CEV Cup 2018

  • I started watching just in the middle of 3rd set but WOW what an exciting match! So intensely played by both teams, it's a real fight :box:

    Now Golden set, I hope Laola knows... :roll:

    Such a good match. Teams are on the same level. Almost fatal meltdown by Minsk in the 3rd from 19-10 to 20-21. Then in the 4th Minsk trailed by 4 at 14-18, but got it back to 20-18. Fifth set deserved win by Stuttgart. And the Golden Set decided by the OH's from Minsk. Hryshkevich showing an outstanding level for a 18-year old player, she outperformed Daalderop. Congrats to Minsk!

  • Hryshkevich showing an outstanding level for a 18-year old player, she outperformed Daalderop.

    I also wanted to point that out, I was really impressed by that girl! If she keeps developing like this she has the potential to be a world class player.

    Another player I'd like to mention is Oksana Kavalchuk who with 38 years might not put up amazing stats anymore but is so important in all those little things that don't reflect in numbers. A pleasure to watch for me!

    In the end Minsk deserves to reach the final, Stuttgart had their chances in 3rd and 4th set but blew them.

  • It's a pity for Stuttgart, that they failed this small margin, Minsk had the advantage by return match at home, decisive was failure of Stuttgart in fourth set, as strong team you MUST win this one leading 14:18. Anyway, they won the tie-break and leveled the match wins that way, the old issue of total failure in beginning of a tie-break happened again in golden set, which is not acceptable, they have still to work on this issue.

    Altogether a very good European cups performance by both teams, and bronze is a nice trophy too, not easy to get in this competition. Minsk will be completely erased by Eczascicbasi of course in the finals like Schwerin was in semi, but this is due to the out-of-the-world superiority of the Turkish top team.

  • i felt sorry for Stuttgart.they were very close when the score was 18-14..they should have got that set and made it to the final..Congrats to Minsk for the win..good job!

    i checked the stats..i think Daalderop should have been given more balls on a day where Mlejnekova wasnt that good ,yet getting most of the balls

    the final : Minchanka Minsk vs.Eczacıbaşı Vitra Istanbul

  • Omg such a pity that I missed Minsk-Stuttgart ;( seems like it was an epic semi, I surely will try to watch replay soon

  • Funnily the statistics display better values for Stuttgart in nearly all regards - as often in close tie-break matches, the statistics are not necessarily the (full) truth. This proves superiour matchplay by Minsk, despite they were inferiour overall in the details. Of course they gained a lot by home support of 3.000 spectators (among them I discovered two well-known Stuttgart fans, who dared to travel there during the working week :) ).

    Blockkills were essentially the same, 15 to 14 for Minsk, attack efficiency was not much, but noticeably better for Stuttgart (37 to 41%), also service (Minsk made 5 more faults than aces, while Stuttgart had the same, and little higher number (14) for both), even in reception a small advantage (real?) for Stuttgart. Regarding errors Stuttgart made three more in the match (nowhere golden set numbers included!).

    Individually speaking, the very young (17) Hannah Hryshkevich was by far not the best attacker, despite her display was rather impressive for such a young player of course: attack efficiency bests were once more with the middles, best remarkably Barysevich for Minsk with 67% slightly ahead of our great Stuttgart US middle Molly McCage (62 %), both had 4 block kills, best blocker was Stuttgarts second US middle Paige Tapp with 6 (!) blocks and 50% attack efficiency. A special role had Stuttgart setter Stoltenborg with 67% in 6 trials. "Normal" attackers (OHs/OPPs): Daalderop/Stuttgart 46%, van Daelen/Stuttgart 41%, Hryshkevich/Minsk 39% and Sakolchyk/Minsk 38%. I would say, Stuttgart deserved to win the match, but match play was strategically better done by Minsk especially in fourth set, when Stuttgart had 14:18 lead and the big chance to terminate them, and even more in Golden Set, where the Stuttgart deficit of beginning far too weak was seen once more. Altogether both teams played on equal level, and Minsk exploited its (deserved!) advantage to have taken the place in the tournament from second seeded Ekaterinburg was an important advantage in the end.

  • Omg such a pity that I missed Minsk-Stuttgart ;( seems like it was an epic semi, I surely will try to watch replay soon

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this - as often, I could only partially see this rather close, interesting match (busy with other activities).

  • With the help of some terrible decisions by the referees, Minsk wins the 3rd set. They are clearly a very good team and I think they have surprised Eczacibasi a little bit. Minsk need more of the same, ECZ just need to keep calm and play like they can.

  • Freely described, Minsk offended the Ecztigers by the set win and was punished for this in the next set, a 11:25 in the own hall is kind of exclamation mark. So no real surprise occurred and in Istanbul Eczacibasi will finish them easily.

  • Today Ecztigers can win the trophy already after winning two sets at home in Burhan Felek Salonu in Istanbul against underdog Minsk. The betting quotes are devastating for the Belarus surprise team (1.01 to 1.02 to 10 to 12).

  • Congrats to Eczacıbaşı Vitra's players for the cup

    however strong teams like Eczacıbaşı harms the balance of this cup..it doesnt happen to be as fun as i.e. Minchanka-Stuttgart match..

    Minchanka would have certainly a good chance against Bursa BB..

  • That was easy in Istanbul: two set wins to 17 and Eczacibasi won already the trophy, so they can return to CL next season now with one new kind of trophy. Mission accomplished. Minsk was just a victim, as Stuttgart would have been instead of them, if they had won... (even in third set they executed without mercy another to 17 set).

  • Transition remark to CEV cup (?) 2019: due to the large changes by CEV in CL I intentionally wait now them to publish redefined conditions for this competition too - they are supposed to change for example the ranking also for this competition, after they ceased for CL already the previous use of a common list for all competitions - and in most extreme case they could follow an older plan to merge both CEV cup and challenge cup. So I think waiting for an official statement is the best approach now. - At least we know now, that CEV cup and Challenge cup will continue in 2019.