CEV Women’s European Championship 2019 - hosts Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

  • Ebrar is gonna get in when we need her vibes. sitenoise is the only one I noticed that sees Guidettis Ebrar strategy :D

    Mihajlovic and Boskovic and Veljkovic were godly this set along with Maja. 1-1

    Gui didn’t need set2. He’s trying to lull Serbia into a false sense of security :thumbup:

  • yea that would be technically more fair, but then the hall would be empty. I’d bet the players would rather play in a full hall rather than a neutral hall

    It's usually empty for matches that don't involve the host anyways.

  • It's beyond me how these line judges can constantly make wrong signals despite knowing that challenge system can always prove them wrong. Don't they have any shame?

    THIS! I like this Turkish team, I love Eda, but I just can’t support them when every tournament in their home is exactly the same thing. The European Qualification for London 2012 was just ridiculous

  • Wow Maja! What a block!

  • Hello Zehra :rose:

  • Bosko from the other side. Not bad

  • Time for Ebrar!

    Feels about right

  • Gui is such a tease :rolll:

  • I'm not too familiar with big hair #21 but that's three in a row :thumbup:

  • Omg

    Turkey is going to Olympics :white: this team is amazing. Go Fatma! Meryem serving Busa to the bench... :white:

    Yes especially when they are playing in middle of club season after 90% of this team is on the bench :whistle: