Azerbaijani Superleague???

  • Hi everyone, does anybody know something more about 2017/2018 women's superleague in Azerbaijan?? I heard some rumors about an imminent collapse... is that true??

    This could well be the case. Look, there are just two teams remaining in a state, in which they could compete, far to few, to create a league with true competition. Even the last years one or more junior teams added to the at last just three to four serious contenders. Azerrail BAKU is currently the only team, which participates in the European Cups, despite they have two fixed places for CL, one qualification slot and two more in the other two competitions, but the only one participates only in the cheapest competition Challenge Cup (!).

    Also the Russian Superleague, at times considering to invite especially teams from Baku, has finished it pure Russian 10 team league for the season coming.

    To know for sure, you have to wait until October (at least), because decisions are made there extremely late all the time...

  • Due to…aijan/super-league-women/ they launched now with two (!) teams, i.e. Azerrail and Lokomotiv Baku, what is kind of a bad joke. At least nobody would seriously call this two teams setup a league... even former Rabita, later Telekom Baku vanished altogether!

    It seems to be the end of this superleague IMHO.

    Now two teams unknown to me were added with a first match against each other, as you can see under the mentioned link. Weird anyway considering similar events in the last few years there, looks everything but convincing to have a working league (yet).