FIVB Women's U18 World Championship - Argentina

  • I checked some data (aka Wikipedia xD) before answering (and I wrote during time outs xD): there are more than 600.000 Italians in Argentina. In Argentina there are 20-25 mln people that have Italians origins, at that's the biggest ethnic group in Argentina; more than 50% of Arg claim to have italian ancestors/relatives.
    The italo-arg community is the second biggest italian community abroad after the Brazilian.

    Nice, that`s good to know.

    I`m glad u guys are staying up to watch the game.... for me it is only 5pm, I`m just having dinner right now ololo

  • AND WE DID THAT AGAIN!!!!!!! :cheesy::cheesy:
    I'm crying again ;(

    At the Gran Prix I knew Moki was the only one by Italy to truly deserve the individual award despite Italy was the silver medallist. This time I want at least three of them :P
    Setter (Morello), MB (Lubian) and MVP (Pietrini, even if it wasn't her best match).
    For the libero I'm ok with awarding "Brenda" :lol: Loved her!
    Opposite I guess Karstark... EDIT: Karakurt!! I'm thinking about GoT already xD :aww:

    Ps glad to be awake to witness this moment live :)
    And I'm in time to watch GoT season finali live too :lol:

  • And even more, also Terry! But for what, if the best opposite is Karakurt? xD

    Obviously I'm as pleased for Fahr as I would have been for Lubian ;) Even if in general I think Lubian is stronger (but like verb said, Sarah rocked today and not only today!)

  • When they called Terry I was thinking she was MVP...I was like oh noooooooooooo, they really made a mistake.

    I think Lubian should have won also.

    Pietrini MVP :heart:

    Nkemdilim Ruth Terry Enweonwu

    which is first name? does everyone just calls her terry?

  • this is the craziest name I`ve ever seen. I can`t even imagine announcers trying to pronounce that.

    It's almost like there are languages (even African ones, shockingly enough!) with different names than those we're used to... :whistle:
    I'll keep that in mind everytime I come across names like Ognjenovic!

    Gold - European Championship 2013 (M) Prediction Game
    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

  • When they called Terry I was thinking she was MVP...I was like oh noooooooooooo, they really made a mistake.

    I thought the same XD like: no way, Pietrini without award??? :rolll:

    Instead, they simply gave the OH award to Karakurt in order to let the opposite spot free for Terry... not that I'm complaining, but if they don't do at least one or two strange choose everytime they're not FIVB :lol:

    I thought Rep.Dom outplayed us at blocking but after all it's only 14 vs 12. Anyway they gave me a great impression at the net!

    Madeline Jazmin Guillen Paredes (another short name XD) with 25 points, including 5 blocks! :white: (As much as Fahr). She is the other OH awarded along with Karakurt (which is an opposite...)

    Ps they didn't show all the Italian awarding, am I right? :(

  • FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship Argentina 2017 Dream Team
    Best setter: Rachele Morello (Italy)
    Best opposite: Terry Enweonwu (Italy)
    Best middle-blockers: Victoriia Pushina (Russia) & Sarah Luisa Fahr (Italy)
    Best outside-hitters: Madeline Guillen (Dominican Republic) & Ebrar Karakurt (Turkey)
    Best Libero: Yaneirys Rodriguez (Dominican Republic)
    MVP: Elena Pietrini (Italy)

  • I would have given Pietrini both the MVP award and the Best OH award.
    Karakurt with her horrible behaviour didn't deserve any award :down: In a U18 competition also fair-play should be considered when choosing the best players. Rude young girls must learn how to behave before receiving awards...

  • Just watched this match, hadn't been following this competition - but Madeline Guillen :obey::obey: Hands down the best offensive player in this final - Italy pretty much made their clusters of points when she was in the back court. shame the Dominican republic don't really have any other player on the same level, hence they had only one offensive weapon in this match. Their middle attack is non existent.

    Good job form Peitrini, even though she was blocked out the whole time, she was able to use her back court skills and serving to get Italy consistent leads in the match.

    But overall enjoyable match - more enjoyable than some of the grand prix matches - such heart and fight.

    But hands down for me most impressive player was Madeline Guillen - Dominican Republic might have just found themselves a gem there - and such confidence even when she could see the whole Italian team was on her case, she seemed to revel in it! Might just watch the other matches now!!

  • After very disappointing performance in ECh(11th out of 12 teams :white: ) this generation made a big surprised with 4th place in WCh although they used pretty much the same roster from ECh (only OH Derya Cebecioğlu was missing then). Apparently trainer change made a difference for the team in just a few months.

    Although getting a medal could have been nice, having one or two good players that could be added to senior team is what matters for youth/junior championships.

    Our MBs from this generation seem to be weak (maybe Merve Atlıer could develop to a good player) Since we already have good MBs from 92 (Dicle Nur Babat, Özgenur Yurtdagülen) and 94 (Kübra Akman, Beyza Arıcı, Aslı Kalaç, Ceylan Arısan) generations and very promising ones from 98 generation (Zeliha Güneş and Yasemin Güveli), it is not a big deal not to have good MBs from this generation. However, finally getting a dominant Opp like Ebrar Karakurt is the best part of this generation since that is the position we are lacking badly right now. Also both OHs Yaprak Erkek and Derya Cebecioğlu seem to be balanced OHs that is something always good to have.

    Considering both 1998 and 2000 generations, ITA, RUS and TUR seems to be powerhouses of Europe in the future. Also BLR seems to have promising team that might be a new emerging country in upcoming years.

  • just watched the first set and the beginning of the 2nd set (DOM went from 0-3 to 6-3 on the strength of natalia martinez serving and their blocking). i thought #8, martinez, is also very impressive and very promising for the DOM girls. they sure have a bright future, didn't they win under-23 last year? i remember brayelin got MVP, i think.