Turkey- VVSL-Vestel Venus Women's League 2017/2018

  • everyone knows it... Brazilians and Russias always hated each other... And Gamova even gave a interview one time for Globo Esporte saying she does not hate them because it is a strong word to say, but she does like them at all..

    Of course she would not use the word "hate" on camera...but yeah...

    This has never been a secret. I`m surprised you did not know... ( I will look on youtube for the interview with Gamova and I will post if I can find).

    China and Serbia are rivals right now...but not as bad as Brazil and Russia were.

    Where did you get that from?

  • Yeah, Boskovic and Zhu I think respect each other but they always love to beat the other one which is only natural when they are the key players vs each other in so many important matches.

    Eczacibasi in general have shown a lot more fire and fight than they did last season against Vakifbank. Last season it was like they didn't know what to do on the court but under Motta they have more confidence and determination and play more like a team.

    Last year's Eczacibasi debacle happened due to a number of factors which (partly unlikely, and partly due to an inherently unbalanced roster make-up) happened at the same time:

    1)Coach does not recognises who his best player is, and plays her as a substitute

    2)The first year of a sky-dive of Kosheleva's form (who is signed as a star-player), where her attack can no longer compensate for her lack of a defence, whereupon she becomes a net-negative player

    3)A huge (and aging) domestic star is playing in the same position as the best player of the team, guaranteeing that the said best player will spend most of the season on the bench, due to a 3 foreigners rule

    4)Probably the worst professional season of Jordan Larson happened that year (she plays much better this season, even though she is a year older).

  • I mostly agree with this but to be fair to Barbolini, he did start Boskovic sometimes and even then the team lost. They didn't have a decent backup for Larson, Ognjenovic or Adams but they did have a solid backup for Boskovic, so I can see why he decided to leave her out but I agree it was a bad decision. But let's remember that if it wasn't for a terrible choke vs Fenerbahce they would probably have won the Turkish League even with Boskovic on the bench.

    This year the roster is much more balanced and Motta has always known what his best team is, which is something Barbolini was still trying to figure out at the end of the season. I think Motta has improved the confidence of the players in themselves and in each other and this is why they play much better.

  • the fourth match is tomorrow at 19:00

    Naz should play better.i hadnt paid attention to Naz's sets as watching it live in the gym but i saw in the replay that Naz played a poor game.She should play much better.
    lets see if Hande will be starter or Motta will start with Meliha.Meliha was not that bad in first match and was good in second match and not good in third match
    also i wonder Ting will pass or not