Brazilian League 2017/2018

  • I couldn't agree more

  • i was sure of destinee hooker. She is not having a regular season and still the coach of minas put her in the opposite position. Had rosamaria played in that position that would be a nice advantage. Minas already won 3-0 to rio then 3-2 in the south american championship!!!


  • Disappointing for Minas. I believe they have more individual talent than Rio, but they are not the better team. Lavarini made many mistakes. He should have started with Pri and Sonja at OH. Just like the final of South American Championship. Even today Minas was at there best with Sonja on court. Hooker wasn't good, also Rosamaria was not good but Macris was bad as she has been most of the season.

    The big difference for Minas is setter. If they have the quality of setter of the other 3 semifi al teams, they would be in the Final :teach:

  • i was sure of destinee hooker. She is not having a regular season and still the coach of minas put her in the opposite position. Had rosamaria played in that position that would be a nice advantage. Minas already won 3-0 to rio then 3-2 in the south american championship!!!


    Actually Rosamaria made a difference in 2nd set when she was at the opposite position, however things started to falter again in the third set hence the coach put Hooker back. Neither Hooker nor Rosamaria will not change the outcome because of poor reception and equally bad setting. They just couldn't get their groove back having lost 2 games already.

  • I dont think Minas has more individual talent than Rio.
    Roberta is much better and more stable than Macris
    Gabi is a million times better than Rosamaria, Sonja and Pri Daroit
    Drussyla can be unstable but mostly plays better than Pri Daroit
    Juciely is one of the best MBs in Brazil along with Carol Gattaz
    Mayhara is better than Mara
    I won't even talk about Fabi versus Leia

    The only position in which Minas would be better than Rio is the opposite (Hooker versus Monique), but still Monique has always been very consistent in Superliga in the past years.

  • I disagree. Mara and Carol Gattaz for me are better than Mayhara and Juciely, but the two in Rio get to work with Roberta. I think outsides are more equal. Gabi for me is not far superior. She also makes many mistakes in attack, in games with Minas this season. Rosa and Pri make too many direct errors in reception. My opinion, all Minas attackers would be much better with Roberta.

    Macris not only makes bad decisions, but is also very lazy with her feet. She does not do well with balls tight to the net or off the net. Her window is very small as she requires absolute perfect reception to make a good set. Even then she is predictable.

  • Macris doesn't know how to play out of system, she shockes, and everybody already knew it, but playing in a big team like Minas, turned it official. I really don't think Mara is any better than Mayhara or Jucy, she is just so careless in blocker, always late, not reliable in attack, lacking of strength and skills, Macris doesn't help and everyone agrees, but look at Carol Gattaz, playing her best season in years and happened with Macris.

    Minas TC lost this series on the third set of the first game, when they haved all the conditions to close that game, leading by 18x13 and then having an unbelievable 24x20 in fourth set and letting Rio comeback to show why you can't lost chances against a team who is reaching her 14ª final, this two last games was just awful.

    They already sayed that for the WCCH the intention is have a good and competitve team, so at this point, this should means the departure of Rosamaria, Macris, Mara and maybe Pri Daroit (who is a good bench player and could stay), if they want something better than the fifth place.

  • The match between Sesc-RJ VS Minas is the living proof of a spiker is only as good as their setter is. Roberta is definitely the best setter is the Superliga this season. She is very calm and have very good hand. Even her bump set is precise. The way she handle those tight to the net balls and set them to their middles is a pure pleasure to watch. And her serve is very lethal, too. One of her best criteria is she invites everyone to play. The ball will go to every corner of the court. There will be no Tandara or Hooker when she is on court, everyone will get their chance to kill the ball.

    Mayhara and Juciely is the best MB duo right now. Most team have only 1 good MB but Rio have it complete. Both of these women are great attackers and great blockers too. Juciely have been one of the most prominent figure on the net for the past years and now Mayhara is slowly catching up. Mayhara's movement when it comes to outside blocking is so good, her timing and her feet movement is good. Her arm reach kinda reminds me of Thaisa. And her serve is good, too. I have to say, I don't miss Carol now that Mayhara is keeping up.

    Monique is one of a kind. She might be one of the smallest wing spikers in the Superliga, but she is definitely one of the best. With Monique, you just don't know where the ball will go. Her tips is always a pleasure to watch, almost the same way I feel when I watch Sheila Castro (now that she is no longer a & pt player I hope she will return to Rio. Imagine if Natalia goes back to Rio, too).

    Gabi - Drussyla duo is one of the best passing and defense duo in the Superliga. They might be underperforming some times but they got the job done.

    And Fabi has never had a bad season imo. She is always the backbone of the team. That iconic cheat she did when her body was facing the position #2 and bump the ball to position #4 was magical.

    I have to say, with all of these going on, I bet Sesc-RJ will add another championship title to their collection. Kinda crazy when you think how inconsistent they have been through out the season. I guess it all comes down to the magical touch of Coach Rezende.

  • because of the impending want of garay to be a mother, maybe praia who i perceive to be a defending champion in this edition of the superliga will have more buying time at the market..

    Fawcett will stay...
    Fabiana will stay
    I dont know if walewska will retire (but i read last that this will be her last season)
    Claudinha will stay: ananda will be the second setter
    Suelen will stay; ju paes will stay

    Amanda and ellen might stay, carla will stay or ahe might transfer to a low budget club.. :’(
    Sorry but andrea has been useless being the third opposite

    So they need a stable outside hitter, one foreigner, and another mb

  • Rio will still depend on its current roster
    Juciely, mayhara, drussyla, monique, gabi, fabi, and of course my ever favorite roberta!!!!

    Stillwill be a contender for next yr as their level gets high and high
    Combo or juciely and mayhara is the best; and i love to see mayhara playing in nt much more with bia!!!! Her height reach is what i love!

    (As for carol i dont know, she’s doing great at turkish club maybe she will be transferred to galasatary)

    Juciely’s slide attack is superb! Mayhara’s blocking is awesome

    Monique - she being a second opposite is what i desire to.. ze used her at the back row for defense as well

    Drussyla may be inconsistent but when she fires up, she is unstoppable

    Gabi - post surgery, she is doing ok. I love her jump set with all force when spiking! Hehehe

    Of my queen roberta - just keep calm at all times! :) i would protest if dani lins will still be the starter in the nt!!

    Fabi - cant she return in nt? I dont know!!

  • if there is a market for tandara and bia, for sure osasco will be in chaos...

    Libero - tassia might go else where as canila brait is set to return
    Middle blocker - nati martins is still considered

    Outside hitters - mari paraiba ok
    Angela leyva ok

    Opposites - maybe lorenne will go and paula will go elsewhere

    For now, ninkovic is ok but not specular. Leyva is growing

    Setters - fabiola and carol albuquerque is okz

  • as expected, Osasco VS Praia is gonna be a 5 games match.

    tandara is just amazing. she scored 14 points on the 1st set alone. however, this could be bad as well. once the opponent stopped Tandara, it is gonna be hard for Osasco to keep up. and Rio always know how to stop Tandara. so the other women need to step up to the plate.

    Camila Brait is just amazing. it feels like she never leaves the court.

  • Glad to see Carla in a more comfortable role hitting left side. Praia needed more firepower at the expense of the reception to win and qualify for the final.

    Wtf at Leyva's hair though? :gone:

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  • I'm still out of breath. lol This game was nervewracking. I still can't believe this fourth set happened like that.

    I'm glad it's Praia who booked the ticket for the final. Hopefully it's a good series.

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