CEV Women’s European Championship 2019 - hosts Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

  • horrible. is she really that nasty?

    if anything, it was guidetti's fault to call cansu over to the sideline during play.

    i re-watched it, and the ball dropped right between ebrar and zehra, as she was returning from serving. this was also while cansu was running back from her chat with guidetti, to pos. 1.

    i blame gui.

  • Just got back from the public reception of the Serbian team. I find these things tacky and never go, but this time I felt like I really should be there, after what they did yesterday. Also, I kinda feared that very few people would show up, as these "welcome back champions" things are getting stale. However, considering the circumstances (their plane was late so the whole thing started after 10 PM, awful cold weather, rain) it was a decent turnout and the atmosphere was nice. You could tell how much it meant to them.

    Buša got a really big applause. :dance6:Brankica is a total goofball and you can feel her energy from a mile away. She was the most cheerful of the bunch. In the end I waved at her and in my mind, she waved back at me. :lol:<3

  • Having stuck with Busa through the tough times, I'm glad she's getting some love.

    "Brankica is a total goofball and you can feel her energy from a mile away". Her blessing and her curse. Imagine throwing back a couples beers with her :drink: I bet it would be non-stop laughter.

  • It's awesome how unfazed she is by everything. A botched reception? A spike straight into the block? An awesome dig? A sneak kill off the block when absolutely no one expects it? Nothing gets in her way! She's like, move along, nothing to see here. And it's exactly that type of personality that can sometimes deliver big under pressure. It's also worth remembering that she was also responsible for Serbia's comeback against Italy last year, with that fantastic save on Egonu when she looked unstoppable.

    She is improving and I'm glad she's justifying being called up for NT. Not too long ago some people were saying she only gets selected because Terzić has hots for her. :roll:

    A fun tidbit: on Saturday, Bianca Andreescu won the US Open. On Sunday, Bianka Buša won the ECh in volleyball. Sometimes, nomen est omen!

    Which match is this?I wanna watch it.

    Being on a 2-receiving system does help a lot to grow, to deal with a huge amount of pressure on court. So she has to stay calm and collected. She will make mistakes here and there but the most important thing is how she bounces back and she bounced back brilliantly during the final set with that awesome service run.

    Busa and Ismailoglu are the 2 young stars I am very excited to see alongside Zehra.

  • What did you expect, to say "We lost because of Cansu" ?

    It is obvious where she's getting at, unless you're a moron...

  • What did you expect, to say "We lost because of Cansu" ?

    It is obvious where she's getting at, unless you're a moron...

    What a moron you are! Why the fuck do you make such stupid accusations?😒

    She genuinely motivated Cansu during the timeouts by saying 'you are great, focus, you got this' this is such sweet attitude to a person in your own position.

    Stop making up things

  • Naz is a huge talent but known to be a mean person.

    There was also rumours she bullied Kim Yeon Koung at Fenerbahçe...

    That's a big lie. I know you have zero accountability in this forum since you change your opinions in a second (first let's kill smarzek for what she has shared on Instagram and then go get the bronze girl 😂) but in the case there's anyone who doesn't know about your famous drama loving overreactions, I want to make a clearification

    Naz is known to be very sweet and kind to anybody in the team. Indeed Cansu said in many interviews that Naz was her biggest help in the team while she is growing in Vakıfbank and even when she benched Naz, she was very supportive to her. Moreover, during the emoticon videos of each player, everyone said how lovely person Naz is.

    Of course the lie about Kim is also total bullshit, she always said she looks up to her as a legend

    I know you like steering the pot, but don't do that to innocent players by making baseless claims to them

  • What did you expect, to say "We lost because of Cansu" ?

    It is obvious where she's getting at, unless you're a moron...

    You re such a moron.

    Don't create bullshit about oneof the greatest Turkish athlete ever on and off the court.

    It was breaking point and naz mentioned that. Everybody is talking about it and players are also human beings.

    Also Eda mentioned the mistakes, she said "FREE BALL DROPPED" in her post game interview...so what?? Will you crate bullshit about Eda?

    Go and watch all post game interview by TRT or TVF or NTV. Girls couldn't move mentally on after that mistake, all mentioned easy mistakes... Gio said we gave the 5th set to Serbia with our mistakes...

  • Yeah one freeball drop is more important than 3 reception faults...

    We lost the tie-break because of Busa's 4 point serve-run, during which we made 2 faults(Ebrar, Hande) and one overpass(Simge)...

    Shit happens, The mistake at 9-6 was nothing, every decent team should be able to get over it, and move on...

    If the team couldnt recover after the mistake at 9-6 then they dont deserve to be European Champions...

  • Gosh I lost every bit of respect I have for you with this post. It's only human to forgive someone if they genuinely feel sorry for what they did and apologized and I never said 'Lets kill Smarzek'. No I don't change my opinion 1-2 you can go look at how my point never changed on Kubiak for example. I don't hold grudges (sorry), like you who will remember a useless forum fight you had with someone 2 years ago and bring that back up every single time there is an argument.

    Btw you like to call everyone drama-loving but trust me you are also 100% on top of the forum in that department. It takes one to know one. you are most active when people argue and always ready to call people names and belittle them.

    I'm not a liar, you could have also just asked if I have any proof because I actually do, unlike some ppl I never throw random information here and I know people call me drama-loving but I hoped they'd at least appreciate that.

    Kim Yeon Koung said in interviews in Korea that she loves Turkey and Fenerbahce but was sometimes the odd one out in a bubbly group of girls and she then later continued to refer to a certain setter who kept setting easy balls to her "friends" and set them amazing and a lot of balls and deliberately set bad to KYK but she wanted to do better in spite of it all. There was around that time rumours Naz and KYK had drama you should not even deny you heard it, but Kim pretty much confirmed it with that.

    You can look this interview up its on YouTube, I'm not even helping you any further. Bye

  • Oh my god can't we all have a discussion without drama? I guess some users can't live w/o it :whistle:

    Can we just support the teams we love and stop bashing players/teams that we don't have genuine interest with or better yet compeletely ignore posts that is not our cup of tea. Smh

  • How did you understand that she was genuinely sorry? Did she make a public apology? She just deleted what she has posted and you changed your mind suddenly. That's why I don't respect your opinion on any kind of controversial issue. You just want to flame the discussion with whatever baseless gossip you've heard from god knows who. This has been your attitude towards any controversial issue in this forum.

    I call people names only if they do it to other users in this forum or volleyball players, which I believe they are entitled to be called with same way. Other than that I never use vulgar language.

    You clearly don't have any proof, it is just your deduction from tiny piece of information. And don't expect from me to believe indeed someone would set bad balls just because they don't like a player. This is delusional.

    Anyway, I am sorry for being off-topic but I just can't stand when people make baseless accusations, especially towards a player's personality and just having their ass as a source for 'these news'.