Comparison of Strength of European Leagues

  • German users should be relieved, that he has chosen France to continue his "endeavours".

    I seriously am. I would have developed a big dislike towards Stuttgart if they had chosen to become Volero Stuttgart, but I'm glad their management chose wisely.

    By the way, since Le Cannet got eliminated in French league quarterfinal, I wonder how the new Volero is going to try to enter Champions League for next season :whistle:

  • I have watched the very close tie-break of final series in Switzerland match three: Pfeffingen had three match balls than, but couldn't use one, so Volero won in the end 17:15 and leads now the final series 2:1. This time they stayed with two Swiss players, so they didn't repeat the "action" of the second match (and the injured(?) Laura Unternährer was pretty good today), but you can easily see, that that one could be decisive in the end. While Pfeffingen has nearly nothing aside from their starting six to change in against Volero, and Volero has many substitution possibilities, Pfeffingens starting six is so good to pose a rather serious threat to Volero. We will see, if Pfeffingen can level the series at home in fourth match and still tries seriously to dethrone the all-the-time champions...

  • In German volleyball magazine an article appeared about Volero and the move to foreign championship, away from Switzerland. Jacobi preferred French league and decided for co-team Le Cannet, because Turkey was considered too strong and expensive, Italy demands three Italian players all the time, Russia has just two very strong teams (Moscow and Kazan) and extreme traveling distances (flying nearly all the time), Poland was not mentioned, but has the same rule as Italy with three domestic players as minimum, Germany doesn't use it's CL berthes at last... France is much cheaper for Volero, for example renting apartments is just a fourth in prize at Cote d'Azur compared to Zurich - and public authorities are giving now more money to French teams because of 2024 Olympics in Paris. The debt of Le Cannet, which caused this season a penalty of 6 points in the league, was/is 500.000 Euro, which is considered by Jacobi as not too much. And in France there must be just one French player on court all the time, only Romania (no rule at all) and Germany (planned, but not introduced yet) are lower in this regard. He thinks, German league will become weaker because of not using CL berths.