Boris Yeltsin Cup 2017

  • Well I guess I know now why Guidetti didn't bring Meryem too Yeltsin Cup. He really wanted to know wether Polen was worse then Melis and if she can't even be 2nd Opp for GP. I'm pretty sure now that Polen or Melis (I think polen) will be cut from GP.

    Btw Beyza Arici is doing a great job so far, way better then Dicle Nur Babat

  • Fatma should be glad that she didn't hurt Frolova while jumping into the net, but instead she makes a big fuss towards the 2nd referee who correctly called her net touch and of course Guidetti joins in :wall:

    That kind of behavior really pisses me off :!:

  • Agree,they should be arguing that the ball touched the floor first before she touched the net. it's understandable that a coach would like to create a short break for his team who has just lose a point. I think you can protest everyone know your purpose, but not in such kind of manner. And from the replay I think Fatma touched the net first. Btw though they lose, Fatma do have a good game. And I hate simge's style of play, seems like she is always criticizing other players (for making some mistakes). Volleyball is a team sport, criticism should never exist on court.

  • Matthias we had a little bit of an disagreement on Bulgaria match if you remember but hell I agree a lot with you now. It was even hard for me to root for Turkey at this match while I'm Turkish.

    Can't believe he got away with this behaviour. At some point he even was laughing after he screamed it was so annoying. I think he came here just to scream at and annoy the Russians. He put literally his worst line-up possible on court and then yelled at the referees because he didn't win and they were right... It even affects the players, Fatma is generally a very nice girl but I dont know what she was thinking today. I hope it was just in the heat of the moment.

    Speaking of his choices I don't want to see Çagla, Polen, Melis and Simge Aköz again in WGP or anytime soon again in NT for that matter. Guidettis should have invited Ceyda Aktas even if she is generally useless its not like Polen and Melis are not useless. At least Ceyda played regularly. Anyway Meryem surely will not be replaced in WGP at all. Simge Aköz I'm not even going to talk about her horrible performance. Don't know why players like Simge and Cagla are playing when there are Gamze and Gizem Örge. Ezgi is even miles better then Cagla. And no this was not his way to try new things are something tactical for WGP. I saw his face and the guy just doesn't care about the tournament. Then why did you go here anyway :wall:

    I'm sure he will bring a more decent team to WGP but he seriously needs to fix his disgusting attitude and take his job a little more serious and try to at least win with the options you got instead of attacking referees.

  • i just watched the replay of Russia-Turkey

    i saw many serve mistakes by Turkish girls...

    i didnt like setter Çağla Akın's game ..she was bad ,pretty bad..She set so little to the middles! this squad is for the first time playing together but Çağla should have played way better bcz she played a lot last season in TL
    i didnt like libero Simge Aköz's defensive work/performance.She was defensively bad as a libero.
    i didnt like Hande's passing overall

    i liked Fatma Yıldırım's game.she was defensively and offensively the most reliable player for this match.i didnt see anyone else who was defending other than Fatma.
    i liked the middles' job.though they were set few times both Beyza and Dicle were useful except their serve mistakes.

    Melis Durul was ok.she was on the bench most of the time in TL.i didnt expect her to lead the team..she did her best despite Çağla's bad sets..

    i hope we can watch Gamze,Örge and Polen more in the upcoming matches

    on Russia : Zaryazkho and Voronkova had a good match..Frolova was not bad,Kutyukova was not good.

  • OH Birgül Güler should have been in the roster..

    even she is not in the wide roster for WGP :aww:

    Meliha Ismailoğlu seemed useless... Birgül should have been there instead

    these players will play WGP 2017 against world's best teams..if they cant upgrade their game/level match by match then i cant guess which team they can win against?
    maybe one of Belgium or Thailand or Dominican R. thats all!

  • Congrats Russia! It was so nice to see Kutiokova back! I totally forgot her and she is one of the most overall Russian OHs, I hope we will see her more often. I'm also glad to see Startseva back! She is definitely not the world's best setter but she is still the best Russian setter. I'm not sure if I am the only one who thinks so but compared to Pankova, her sets are not sky high and cleaner. I feel like Pankova has a strength problem and pushes the ball far too much using her entire body which eventually creates a super high, off-set.

    From Turkey, I really liked both middles and Beyza showed she has good material. I also liked Fatma but that was all. It feels like Guidetti uses this tournament to decide who can be alternatives for WGP and in my opinion players like Simge and Cagla losing their chances. Simge's serve receive was actually good but she was "0" in defense. Cagla's sets were predictable and her game style is soooo boring and she does not seem to be able to improve it either. I also dont like her "about to cry" facial expression. Hande was really bad today, that was partly because of Cagla's sets but she is also super shaky in receiving and a big gap in defense. I don't think this NT needs another Neriman.

    One thing I noticed while watching this match was Gamze's defense. Most great setters we talk of today are actually like a 2nd libero when they are in backrow while Gamze's defense is nowhere close a good level. I hope she will work on that aspect and improve it because she has all that it takes to be a great setter.

    After all, I have a feeling that Guidetti's pick ups from this team are quite obvious. I'm sure he will try different players for WGP but for ECH, I think he will definitely have Gamze as Naz's back up, Fatma as one of the back up OHs, Beyza and Dicle as Kubra and Eda's subs. The question is the opposite position. To me, I would really love to see Neriman-Gözde K-Hande trio on court, Hande as opposite. She seems to hit great from zone 2 and she has a much faster approach than any other opposites we have. Besides, she can receive when Neriman fails.

  • This Russia team playing in the Yeltsin Cup is not something I can consider a "B" team. When in fact they are playing with their starting middle blockers, and their other "main" setter in Startseva. Koroleva (Zaryazkho) scored 23 points in their last match against Turkey, but it puzzles me she makes stupid mistakes at times and IMO, this is what prevents her from being considered a "world class" MB. Efimova subbed in for Fetisova at the latter part of the match, and she seems rather quick and athletic for a Russian MB. She is a better attacker than blocker though, and the NT may prefer a strong blocking MB. Next I want to talk about Voronkova. She impressed me in the OPP position but I think Russia is missing an opportunity here. Among the Russian OHs, she is the only one who can replace Kosheleva in terms of firepower in attack. Scherban/Ilchenko/Kutiukova are all considered defensive OHs, and Kosheleva/Voronkova can complement them nicely. For OPP, Goncharova is still irreplaceable in this Russian team. If Malygina is injured, I don't see the reason why the coach can't try Lazareva as main opp (and Voronkova in position 4). She actually reminds me of a young Goncharova, the same slender, lanky build but with a more conventional hitting approach. She is listed as "only" 190cm and we all know Russia is in love with their tall opposites. Lastly, I wonder why Angelina Sperskaite is not playing? Hopefully we can see her play in the next few matches.

  • Maybe it is time for Goncharova and Kosheleva to switch positions? I feel like Voronkova may be that player who can be the next Sokolova. Stable OH. Maybe. Then Scherban can hopefully play back up when either Goncharova and Voronkova are struggling with the pass.

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