Russia - Superliga 2017/18

  • Participating teams

    Dinamo Moscow - Champions League 2017/2018
    Dinamo Kazan - Champions League 2016/2017
    Yenisey Krasnoyarsk - Champions League 2016/2017

    Uralochka Ekaterinburg - CEV Cup 2016/2017
    Dinamo Krasnodar - Challenge Cup 2016/2017
    Zarechie Odintsovo
    Yuzno Sakhalin
    Proton Saratov
    Leningrad Saint Petersburg
    Dinamo Metar Chelyabinsk

  • Dinamo Moscow

    Zoran Terzic

    Vera Vetrova
    Marina Babeshina

    Nataliya Goncharova
    Daria Stolyarova

    Outside Hitter:
    Yana Shcherban
    Natalia Krotkova
    Anna Makarova

    Middle Blocker:
    Yulia Morozova
    Elena Gendel
    Irina Fetisova
    Ekaterina Lyubushkina

    Ekaterina Raevskaya
    Daria Talysheva

  • Dinamo Kazan

    Coach :
    Rishat Gilyazutdinov

    Evgeniya Startseva
    Irina Filishtinskaya
    Tatiana Romanova

    Daria Malygina

    Outside Hitter:
    Elitsa Vasileva
    Irina Voronkova
    Nataliya Mammadova
    Anna Kotikova

    Middle Blocker:
    Irina Koroleva
    Anastasia Samoylenko
    Marina Maryuhnich

    Elena Ezhova
    Ekaterina Ulanova

  • Yenisey Krasnoyarsk

    Coach :
    Sergey Golotov

    Olga Efimova
    Alexandra Peretyatko

    Natalia Malykh

    Outside Hitter:
    Maria Frolova
    Evgeniya Shcheglova
    Ksenia Bondar

    Middle Blocker:
    Ekaterina Efimova
    Yana Manziuk

    Svetlana Krychkova
    Evgeniya Kondrashkina

  • Uralochka Ekaterinburg


    Ekaterina Rusakova

    Mariya Khaletskaya
    Hanna Klimets
    Anastasia Garelik

    Outside Hitter:
    Ksenia Parubets

    Middle Blocker:
    Elena Irisova
    Ekaterina Enina

    Ekaterina Romanova

  • Proton Saratov


    Anna Matienko


    Outside Hitter:
    Alexandra Pasynkova
    Anastasia Bavykina

    Middle Blocker:
    Irina Malkova
    Ekaterina Orlova

    Alla Galkina
    Kristina Tolstukhina

  • VFV published "Regulations on the Russian Volleyball Championship in 2018 on volleyball among women's teams."

    Its main provisions are:

    Super League (10 teams): Dynamo (Moscow), Dynamo Kazan (Kazan), Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk), Uralochka-NTMK (Sverdlovsk region), Dynamo (Krasnodar), Zarechye- Odintsovo (Moscow Region), Sakhalin (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), Proton (Saratov Region), Leningradka (St. Petersburg), Dynamo-Metar (Chelyabinsk).
    - The preliminary stage (October 11, 2017 - February 11, 2018 ) in two rounds of 18 rounds (18 games) "each with each" at home and on the road.
    - The teams that took 1-8 places, go to the quarter finals of the playoffs.
    - The playoffs are played: 1/4 finals (February 17 - March 3), 1/2 finals (March 10 - 17), finals (April 17-22). At all stages of the playoff teams play a series of 3 meetings to 2 wins.
    - Teams losing in 1/4 finals, play 5-8 places (in two rounds 2 rounds, March 15-18, April 2-5). Points scored by teams earlier are not taken into account.
    - No one leaves the Superleague, play-off games are not provided.

    So now It's official that Dinamo Metar Chelyabinsk staying in the Superleague 2017-2018.

  • Roster for Zarechiye Odintsovo

    I could honestly hardly recognize any of the players at all in this roster except for the older one of the Goncharova-sisters. What do you think about the quality of it, could they be a decent force to be reckoned with? I see almost all of them are very young, born 1995 or later, with only a couple of exceptions, which I presume to a great degree consists of players from the highly successful russian U20-team, which grabbed the second spot in the WJCH this summer.

    Anna Melnikova (MB)

    Valeria Goncharova (MB)

    Olga Bogdanova (OH/OPP)

    Kristina Kurnosova (Libero)

    Alexandra Oganezova (Libero)

    Ekaterina Lazareva (Setter)

    Victoria Russu (OH/OPP)

    Daria Ryseva (Setter)

    Elizaveta Kotova (Blocker)

    Maria Vorobyeva (OH/OPP)

    Olesya Ivanova (OH/OPP)

    Oksana Yakushina (OH/OPP)

    Tatiana Yurinskaya (OH/OPP)

  • While four matches were as boring as expected (clear 3 sets to 0 sweeps of Moscow against Chelyabinsk, Kazan against St.Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk against Proton and Ekaterinburg against Sachalinsk) the match of Krasnodar against Odinzovo went into tie-break, which was won by the guests from Moscow region. Because Krasnodar had a major change of its roster (about 1 player stayed there), this is not conclusive yet regarding Odinzovo of course.