CEV Cup 2018

  • Why Busto didn't signed any foreign MB ? They have only 1 foreign player in their team

    Simply for money, I guess.
    Anyway Berti turned out to be way better than I expected, she is usually a very good blocker and even server, despite from the Tv her serve seems quite a predictable and doable parable. Of course she is not a great spiker... But when used a little she can deliver there too with the help of the surprise.

  • Diouf really is an amazing spiker! Definitely took that set by herself she even digged balls! But Busto has no other reliable player unlike Eczacibasi. I don't agree about EczV is all about Tijana for sure she os main player but EczV has more players like Adams for example and better blockers which is ultimately the difference today. I know a lot of people hate Diouf and love Egonu, personally I like both but one thing is sure Diouf is for sure not as error prone as Egonu.

  • In second half of 3rd set Diouf :roll: literally made over 10 points with 100%.

    And Busto took 3rd set after losing first set 29:27, looks like Turkish top teams are not that stronger than Seria A top teams even though Busto is 4th in Seria A.

    Honestly stop making these useless claims ofc Italian teams are good. But who is 4th in Turkey GS and they played a tb. Who is 5th? Bursa also played a tb with Ecz... Italian teams are for sure strong and definitely is one of the best leagues in the world.

  • Where is the hawk eye?
    Two mistakes one for Eczv one for Busto

  • Bad refs btw I have counted so many mistakes, that ball touched Güldeniz and in set 3 EczV was leading 18-16 and it should have been 19-16 as Hande's spikes was in. I think I counted about 3 mistakes already and I didnt even watch set 1 :down:

  • What She touched that ball, stupid mistake by referee.
    Boskovic, Boskovic, Boskovic nothing new.

  • Omg since when can Diouf dig balls? :cheesy: I hope to see her back in NT tbh

  • ryleybarnes I like how you desribe those players :rolll:

    Btw I really like Busto's glittery jerseys :mirror: they're so pretty <3

  • Maybe with more people in the venue this match would be more interesting. This looked like a training match.

    We will see what Busto can show in Italy, they took one set, and lost first won very closely so that means everything is open.

  • So EczV 3-1 Busto (29-27, 25-18, 25-27,25-18 )

    Match probably would have ended 3-0 if ref didnt call Hande's ball out which clearly was in as she made reception error as well after that.

    Diouf was amazing for me today, she really impressed me.

  • Alessia Orro is the setter of Busto an she is only 19 years old...
    Alessia Orro or Ofelia Malinov in the NT?

  • How is ECZ all about Boskovic? Larson and Adams contributed a lot. Meanwhile, Diouf attacked way more balls than Boskovic did.

  • My God, can someone users on this forum read ?? What I said ? Eczacibasi is all about Boskovic true, if they don't have her Eczacibasi would be in huge problems, and it is also true that Busto is all about Diuof and Bartsch. It was so boring match, setters were boring and that is it. That doesn't mean that they are bad, today they were not just creative enough, Maja had her moments but nothing special. She can do much better. You have her on your profile, I think you need to know much better Maja than me, and how great She is.

  • Maja was quite good today, I agree she was nothing special. But Boskovic (along with Zhu) is the best attacker in the world so of course she is gonna get more balls than anyone else. Sorry if you find that boring, but look at the total attack numbers:

    Boskovic - 42
    Larson - 30
    Adams - 21
    Meliha - 17 (only played 2 sets)

    This isn't that boring or unusual, every player got good chances to attack except Busra who is the worst attacker in the team.