Dominican Republic NT 2017

  • Opp Gina Mambru played in Indonesia, Opp Gaila Gonzalez and OH Erasma Moreno played in Puerto Rico everyone else stayed in the island, here there is no pro league some players played in small tournaments but the mayority just kept training with the federation program.

  • just watched the first two sets of the friendly against BRA.

    not sure i understand what rodriguez is doing there... what is the use of an OPP who doesn't pass and doesn't get many sets? it'd be better if kwiek could train a better passer to be OH and move brayelin to OPP, so she doesn't have to pass and can concentrate on attacking.

    overall the team seems to make some improvements but still lots of dumb mistakes. yonkaira pena can hit very hard, but sometimes she just doesn't know what to do with the ball (in defense or otherwise)... she must have learned the art of dinking from pri rivera. her passing is still atrocious.

    brayelin continues to impress... and remember all the drama with diouf and the ITA NT? if diouf could just move around like brayelin... they are both over 2 mtrs tall, but what a difference...

  • so Rodriguez wasn't convincing at all ;( hope she can get better maybe even as passer in order to keep her with Martinez on court :whistle: apparently, Mambru can't receive at all so maybe this tactics makes sense with good passing OP ?( it would work definitely better with either Rivera or De La Cruz on position 2 :wavy:

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  • WGP roster:
    S: Niverka Marte, Camil Dominguez, Yocaty Perez
    OP: Jeoselina Rodríguez ({also OH), Gina Mambrú, Gaila González
    OH: Brayelin Martínez (also OP), Yonkaira Peña, Erasma Moreno, Bethania de la Cruz (also OP), Prisilla Rivera, Vielka Peralta
    MB: Yineiry Martinez, Annerys Vargas, Marianne Fersola (also OH), Cindy Rondon, Marifranchi Rodriguez, Angelica Hinojosa
    L: Ana Binet, Brenda Castillo, Winifer Fernandez

    we have here whole list of players listed by NORCECA except Larysmer Martinez (L), quite weird thing, but maybe then she'll be replaced by Castillo or Fernandez :whistle: additional players are Angelica Hinojosa (MB), Vielka Peralta (OH) and Winifer Fernandez (L) who is missing now
    no Lisvel Eve-Castillo (MB/OH/OP) and Candida Arias (MB) as expected :wavy:

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  • kondzio, you have to stop writing this:

    Marianne Fersola (also OH)

    she's not OH!!!!!! :dance4:

    about the first match vs. BRA: rodriguez killed most balls she got in the first 2 sets, maybe 5 out of 7, but it is still 5 kills... that's good if you're an MB, not an OPP. she does not look very improved from years ago. i think gala gonzalez (who replaced her in set 3) is much more promising than her.

    btw, if you watch the match i linked below, when fersola starts as OH or OPP, mambru has to receive serve. but fersola was soon replaced and mambru went back to non-passing OPP.

    i wonder if pri rivera will come back to this team.

    i guess kwiek didn't like rosalin angeles as backup setter?

    didn't peña also play in europe?

  • well, I don't have time to watch games unfortunately ;( I guess Rivera still can be back, she's not so old ^^
    probably Kwiek gave up an idea with Angeles as backup... Dominguez is 6 years younger and there are even younger ones like Perez or Toribio who can be new replacements :wavy:

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  • don't worry, the 2nd match was ... terrible in some ways. BRA kept targeting brayelin with their serves, trying to take her out of the attack. DOM passing was a struggle so marte couldn't really set the middle. pena has a very hard jump serve, it's very damaging if it goes in... IF... DOM still trying to work out their kinks with a very young team. gonzalez came in for rodriguez, but kept hitting into the block and was soon replaced.