CEV Women’s European Championship 2019 - hosts Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

  • I have just lost the count of how many the CEV ECH page in wikipedia has been modified :D

    We shall wait for the official statement from CEV :woohoo:

  • It's the only logical version for me, because ITA-GER match in 1/4 is a nonsense!

    It would be a great chance for Poland and Germany for semifinal! :box::box:

  • Italians lost tie-break for purpose, this is clear for me, and they had some aim in this. I don't know did they already know what will happen if Poland will be at second place or maybe they wanted to make this spectators happy :gone:

  • If true, Russia must be thinking it was a gift they lost to Germany in the tiebreak after all :lol:

    But I agree the rule doesn't make sense especially the incentive for the winner of the pool..

    No, it is not true, our commentator said that we would play against Belgium in 1/8, if they manage to win that game, then will most likely play against Ita in 1/4. OTOH, it'll be unfair Russia plays against winner of Pol/Spa, big unfair like Pankov is getting the best head coach of Russia title after the game against Spa by RVF.

  • Polsat Sport confirmed that Poland could meet Germany in the QF.

  • Cev site confirms the pairing of volleyball.it

  • Brankica is playing like she was the best player in the world! She makes look like that are nobody in the other side of the net, it is scary and beautiful

  • Italy has to travel to Slokavia and then Turkey? Vowww.

    Bulgaria will actually have to travel a considerably bigger distance if they win against Azerbaijan in Budapest and then have to come back to Ankara.

    The biggest problem for Italy is that there are apparently no regular flights between Lodz and Bratislava, but even if they don't take a charter flight, Warsaw is not too far away and they can fly to Vienna from there, and then Bratislava is just a short ride away.

    But really, the entire play-off round should have been played in the same place. You can have four matches a day at the same venue.

    Edit: will Italy be going back from Bratislava to Lodz for the QF? Now that IS crazy.

  • LOL, Italy didn't want to lose this match. It complicated things for them. 1st of all they have to travel to Slovakia and then in 1/4 they will probably face Russia. Should ITA won then they will stay in Łodz and play Spain. Now they have to go to Slovakia and then come back to Poland.