CEV Men’s European Championship 2019 - hosts France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Even if Serbia took the set #2, they played horribly in second half.

    Luckily, Lynee'sl serve fault saved Serbia's ass. LOL

  • Petric looks like the shadow of the player he used to be, I don't know why he's starting over Ivovic

  • From 0-4 to 5-5, from 11-19 to 18-21, and now from 19-24 to 23-34 thanks to Lyneel superb performance. Sad he stepped over the line. France almost was there for a comeback. Serbia goes on fire but can't keep it up as they get loose, allowing France to get consecutive points and get close. Serbia really should fix it and stop choking after putting a good distance to the points. They should really do something about it or else they might not make it to the finals.

  • This is France, not some random team. I wouldn't be so sure of that.

    Imagine how smug I could rightfully get hadn't Lyneel stepped on the service line lmao

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  • Two correct challenges by Serbia so far. Already three mistakes from the Refree. And here french players keep putting pressure on him by protesting his call. The crowd may also be effective on him somehow. And btw, the challenge by France side was a brilliant one. Overall, I don't think Refree has judged a good game. How many wrong calls in the first two sets?

  • Is Ivovic injured? Petric is awful so far, both at reception line and attacking line.

    Petric was not even a starter for Serbia in WCH 2018.

  • After your earlier prediction about the level difference between Slovenia and Poland, this is not surprising at all. Lol.

    I read many times "I know men's vb" by you but apparently... :aww:

    When you see a 19:11 gap between two top teams, I did not see there is the problem to say "they have no problem to take the set #2." It's common sense. Maybe I should wait for the result, then jump out to say, I know that...right? :lol:

    Prediction is for fun. For those who use the result to bash prediction, they should go doing science research, because they are so serious about everything. :drink:

  • Both Serbian and french side are giving attention to the other side for foot faults, net touches, block touches and etc... another correct challenge for Serbia and wrong call by Refree. It seems a hard game to manage.

  • So many mistakes from both sides, yikes. I expected a higher level, especially from the French tbh. Not a very entertaining match so far.

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  • Lyneel wasted the lead for France :gone: Considering his height, Le Roux should contribute way more on court

  • Both teams play like riding a roller coaster, very shaky

  • France is playing too fast for their own good. Lyneel just couldn't keep up with Toniutti. Tillie took his sweet time to change personnel.

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