South Korea - Women - KOVO V-League 2017/2018 & KOVO Cup 2017

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2017-2018, Finals - Game 3, 27th March 2018 - IBK Altos vs. Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass


    Full Match Replay:

    IBK Altos 1 - 3 Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass ( 24 - 26, 16 - 25, 25 - 21, 12 - 25 ) stats post match summary

    IBK Altos:
    19. Madison KINGDON RISHEL 26pts (23s/61, 1a, 2b, 7d, 8e), 7. GO Ye-Rim 11pts (11s/28, 9d, 2e), 11. KIM Su-Ji 9pts (6s/16, 3b, 10d, 1e), 4. KIM Hee-Jin 8pts (6s/24, 1a, 1b, 13d, 3e), 17. KIM Mi-Youn 7pts (6s/19, 1a, 8d, 1e), 6. LEE Go-Eun 0pts (0s/1, 12d, 1e), 20. KIM Hyun-Ji 0pts (1e), 5. NOH Ran [Li] 0pts (16d), 1. PYEON Ji-Su 0pts, 3. YEOM Hye-Seon 0pts, 12. CHOI Su-Bin 0pts. Total Points: 77, Score Points: 61, Attack: 52 (from 149 at 34.90%), Ace: 3, Block: 6, Dig: 75, Reception: 27.27% (=(31E - 7F)/88 ), Error: 18.

    KEC Hi-pass:
    17. Ivana NESOVIC 19pts (18s/46, 1a, 6d, 7e), 9. PARK Jeong-Ah 19pts (18s/40, 1a, 15d, 2e), 13. JUNG Dae-Young 19pts (13s/22, 1a, 5b, 10d, 1e), 10. BAE Yoo-Na 12pts (9s/17, 3b, 4d, 2e), 1. HA Hye-Jin 4pts (4s/7), 12. MOON Jung-Won 3pts (1s/2, 2a, 10d, 1e), 5. LEE Hyo-Hee 1pts (0s/4, 1a, 17d, 1e), 7. CHOI Eun-Ji 1pts (0s/1, 1b), 4. JEON Sae-Yan 1pts (1a, 2d), 18. YOO Seo-Yeun 0pts (1d, 1e), 19. LEE Won-Jeong 0pts, 8. YIM Myung-Ok [Li] 0pts (20d, 1e). Total Points: 97, Score Points: 79, Attack: 63 (from 139 at 45.32%), Ace: 7, Block: 9, Dig: 85, Reception: 40.00% (=(33E - 3F)/75), Error: 16.

    Match MVP: PARK Jeong-Ah (KEC Hi-pass),

    Championship MVP: PARK Jeong-Ah (KEC Hi-pass)

    Congratulations to Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass on winning their 1st Championship. :drink:

    Hi-pass played well all season in all aspect of the game. Park Jeong-Ah and Ivana Nesovic took care of the attacking, Bae Yoo-Na and JUNG Dae-Young with the blocking, Lee Hyo-Hee and Lee Won-Jeong with the setting, and Moon Hung-Won and Yim Myung-Ok look after the receiving & digging.

    Bonus video:

    Photo Gallery: (Match), (Awards)

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2017-2018 Award Ceremony

    Award Ceremony:

    Fair Play Award:

    • Hyundai E&C

    Best Coach Award:

    • KIM Jong-Min (KEC Hi-pass)

    Best Dresser:

    Best 7:

    • Libero - OH Ji-Young (KGC Ginseng)
    • Setter - LEE Da-Yeong (Hyundai E&C)
    • Middle Blocker 1 - YANG Hyo-Jin (Hyundai)
    • Middle Blocker 2 - BAE Yoo-Na (KEC Hi-pass)
    • Outside Hitter 1 - LEE Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk)
    • Outside Hitter 2 - Madison RISHEL (IBK Altos)
    • Opposite Hitter - Ivana NESOVIC (KEC Hi-pass)

    Best Rookie Award:


    Apparently, Ivana said she was going to used the MVP prize money (KRW 5 Million) to buy herself a Chanel handbag (Source: 1). :rolll:


    Award Ceremony: (VPN may be required)

    Source: 1


    • KEC Hi-pass veteran setter LEE Hyo-Hee has been added to the Korean Allstar team list for the match against the Thai Allstar team upon KIM Jong-Min's request. KIM Jong-Min, KEC Hi-pass head coach was appointed as the head coach for the Korean Allstar team after winning this season Championship. Both federations have agreed to the addition of an extra player, so now both the Korean and Thai team will have 15 players. Source: 1

    • Free Agent period: Round 1 (May 2nd ~ 10th) - Talk with player's current team, Round 2 (May 11th ~ 20th) - Talk with other teams, Round 3 (May 21st ~ 31st) - Talk with player's current team again. List of players who qualified for free agent status.

    • Tryout for next season foreign players will take place in Monza, Italy from May 3rd ~ 5th. So far from this season foreign players, only Alaina BERGSMA have applied for the tryout. Not sure about Madison RISHEL, haven't heard or read any news about her plans. Ivana NESOVIC will most likely renew as she has stated that she wants to come back for next season.
  • Hey everyone, I just found and added the YT links for replays of the games from finals to their respective match stats (I will do same for the men's final too). So watch them before they get taken down. Sadly I was going to also add the replay for Award Ceremony too but it got taken down already. :(


    • GS Caltex has announced yesterday on April 5th that OH LEE So-Young and MB KIM Yu-Ri have both agreed to new contracts.
      The contact annual salary for LEE So-Young is 200M KRW (approx. 188K USD) and for KIM Yu-Ri it is 130M KRW (approx. 122.2K USD).

    Source: 1, 2

  • Korea-Thailand Super Match 2018

    Just a reminder the game is scheduled to start at 19:00 KST (approx. in less than 1 hr time).

    Korean All-Star Team:

    • Outside Hitters - 10. KIM Yeon-Koung (Shanghai), 13. PARK Jeong-Ah (Hi-pass), 15. KANG So-Hwi (GS Caltex), 17. LEE Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk)

    • Opposite Hitters - 4. KIM Hee-Jin (IBK), 7. HWANG Youn-Joo (Hyundai)

    • Setters - 3. YEUM Hye-Seon (IBK), 5. LEE Hyo-Hee, 19. LEE Da-Yeong (Hyundai)

    • Middle Blockers - 6. HAN Su-ji (KGC), 11. KIM Su-Ji (Heungkuk), 14. YANG Hyo-Jin (Hyundai), 16. BAE Yoo-Na (Hi-Pass)

    • Liberos - 8. NA Hyun-Jung (GS Caltex), 9. OH Ji-Young (KGC)

    Coach: KIM Jong-Min (Hi-pass)

    Thai All-Star Team:

    • Outside Hitters - Onuma SITTIRAK (Nakhon Ratchasima), Ajcharaporn KONGYOT (Supreme VC), Chatchu-on MOKSRI (Nakhon Ratchasima), Wipawee SRITHONG (Supreme VC)

    • Opposite Hitters - Malika KANTHONG (Supreme VC), Pimpichaya KOKRAM (3BB Nakornnont)

    • Setters - Soraya PHOMLA (Supreme VC), Kullapa PIAMPONGSAN (Khonkaen)

    • Middle Blockers - Pleumjit THINKAOW (Bangkok Glass), Hattaya BAMRUNGSUK (Nakhon Ratchasima), Chitaporn KAMLANGMAK (Khonkaen), Watchareeya NUALJAM (Supreme VC)

    • Liberos - Tapaphaipun CHAISRI (Khonkaen), Supattra PAIROJ (Supreme VC)

    Coach: Danai Sriwacharamaytakul

  • Korea-Thailand Super Match 2018

    Full Match Replay:

    Korea All-Star 2 - 3 Thailand All-Star ( 24 - 26, 25 - 13, 25 - 21, 12 - 25, 13 - 15 ) stats

    Korea All-Star:
    4. KIM Hee-Jin 18pts (12s/26, 5a, 1b, 17d, 6e), 17. LEE Jae-Yeong 17pts (14s/43, 1a, 2b, 10d, 3e), 15. KANG So-Hwi 14pts (11s/28, 2a, 1b, 11d, 6e), 11. KIM Su-Ji 12pts (8s/19, 1a, 3b, 10d, 1e), 14. YANG Hyo-Jin 6pts (3s/10, 2a, 1b, 3d), 10. KIM Yeon-Koung 4pts (4s/4, 1d, 1e), 7. HWANG Youn-Joo 3pts (3s/8, 5d), 19. LEE Da-Yeong 1pts (1s/4, 13d, 4e), 13. PARK Jeong-Ah 1pts (1a, 2d, 1e), 8. NA Hyun-Jung [Li] 0pts (3d), 9. OH Ji-Young [Li] 0pts (15d), 5. LEE Hyo-Hee 0pts (6d, 1e). Unused Players: 6. HAN Su-ji, 3. YEUM Hye-Seon, 16. BAE Yoo-Na. Total Points: 99, Score Points: 76, Attack: 56 (from 142 at 39.44%), Ace: 12, Block: 8, Dig: 96, Reception: 26.19% (=(33E - 11F)/84), Error: 23.

    Thailand All-Star:
    18. Ajcharaporn KONGYOT 16pts (15s/28, 1a, 9d, 5e), 6. Onuma SITTIRAK 14pts (13s/38, 1b, 12d, 3e), 5. Pleumjit THINKAOW 11pts (10s/19, 1a, 2d, 2e), 7. Hattaya BAMRUNGSUK 8pts (6s/13, 2b, 5d, 3e), 15. Malika KANTHONG 7pts (4s/16, 3a, 8d, 2e), 16. Pimpichaya KOKRAM 6pts (5s/18, 1a, 4d, 1e), 19. Chatchu-on MOKSRI 4pts (4s/18, 7d, 3e), 14. Chitaporn KAMLANGMAK 4pts (1s/3, 1a, 2b, 2d, 3e), 11. Soraya PHOMLA 4pts (2s/3, 2a, 9d), 21. Gullapa PIAMPONGSAN 2pts (1a, 1b, 5d), 1. Wipawee SRITHONG 1pts (1a, 1d), 23. Watchareeya NUALJAM 0pts (0s/6, 1e), 12. Tapaphaipun CHAISRI [Li] 0pts (5d), 20. Supattra PAIROJ [Li] 0pts (18d). Total Points: 100, Score Points: 77, Attack: 60 (from 162 at 37.04%), Ace: 11, Block: 6, Dig: 87, Reception: 22.22% (=(32E - 12F)/90), Error: 23.

    Photo Gallery:

    Congratulation to Thailand All-Star Team on winning this year Super Match. After losing last year at home, the Thai team have gotten their revenge on Korean team.

    Looks like this event will continue next 2 years between the two countries as reports stating TV ratings in both countries was very good. Some Korean cities officials have already made contact with KOVO to discuss holding the event in their cities in 2 years time.


    • Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass head coach KIM Jong-Min has renewed his contract with the team for a further 3 years. Sources: 1, 2

    • Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders head coach PARK Mi-Hee has renewed her contract with the team for 2 more years. Sources: 1, 2, 3

    • IBK Altos and libero NOH Ran have agreed to a new 75M KRW annual contract (approx. 70.1K USD). Sources: 1, 2

    • After two seasons with IBK Altos, Madison Kingdon/Rishel has decided to leave Korea and did not apply for the tryout in early May in Italy. It is unknown where Madison will be playing next season but there is a possibility that it might be either be China or Japan. Source: 1

    • KOVO has released a list of players who have been invited to the tryout in Monza, Italy.


      The tryout will take place at Candy Arena, Monza from Thursday 3rd May to Saturday 5th May and the draft is to take place at Villa Reale, Monza.

      NB: From the tryout list, Irina Smirnova (RUS) has decided not to attend the tryout due to a family problem. Also confirmed to be absent from the tryout are Diana Mursesan (ROM) and Erika Mercado (ARG). Source: 1

  • Hi guys,

    I'm a newbie here.
    I just started to follow Korean women volleyball this month after seeing their old video of 2012 Olympics and 2014 AVC.
    Han Song Yi is my favourite though but so sad in these recent years, as she is getting older, it's hard to see any big news about her.
    Can you update me some of your acknowledgement about Han Song Yi? So far, i knew that she transfered to KGC but after seeing some matches, it seems like she hasn't totally adjusted to new team.

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Hello Emily 92,

    Welcome to inside volley country and this thread.

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you are asking for our acknowledgement about Han Song Yi. But I will try to help as best as I can but just let you know however just to let you know, I'm not the best person to talk to if you want to talk about a player technical ability.

    Well this season, Han Song-Yi was the 2nd highest point scorer for KGC behind Alaina Bergsma and 15th overall in the league. She scored a total of 269 points (213 spike kills, 42 block kills, 14 service aces). After making the moved to KGC her reception isn't as good as it used to be. Maybe this is due to her playing as a MB in her last two season with GS Caltex. Toward the back end of 2017-2018 season, KGC also used her as a MB too. IMO she still one of the better spikers in KGC. I posted Han Song-Yi stats on the previous page link.

    Other info about Han Song-Yi that I know of:

    Han Song-Yi graduated from Suwon Korea-Japan Computational Girls' High School (수원 한일 전산여고), now known as Suwon Computer Science Girls' High School.
    Other famous players who came from this high school included her older sister Han Yoo-Mi (who retired at the end of this season), Lee Hyo-Hee (KEC Hi-pass), Hwang Youn-Joo (Hyundai E&C), Kim Yeon-Koung, Kim Su-Ji (IBK Altos), Bae Yoo-Na (KEC Hi-pass) and Pyo Seung-Ju (GS Galtex).

    She played for:
    Gumi Korea Expressway Corporation 2002 ~ 2008
    Incheon Hungkuk Life Pink Spiders 2008 ~ 2011
    GS Caltex Seoul KIXX 2011 ~ 2017
    Daejeon KGC Ginseng Corporation 2017 ~ present

    She was apart of Korean NT for 2004 Summer Olympics in Athen but only got to play in the third set against Kenya during the pool matches. Link

    She is currently either 3rd or 4th highest overall point scorer in the V-League behind Hyundai Hwang Youn-Joo (1st) and Yang Hyo-Jin (2nd). Sorry, too lazy to calculate who is ahead between Han Song-Yi or KEC Hi-pass JUNG Dae-Young.

    Meet her boyfriend, actor Jo Dong-Hyuk on a Korean variety show.

    instagram account


    • A total of 24 participants (1, 2, 3)

      The order of the pick for each team was determined by a lottery draw. A total of 120 balls with 6th place Heungkuk getting 30 balls (25%), 5th place KGC Ginseng getting 26 balls (21.6%), 4th place GS Caltex getting 22 balls (18.3%), 3rd place Hyundai E&C getting 18 balls (16%), 2nd place IBK Altos getting 14 balls (11.6%), and 1st place KEC Hi-pass getting 10 balls (8.3%).

      Tryout result:

      • 1st Pick - KGC Ginseng - Alaina BERGSMA (USA)
      • 2nd Pick - Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders - Berenika Tomsia (Poland)
      • 3rd Pick - GS Caltex - Aliona Martiniuc (Moldova)
      • 4th Pick - KEC Hi-pass - Ivana NESOVIC* (Serbia)
      • 5th Pick - Hyundai E&C - Becky Perry (USA/Italy)
      • 6th Pick - IBK Altos - Adora Anae (USA)

      * KEC Hi-pass announced on the 2nd day of Tryout that they have re-signed Ivana NESOVIC.

      Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

    • KGC Ginseng announced that both MB/S HAN Soo-Ji and libero PARK Sang-Mi have agreed to new contracts.
      HAN Soo-Ji contact is 300M KRW (approx. 281.3K USD) annual and PARK Sang-Mi contract is 50M KRW (approx. 46.9K USD). Sources: 1, 2, 3

    • IBK Altos and OH/Li CHOI Su-bin have agreed to a new 80M KRW annual contract (approx. 75.0K USD). Sources: 1, 2

    • The following FA players did not reach an agreement with their current team and can now talk to other teams from May 11th to 20th:

      • Hyundai E&C - KIM Se-Young (MB)
      • Heungkuk - HAN Ji-Hyun (Li)
      • KEC Hi-pass - CHOI Eun-Ji (OH)
      • IBK Altos - KIM Mi-Youn (OH)

      Source: 1


    • Heungkuk libero HAN Ji-Hyun signed with IBK Altos next season. Her contract is for 80M KRW (approx. $74.8K USD) per annum.

    • Hyundai E&C MB KIM Se-Young and IBK Altos OH KIM Mi-Youn have both signed with Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders for next season. Both players agreed to contracts reportedly worth 150M KRW (approx. $140.2K USD) per annum.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4


    • OH CHOI Eun-Ji have left Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass as she has signed with KGC Ginseng on an 80M KRW (approx. $73.6K) per year contract.

    • Apparently KGC Ginseng setter SI Eun-Mi also qualified for FA status. She failed to reach an agreement with KGC in the 1st round and did not reach an agreement with any other team during the 2nd round. She has since announced that she will be retiring from the indoor version and will switch to beach volleyball with the goal of making the Asian Game later this year.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


    • IBK Altos and KGC Ginseng announced trade.

      IBK will trade their libero NOH Ran (NB: who only just recently re-signed with IBK during the FA period) + 2nd Round Draft pick, whilst

      KGC will trade libero PARK Sang-Mi (NB: who only just recently re-signed with KGC during the FA period) + former NT OH BAEK Mok-Hwa (NB: who last played for KGC in the 2015/2016 season) + 3rd Round Draft pick.

      Source: 1, 2, 3

    • Hyundai E&C have selected Jeong Si-Young as their reward player for losing KIM Se-Young to Heungkuk during the FA period.

      Source: 1, 2, 3

    • Hyundai E&C and Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass announced the trade of Hyundai libero PARK Hye-Mi for KEC Hi-pass rookie libero/OH BAEK Chae-Lim.

      Source: 1, 2

    • IBK Altos and GS Caltex announced the trade of IBK setter LEE Go-Eun for GS setter LEE Na-Yeon.

      Source: 1, 2, 3


    • After one season with Heungkuk, former NT libero NAM Jie-Youn has rejoined IBK Altos as of July 1st. However, she rejoined IBK not as a player but as a coach. Jie-Youn has decided to finish up her career and retire.

      Source: 1

    • KOVO has decided to delay the start of 2018/2019 season for the women. This is due to the Women's World Championship not finishing until October 20th. The women new start date for the women's competition will be on October 22nd whilst the men's competition will start on October 13th.

      Also, KOVO has decided to change the FA rules to make the trade easier and fairer for the players. Players who qualified for FA status were only able to talk to their current team for a month, whilst they could only talk with other teams for one week. KOVO will now allow the FA players to freely negotiate with all teams.

      Source: 1


    • KGC Ginseng have made another trade, this time it is a 2 for 2 with Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass.

      KGC will trade setter KIM Hye-Won and rookie OH WOO Su-Min.

      Hi-pass will trade setter HA Hyo-Rim + their 2nd Round Draft pick.

      Source: 1, 2, 3

    • KOVO Cup 2018 for the women teams will be held from August 5th - 12th, This upcoming edition will have two additional guest teams (I will more more details soon).