CEV Men’s European Championship 2019 - hosts France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands

  • I don't know, maybe they should keep the 24-team format for the women eurovolley and continue the male one with 16 teams? The girls' edition was an absolute success, here... the matches are boring as hell, even if teams like Romania ot Macedonia manage to win a set it's mostly because the favorite team loses concentration and starts slacking off (for example today's ITA - ROU match. The sets were : 25-14 ; 25-15 ; 23-25 ' 25-14. I think that says it all about the level of that match.) The only surprising result was Montenegro winning against Estonia, whereas in the Women EuroVolley we had already some surprises in day 4.

    It's also clear that nobody cares to watch these matches at all :( Look at the SVK - SRB match that takes place right now in Antwerp. One of the world's best team is playing, and Slovakia is no pushover either, yet there are like 100 people watching the game. It may be attributed to bad choice of hosts, but then again, Belgium, France and the Netherlands have quite big traditions in this sport, so I don't even want to think what would happen if a non-volley country would host this.

    Sorry for yet another rant, it's just I waited so much for these championship and actually was excited to have 24 teams participate, but so far it is just one disappointment followed by another.

  • https://canlitv.plus/trt-spor-canli-izle

    You can watch TUR-SLO now from this link. First set was pretty good, Turkey was leading but at the end Slovenia won 30-28

  • I don't like Heynen, but I agree with his comments about the number of participating teams. 24 teams are too many for EVCH. The games would look more intense with only 16 teams. WCH has 24 teams because the teams from other continents also play in the tournament. We know CEV wants to make money by organizing more games, but the result may go the other way.

  • I hate when cameramen go into locker rooms. This is something going on with football for something like 10 years. Players need to focus. Coaches need to talk to their players. There's no need for a camera which makes everyone silent all at once, because they don't feel free and safe, which is something locker rooms should be. In football it happens all the times: the peacocks strip down for cameras and smile, flirting with it (and who's watching), but whenever they're preparing for the match, they have to stop and wait for the camera to go.

    I agree. I also find it way too "invasive". They barely chat with each other.

    But other do not even notice there are cameras and behave normal. It seems Big Brother...


  • The match of NED vs POL was no surprise. Only Nimir stood out to help the team, while two OHs were off. The NED's receptions struggled with Poland's floating serves throughout the game. Polish's reception line was solid as rock, which gave the setter many choices on attacking. Some key blocks from POL also made a difference.

  • What surprises me from NED is that some years ago, Robbert Andringa used to play like OH, but now he is listed as libero.

    And Gijs Jorna, former libero, now plays as OH2 :what:

  • I'm begging for an Italian club to take Adis Lagumdzija. He is so wasted in Turkish national team that it is shocking.

    Well he couldn't kill 3 balls in a row in the same rally at the end of the first set, which gave away the advantage. He is a great prospect but still raw to play in Italy

  • CEV, please focus on the quality of the live broadcast.

    25:28, what a score it was! :wall:

  • any link for France vs Bulgaria ?


    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • This is the second worst "locker room" I've seen in a major volleyball tournament! Yes, Palais 12 is a concert hall, I read, and it's obviously not quite fit for a sports event, hence I question the choice to still play in Brussels instead moving the whole thing to Antwerp only.

    By the way, the worst "locker room" I've seen was again at a ECH, back in 2013 at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen they set up something like a caravan for one of the teams (I was there live at the ECH) at around the place where one of the pitch corners would otherwise be. And these are the same organizers who organized the finals at a stadium on a cold September weekend. Zaytsev was warming up wearing a scarf back then, a sight I won't forget.

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    The most ridiculous point of this champs is relocating group D from Ahoy Arena to Sporthallen Zuid AMSTERDAM.

    They have done the same in Pool B in Belgium. The 6 teams had to move from Brussels to Antwerp on Sunday.