CEV Champions League 2018

  • Now I don’t believe in Sokolov’s injury .They are exaggerating his injury to use it as an excuse. Grebennikov is doing nothing to help his spikers and Medei is even worse than I imagine.
    Lube complaining madly for every point is beyond annoying. They should already got multiple cards. How Juantorena gained such a weight in a very short is ridiculous.

  • Sokolov has to stop for 20 days...

    It appears Cormio didn't say 'we will have him back in 20 days maximum", but "we will have him at maximum in 20 days".
    So they say he isn't at the top but he that he can play.

    Other rumors said he needs an important knee surgery, but of course this isn't the right moment...

    Anyway, I absolutely picture Sokolov as a player that would play on one leg to help the team, so I don't imagine a situation were he doesn't want to play and Lube forces him.

  • Lube's coaching staff, their managers know very well that they are underperforming, below expectations. So they are creating excuses. I don't think Sokolov has such a big injury ,this is opportunity for coaching staff and management to use it. But don't forget they forced Juantorena which let him underperform in Olympic summer 2 years ago, it won't surprise me if this is also the case for Sokolov.
    Both Juantorena and Sander look out of shape. Christenson and Grebennikov's minds are somewhere else. Stankovic's career is finished as a top MB. Bench is never used. This years Lube is exactly like last years Modena. Last night there were some tension between Juantorena and Sander. I'm afraid another loss will break up the team.

  • Still not worse than the one that had Suxho-A. Ferreira-Sokolov a few seasons ago. :lol:

    Ferreira is volley doctor for Lanza, and Tsetso is a God fot Vettori. Lanza is a total disaster, Mosna should get rid of him ASAP as he is cancer of this team. I'll start to hate Trentino coz of him. ZAKSA would rape them with Deroo today :white:

  • Holy crap I can't believe we lost this match like this ;(;(
    What a terrible decision to put Teppan in for Kovacevic to serve at 11-14, I felt immediately that it would have been a bad choice, but it was even more terrible than I expected!

    Anyway, despite the killing final I did enjoy this match, it was pretty fought and there were several intense action. Zaksa defense was amazing!

    Edit: Hoag had a shoulder problem

    Edit 2: I wanted to look at the stat first, but they kinda confirm my impression: Vettori didn't have a bad match; I think he practically wasn't used in the first set but the only set I do remember was a point; he was great in the second in attack and serve (or it was the 4th when he served well? It was that side of the court, anyway); I think he put down practically every ball except for two spike in the same action, both without block :lol: (at least Trento did scored that point); it was shaky in the third and ok in the tie break (the last error was on Giannelli set, for me).
    56% in attack with 3 errors and 2 blocked.

    Looking at the stats, it's also terrible to realize that in the tie break Zaksa was never ahed except in the 2 match points. Damn.

    I also liked Eder and Kozamernick, and this time both liberos as well.

    Giannelli 5 serve errors :white:

  • Ferreira is volley doctor for Lanza, and Tsetso is a God fot Vettori. Lanza is a total disaster, Mosna should get rid of him ASAP as he is cancer of this team. I'll start to hate Trentino coz of him. ZAKSA would rape them with Deroo today :white:

    I wasn't comparing the players, just the team a whole that season never worked.

    Horrible choke by Trento in the end. Didn't really understand any of Giannelli's choices after the score was 14-12. Shocked to see Lanza and Vettori were still the top scorers of the team lol

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  • We're back! :whistle:

    Here's a quick summary of the drawing lots for this playoffs 12,6 and final four:

    The men’s competition will continue with the Playoffs 12 and six exciting fixtures as follows:

    Halkbank ANKARA (TUR) vs Sir Colussi Sicoma PERUGIA (ITA)
    Noliko MAASEIK (BEL) vs Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK (RUS)

    CHAUMONT VB 52 Haute Marne (FRA) vs TRENTINO Diatec (ITA)

    BERLIN Recycling Volleys (GER) vs VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (GER)

    The Playoffs 12 will take place on March 14-16 (home matches) and 20-22 (away matches), with the eventual winners progressing to the Playoffs 6 due to follow in early April (home matches: April 3-5; away matches: April 10-12). The Playoffs 6 will determine the names of the three teams joining hosts Zenit KAZAN in the quest for Europe’s most coveted Volleyball crown that will be at stake on May 12-13 at Basket-Hall in Kazan.

    The draw for the semis scheduled for May 12 reads as follows:

    Winner of Matches 6-005/6-006 vs Winner of Matches 6-003/6-004
    Winner of Matches 6-001/6-002 vs Zenit KAZAN


    What a slow burn kind of draw for Perugia. Halkbank might be easy at first but after that... against two russian heavyweights if they get lucky with Novosibirsk. They have the luck to face Zenit Kazan in the semi final. :wavy:

    Civitanova... I think that's a great draw for them. All they need is to take it easy, recover from their injuries and peak at the right time and they might get to play in the final.

    Trentino needs all the luck in the world to reach the final four. Chaumont doesn't read as some easy draw. I remember they got bodied by a french club last year in the CEV cup final and now they are facing the french champions. Chaumont looked pretty confident too. I think if PGE Skra gets the win over Civitanova... that could increase their odds to win.

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