Brazilian League 2017/2018

  • 2017 CBV Super Cup
    21.30 - SESC-RJ vs Camponesa/Minas (Sportv2)

    Great warming-up for Superliga! :super:

    18.00 - Vôlei Nestlé vs Hinode Barueri (Sportv2)

    If Vôlei Nestlé wins, they are the champs. If Hinode Barueri wins, there'll be a golden set.

  • What a game, Burueri was so close, they just made a few mistakes mid-set and that costed them the Golden Set. Ze Roberto is awesome coach. Barueri will be a tough team in the Superliga.

    Does anyone knows what happened with Skowroska contract? Will she be playing for them or not?

  • What a foolish way for Minas to end that tie-break. They set 99% of the balls for Rosamaria while everyone else was wide open, Koroline did a nice job passing and but she got 0 balls in the 5th set, had Karine or Macris set at least one ball for her maybe they would had a better chance, we all know that setting only one player does not work, not even Egonu or Boskovic can get away with that, Zhu is the only one that can get 99% of sets and get it done. Minas should have known better. :down:

    On the way side Roberta did put up on a show. She brings every player from every angle into play, you can never know who she will set. And Jucyele made a huge difference also.

  • Paulista Tournament - Final - Game 2

    Vôlei Nestlé/Osasco 2x3 Hinode/Barueri (24-26; 23-25; 25-23; 25-22; 12-15) Golden set: 25-23 video
    Osasco: Tandara (OH) 33, Bia (MB) 19 -9 blocks-, Mari Paraíba (OH) 13 -5 blocks-, Paula (OPP) & Nati Martins (MB) 6, Fabíola (S) & Lorenne (OPP) 5, Ninkovic (MB) 4;
    Barueri: Edinara (OPP) 26, Suelle (OH) 19, Érika Coimbra (OH) 17, Francynne (MB) 16 -6 blocks-, Fê Ísis (MB) 13 -5 blocks-, Sarah (OPP) 3, Ana Cristina (S) 2;
    Osasco win the title;
    Zé Roberto said in a interview Skowronska arrives next week.


    SESC - Rio de Janeiro 3x2 Camponesa/Minas (21-25; 25-22; 25-19; 19-25; 15-10) video
    Rio de Janeiro: Monique (OPP) 18, Juciely (MB) 13 -7 blocks-, Drussyla (OH) 11, Gabiru (OH) & Mayhara (MB) 10, Roberta (S) 5, Vivian (MB) 1;
    Minas: Rosamaria (OH) 21, Mara (MB) 16 -6 blocks-, Carol Gattaz (MB) 15, Pri Daroit (OH) 11, Karol Tormena (OPP) 7, Karine (S) & Macris (S) 2;
    Hooke arrives next week too.

  • its nice to know that barueri is fighting and can win the game to osasco..

    Fran - biggest revelation, she blocks wonderfully and she is tall to.. she spikes hard as well...
    Edinara - needs to be quick in receiving but her passing is ok... spike is not that deadly but is down the line hits cross cour, can work well

    Osasco is so good in paper but their first 6 is always a disaster..
    Ninkovic is working but hello there’s ju mello..
    bia is great her confidence is rising and her stance is awesome
    Tandara is without a doubt the best and in her prine she plays as outside hitter...
    Been torn to paula borgo and lorenne... if osasco put the two as starter, im ok and bench mariana...

    Roberta is showing she is the starter setter of this olympic cycle
    Drussyla needs to tone down and just play
    Juciely still is the queen mb of rexona
    Gabi’s reception is killing the opponent’s chances

    If rosa’s day is good its all good if its bad her team suffers
    I read about their 19yo mb but isnt playjng..

  • Barueri is the team to beat. Especially with the arrival of Thaisa and Jaque. Hate him or love him, you can't deny Coach Ze is an amazing coach. It is going to be the classic Coach Ze VS Coach Rezende all over again.

  • laiza or karoline tormena can play oh. The 19y.o. Mb from minas is very promising. that girl is from belo horizonte.. now with the coming of thaisa, is fran or suelen be the substitute???
    Maybe thaisa will be playing from time to time
    The girl from poland

  • :lol::lol::lol:

  • The League starts today, and I think there`s no doubt this is the most balanced season ever. Sesc-RJ (former Rexona) is still a favorite but we can`t say they are heavy favorite, as Osasco, Praia Clube and Minas are just as strong.

    And then we have Hinonde Barueri emerging and already showing they can fight for something especially now with Jaque, Kasia and hopefully Thaiza. And also Bauru that will be fighting to finish among the TOP 4.

    6 really strong teams.

    Fluminense is stronger than last season and there will no easy game against them.
    Too bad Brasilia won`t be strong as they were last season.
    Pinheiros is always a nice team.
    Sesi unfortunately does not have enough budget again to create a strong team.
    Sao Caetano and Valinhos will probably be fighting against Sesi to avoid relegation.