2017 Men's South American Championship | Chile

  • Apart from getting the title for a South American champion, the winner (Brazil have won 30 out of 31 events so far) will qualify directly to the 2018 Men's World Championship.

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    I have to say that I haven't seen such a low level of a men's team in a while. The Paraguayan NT looks like a school team, no kidding here. My intention is not to mock them, not at all, I just haven't seen such a weak international or senior team even in the South American Club Championships (the ones with games I could watch) and I am curious if they have a league or a professional player. The opening set is especially troubling (25-4). Well, we've seen even far better NTs look ridiculous, not just against Brazil, so I am not going to make a fuss out of it. However, the Paraguayan libero rocks :thumbsup:

  • Yes, the level here is not good at all :hit:

    I watched yesterday Chile and Argentina and the game was funny but not high level.

    Ramos as Opp is a joke. He cant score against a weak team like Chile. Argentina needs to find a solution to Opp position.

  • So I've just read that Venezuela beat Argentina and can someone explain to me how the hell did that happen? :what:
    Regardless of that, it's good for the tournament to have an upset like this. I wish Chile could produce some other quality players and be able to face the big teams as well.

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