CEV Men’s European Championship 2019 - hosts France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Zaytsev can't get a kill, 9% in attack :gone: he's really past his prime

  • Giannelli gave 2 sets in a row to Zaytsev in such crucial points :aww: Nelli had the chance to close the set :aww: Candellaro and his floppy serve :aww:

  • Zaytsev :) :) He was against Toniutti block :)

    Osmany is perhaps the only reliable offensive force of Italy but Blengini is watching him receive every service .

    Is it not rocket science to understand you should help Juantorena on defensive and let him focus on offense.

  • Blengini in the time out "You have to play with your heart now" :rolll:

  • Ah, Ukraine... How you are going to regret this second serve! This will haunt them probably till the rest of their lives and will remind them what they missed. True, Atanasijevic made 2 aces, but it was 2 consecutive mistakes by the setter Didenko that got the job done for Serbia. And again super performance by Ukraine against another favourite. Quite often they looked more willing and dangerous than Serbia. To be honest, I had to wait for the fifth set in order to watch Serbia gain focus and play some quality volleyball, I didn't like their display at all before that. Uros attacking with two hands above his head may be smart and worked in tougher situations or after bad sets, yet he did it way too often. It didn't look like volleyball at all. Serbia will have more to show than Ukraine against France now, that's for sure, still it leaves a bitter taste how they reached the semis.

    By the way, if my info is correct, having spent the last season in Serbia with Vojvodina, Dmytro Viietskyi seems to be without a contract for the new season. This will probably change very soon, though.

  • Zaytsev had only 1 kill on 14 attempts :what: he usually attacks worse in position 4 but right now he's struggling also in his natural position.

    I hope they will prove me wrong but considering Zaytsev's shape, aging Juantorena and the consistent problem in second outside position, I think Italian players will be tourists in Tokyo next year

  • In Italy's defense, several of their players (including Zaytsev) had a stomach flu in the last few days, and it's definitely something that weakens athletes.

    True but I have to say that my concerns are not just about this tournament. Sadly Italy's level dropped a lot after Rio.

  • The chances of Poland vs France in final is very high.

    France vs Serbia

    France's good defense and home court advantages will help them.

    Poland vs Slovenia

    Slovenia has no chance. Poland is on the different level in this tournament so far.

  • Bienek's serves are out of this galaxy :white:

  • Leon got blocked to end Set 1.. Slovenia 1 Poland 0

  • Leon had a terrible first set :what: Urnaut needs to contribute more for Slovenia

  • Poland led at 20:17. Then a drama call shifted the momentum. Leon's two crucial errors were fatal.

    Slovenia 1:0 Poland