CEV European Championship 2017 | Jurmala, Latvia

  • I can't find streams to watch it but based on results it looks like an interesting championship so far. Tim mentioned the boycott of the German pair Erdmann-Dollinger. Mol-Sorum from Norway are undoubtedly the surprise of the event so far, having won their group against Herrera-Gavira and then getting kind of lucky with the Round 2 opponents where they knocked out the Frenchmen Thiercy-Di Giantommaso. Namely Herrera-Gavira and Lyamin-Krasilnikov's eliminations are the negative surprises so far. Two teams in the quarterfinals is a good result for Latvia, the Belgians Koekelkoren-van Walle have been enjoying a great season and thus shouldn't be treated as super surprising winners against Stoyanovskiy-Yarzutkin. I sense another Samoilovs-Smedins vs. Nicolai-Lupo ECH final unless Brouwer-Meeuwsen think otherwise.

  • I read Van Walle team beat Rangier-Carambula... I thought he was training with Belgium NT for the indoor ECh!

    i remember, a while ago, i thought about this too in a similar context but somehow forgott about it. Now you remembered me and i used google. Solution of the riddle: There is Tom, the beach pro, and his twin brother Gert, the indoor pro :teach:

    Youre Welcome ;)

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