Brazilian League 2017/2018

  • QueenPiccininiLover you know what you said. OPP doesn't need perfect set to score a point. :gone:

    Said the one who made one of the worst opposite in the world out of system his myth. :rolll:

    Fawcett didn't even hit the ball at her standard spiking reach because Claudinha couldn't provide a single good set to her. And still she was the best player of her team and took the 3rd set almost by her own. How do you expect a spiker to find her rythm if you can't make her kill the ball? :gone:

  • Claudinha always shocked in decisive moments, she lacks consistency and are very imprecise, she will never be different, already turned 30, her sub is actually better then her and a few of young setters are to, like Naiane, Lyara and Giovana. She completely forgot Fawcett in the second set and put some awful balls for her, either closer to the net or to low.
    Sheilla called Nicole a "median player" when asked about her, some weeks ago in a live at instagram, I also do not see anything special in her, but playing in a team like Praia, who has has this spirit of loser in finals, there's no chance she can do all by her own.

    Fe Garay was really bad today, both attack and reception, especially in attack. Amanda is just confirming her decrescent level on this playoffs series, don't making difference where she is most needed, a big responsabilty on reception and failed, with some bad posicionament to receive serve and suffering to put a ball down.

    Fabiana give it the first set to Rio in two gifts, first, an stupid and unsual mistake by giving an manchete to the other side, losting counter attack and then getted blocked by Gabi. :down:

  • About Sesc, experience to make the game play, Gabi, an 23 year's player, who already played five finals of Superliga and won five tittles, happy to se her getting in form, Drussyla played one of his best matches in this year, after a regular phase pretty inconsistent, and Mayhara who have really increased her level this year, deserve more a call by coach Zé than Mara.

    Rio played really well at blocking, it always makes difference for they when most matters.

    One of the thingS about Sesc Rio is Bernardo and his coach staff, they are working for some many years together, with a base of a team, they know how to have this team on both hands, even in a problematic year, with so many injuries, and a clearly team more humble than the last one.

    I really hope Praia can put a up a fight in next game, at least to make a presence.

  • the recet game of sesc rio vs dentil praia clube was not as exciting as the previous osasco n dentil praia match! Why? Its because rio waitied longer for praia. Thats not a question anymore since in rio even with a "mediocre player/inconsisent individual player as others might say" still they are working as a team and are studying their opponents really hard!

    See in theset 1 and two, all of garay's powerful spikes were well defended, forcing claudinha to set balls to the opposite when it should not... makng those balls to fawcett wither too low or near the antenna of the sesc rio's middle blockers!!!!!

    Claudinha isnt accustom to playing high level volleyball and its just her breakout game.. but i commend her for doing brave job at setting. She even spike a ball once.

    Regarding the first set, her sets to her middles were wll read! Seeing the position of player in the court, garay being in the 3 meter line does the receiving!!! And so the result 30-50 chances of ball are going to her!!!!

    Amanda's energy were down after a two consecutive aces by drussyla!!!

    I really hope praia would invest more to outside hitters and one efficent setter should they want to play in finals next time but i doubt it would be a possibility knowing that the club season next year is very very crucial!!!!!

    I will post my insights to the players of sesc rio after im done with my work out

  • I hope Praia can show something better in the second game, they especcially missed Fè Garay. Anyway I see Rio favourite to get another title..

    Just one thing.. why has game 1 been played in Rio? Praia won regular season, they should have the advantage! And I don't understand why the final should be played at the best of two.. I would say best of 3 or 5.

  • Just one thing.. why has game 1 been played in Rio? Praia won regular season, they should have the advantage! And I don't understand why the final should be played at the best of two.. I would say best of 3 or 5.

    The advantage is playing the last match in your hometown. Makes more sense than playing the last match away.