Belgian Euro Millions Volley League 2017-2018

  • Last week, Top Volley Antwerp announced that they will withdraw from this year's competition in the Belgian Volley League (

    It was already clear last May that the club was struggling to survive, because of financial issues.

    In an official announcement, they state the club only withdraws for the coming year and hopes to re-enter the pro league in the following season.
    Now there is a debate going on whether that is even possible, legally.

    In any case, this is bad news for Belgian club volley: Antwerp usually succeeded in assembling a competitive pro team, their venue (Arenahal, Deurne) had a nice atmosphere, great public.

    Roeselare, Maaseik and Aalst (former Lennik) are the main contenders, as usual.
    Parky Menen is best of the rest.
    Haasrode-Leuven has an interesting young team, a lot of players with a history in national youth teams and Flemish volleyball formation center, Vilvoorde (topsportschool).