/12). The home side held on the scoreboard (19/15) and coach Stefano Lavarini asked for time. With two points of serve of the peña tip, the difference in the score fell to two points (21/19). The Camponesa / Minas was better in the final part of the set and won the second part by 25/22.
    The third part started balanced. After a long rally, the Peasants / Mines made 4/3. In a good sequence of serves of the central Mara, the difference on the scoreboard increased to four points (7/3). With game volume, the miners opened seven points (12/5). The Rosamaria goalie stood out in the attack and the difference in the score rose to nine points (15/6). The Minas Gerais team managed a reaction from the locals and won the set by 25/20 and the game by 3 sets to 0.
    Teams :
    Sesc RJ - Roberta, Monique, Gabi, Drussyla, Juciely and Mayhara. Libero - Fabi
    Entered - Peña, Vitória
    Técnico - Bernardinho
    Camponesa / Minas - Macris, Hooker, Pri Daroit, Rosamaria, Carol Gattaz and Mara. Libero
    - Leia Enter - Karol Tormena, Newcombe,
    Technician - Stefano Lavarini
    17.02 (SÁBADO) - Pinheiros (SP) 3 x 0 Sesi-SP, at 5 pm, at Henrique Villaboin, in São Paulo (SP) - (25/17, 25/15 and 25/19)
    16.02 (FRIDAY) Volei Nestlé (SP) 0 x 3 Dentil / Praia Clube (MG) at 8:30 p.m., José Liberatti, in Osasco (SP) - SporTV (20/25, 24/26 and 21/25)
    16.02 (FRIDAY) Hinode Barueri (SP) 3 x 2 Vôlei Bauru (SP) at 7:30 p.m., José Correa, Barueri (SP) (20/25, 25/22, 15/25, 25/19 and 15/13)
    16.02 (FRIDAY (FE) - São Cristóvão Saúde / São Caetano (SP) 2 x 3 Fluminense (RJ), at 20h, at Lauro Gomes, in São Caetano do Sul (SP) (23/25, 25/19, 25/20, 17 / 25 and 12/15)
    17.02 (SATURDAY) - Sesc RJ 0 x 3 Camponesa / Minas (MG), at 3 pm, at Jeunesse Arena, Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - RedeTV (21/25, 22/25 and 20 / 25)
    16.02 (FRIDAY) - Renata Valinhos / Country (SP) 1 x 3 BRB / Brasília Volleyball (DF), at 8pm, at Pedro Ezequiel da Silva, in Valinhos (SP) (12/25, 16/25, 16 and 20/25)
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