CEV Women’s European Championship 2019 - hosts Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

  • As I said Turkey won‘t get any success in this ECH loosing 2 sets against Finland is not acceptable!

    Even Serbia would lost sets to Finland today... Turkey didn't play bad, they had some problems with reception and some bad response to pressure in parts of the game, but Finland played superbly well, their libero was EVERYWHERE, their block was top notch, and their setter was really creative and fearless... Don't be too harsh, Turkey played against a really decent team

  • I totally knew at least one person would say that, maaaan I wish I were wrong.

    I agree with sloth, even Serbia, the world champion or Italy the second could have given sets to the Finnish, they were the underdog, the unknown, the mysterious players.

    I'm typing on my Mac and its auto corrector is killing me, in case you see some mistypings, don't get me wrong, sometimes I hate digital stuff when it comes way smarter than humans :lol::aww:

  • Naz really can make the team different

    I agree, after the tie break today, I think she deserves to be starter tomorrow!

  • I agree with you all about Naz, she deserves to be starter. Only thing I did notice is, her connections with the MBs can improve a bit. It's not as good as Cansu's and Cansu uses her MBs a lot which I like. But ofc this will improve, she literally just came from pregnancy and its not like she was bad at all. Those things improve as you play more games...

    It's actually crazy how good her connection is with so little time she had. Her sets are just pure quality and so are decisions. A setter needs to learn to be calm also like Naz. Cansu is too nervous at times.

  • I have a big respect for Cansu what she has done in NT last 2 years but Naz deserves the starting spot right now. I think Guidetti has seen this fact too but he cant make the change suddenly when Naz comes from 1.5 years of break.Because Cansu has been the only reliable setter in NT for last 2 years and loosing the starting position to a player that hasnt played a single game last 1.5 years can hurt her a little.

  • btw Turkish defense wasn't bad either the last set. Set 5 was overall amazing volleyball! Finnish libero is my MVP though today

    Often underestimated, but Finnish libero Roosa Koskelo had her part in winning the first German championship by Stuttgart. For obvious reasons she got a contract there for the next two years already.

  • I remember when people used to protest because 24 teams were playing in this new format, the weakness of some teams, etc... France winning over Bulgaria, Turkey in tie break with Finland, Romania beating host Hungary and it's just 2nd day... I like this formula

  • And for once Romania got a surprise victory in a tournament, they have always been the one who got surprised by others :rolleyes:

    Romania this summer beat without many starters Slovenia in the Silver European League final. They are better than last year.

  • btw serdar

    Şeymaaaa :love:<3

    I love it when we are on the same page🤣

  • to me ESP looks messy. they miss collar, and they need another OH who can swing at the ball. segura couldn’t get a kill against GER today. whatever happened to manzano? she was very dynamic in spite of being short.

    pool A is definitely the pool of death. BUL might finish 5th or 6th if they don’t watch out... GRE has made lots of progress and apparently so have FRA & FIN.

  • Only now I realized Czech Republic is not even there :huh:

    Yes, they lost against Sweden in qualification :)