CEV Women’s European Championship 2019 - hosts Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

  • I think, this match is as open as expected - both teams are missing key players due to absence or being out of shape. But good level nevertheless, two of the not too many teams in this qualification with decent level.

  • That 4th set was really enjoyable! Finland almost gave it away with all those attacking errors but rescued themselves eventually.

    The Czech team clearly has more individual talent, but Finland is tactically much better organised and has better teamplay. A mixture of those two teams could be quite fun to watch...

  • :woohoo:Finland:!:

    That was a nice win for them and I'm glad they got it, today they simply did more for it than Czech team did.

    I know I'm repeating myself, but Alanko is such a fun player to watch! She has this air of calmness around her in everything she does on court. And now she got awarded MVP of the match and rightfully so :heart:

  • Difficult position for Czech team now: they have lost both matches so far and have to hope, that Sweden can't make use of it. Finland is now on a good way to the final round...

  • The Yellow Tigers are in a flow: Belgium needed just 58 minutes (!) to wipe away Israel, which was desperately trying, but even Anna Velikiy couldn't do much about that. No mercy by Gerd van de Broeks team...

  • Ukraine - Greece 0-3 (18-25, 19-25, 19-25)

    Vasilantonaki 22/41, Stranztali 13/26 - Denysova 10/22 , Kraiduba 8/13

    At 2013 ech qual ukraine beat greece two times 3-0 (25-11, 25-14, 25-17) (25-07, 25-11, 25-19) .

    I didnt expect this result :win:

  • Belgium won in three sets important match against main contender Slovenia, despite trailing noticeably in the first half of the first set, but winning in the end 25:23. Only top scorer Iza Miklar and middle Sasa Planinsic could keep up with the more balanced and stronger Yellow Tigers.

    Belgium needs just one win in fourth leg to make sure qualification already, considering the huge gap between them and Slovenia on one side and Israel and Iceland on the other.

    Early qualification chances are also there for the other group leaders Croatia, Greece, France and Finland, aside from the last all won their first three matches with three points.

  • i watched some part of Belgium-Slovenia and Esp - BIH..now

    first and third sets of Bel-Slo were good...first set of Esp - Bıh was concluded as 34-32..only that first set was exctiting

    Spanish Opp Collar's passing attracted my attention..she seems to have "soft and decent" passing...has she ever played OH ?..also,she doenst get many balls as the opp of her team..any injury ? (her leg is bandaged)

  • Sweden lost to Finland 0:3 at home.. Seems that they wont make it to the finals :( I wanted to see them against stronger teams, but they are not ready.

  • Who is the best Estonian player? I am not familiar with any of these players:teach: