Japan - V.Premier League 2017-2018

  • I was wondering the same thing about Nabeya, but Denso prevailed over JT and takes the 3rd seat (over Toyota) by virtue of Total Set Points 42-41 vs 41-40. (They weren't trying to take the #2 seed from JT, that's out of range). Toyota did all they could, winning their last 6 in a row, but, alas. Denso's payback for the Empress Cup. :box:

    13:00 Ageo Medics v Hisamitsu Springs 0–3
    13:00 NEC Red Rockets v Toyota Body Queens 1–3
    15:00 JT Marvelous v Denso Airybees 1–3
    15:00 Toray Arrows v Hitachi Rivale 1–3

    Ageo v Hisamitsu
    : Didn't watch it, but I'm surprised Hisamitsu continued to play their NT players. Okay, Whoopdy Do! Hisamitsu (most likely) goes undefeated for the season. Congratulations :drink:

    NEC v Toyota
    : Oh well. NEC, they let me down. They brought in Yanagita(OP) and Yamaguchi(S) midway in the first set and I thought that meant they wanted to win. They took the first set to overtime but lost it. Then they crushed it in Set 2=25-16. Then failure. Oh well :white: With a win tonight (unlikely) against JT and a Toray loss against Hisamitsu, NEC can capture 5th place--which is only a teeny weeny bit less embarrassing than 6th place for the reigning champions.

    JT v Denso: JT gave the starting spot back to Kitsui over mid-season pickup Meguro. Kitsui went 2/16. Oops! Brankica=24/75. Yawn. #1 Aika Akutagawa. Fact.=9/24, which is a lot of swings for a pipsqueak MB. She also had 5 blocks. I wonder if she'll marry me. :rose: We'll never know why Nabeya hardly played 0/0, but Sakamoto, Furst, and Marvel Comics Superhero Kudo had decent games. Sakamoto went 20/60 with a couple blocks and an ace. Kudo went 12/40 with 4 blocks and an ace. Furst was 11/15 with no errors and 4 blocks. I'm really happy for Denso. Beating JT without My Little Sweet Pea, Airi Tahara setting tells me they still got something. Definitely the feel good surprise team of the year. They played in the minors last year. Welcome back!

    Toray v Hitachi
    : Haven't watched this one yet. Poor Toray. That's 4 losses in a row and they play Hisamitsu tonight. They looked so promising earlier in the year. Kurogo=12/40; only 3 service errors; reception was 53/31/9. I've expressed disappointment in Kurogo, but for a kid to come into the league at 19 years old and receive over 100 more serves than Yuki Ishii ... respect!

    Tonight is the last night of the regular season:

    13:00 Toray Arrows v Hisamitsu Springs
    13:00 JT Marvelous v NEC Red Rockets

    The only questions remaining are whether Hisamitsu remains undefeated for the year (likely) and who will end up in last place, NEC or Toray (likely NEC).

    So it looks like it's going to be:
    1 Hisamitsu Springs
    2 JT Marvelous
    3 Denso Airybees
    4 Toyota Body Queens
    5 Toray Arrows - 24pts
    6 NEC Red Rockets

    :wavy: :
    7 Ageo Medics
    8 Hitachi Rivale

  • 2 sets to 1 JT over NEC. NEC took the first one.

    NEC switched to Yamauchi over Aratani with disastrous results. Yamauchi may not be 100%. Maybe she doesn't like coming off the bench.

    JT did the opposite. Switched to Meguro over Kitsui with wondrous results. Kanisugi is playing for Tanaka. Don't know any status of Tanaka.

    Set 3 ended with a Koga v Brankica shootout into overtime. It was a stalemate so Meguro took over and won the set for JT.

  • NEC wins the 4th set. Both sets NEC has won were given to them by a JT service error at set point. ouch, JT

    Lots of poor playing, but overall enjoyable for this last game between the team I wanted to be good and the team that turned out to be good. Glad it's going to a tie break

  • 1 Hisamitsu Springs ----- 61pts ... 21-0 -- (63,11)
    2 JT Marvelous - ---------40pts ... 13-8 -- (50,34 )
    3 Denso Airybees - ------32pts ... 11-10 -- (42,41)
    4 Toyota Body Queens - 32pts ... 11-10 -- (41,40)
    5 NEC Red Rockets - ----26pts ... 8-13 -- (36,45)
    6 Toray Arrows - --------24pts ... 8-13 -- (33,47)

    7 Ageo Medics - --------22pts ... 7-14 -- (32,48 )
    8 Hitachi Rivale - -----15pts ... 5-16 -- (25,56)

    Taken from ScoresPro Hope it's accurate

  • NEC played 17 of their 21 games "at home" this season. This last game is on the road at JT. They're starting Shimamura, Yamaguchi, and Aratani. Lets see what happens.

    NEC only played four home games. Two in Kawasaki and two in Tokyo, right next to Kawasaki.

    V.League Schedule (in Japanese)

    In Japan many matches are played at neutral sites. One team will be considered the home team for those matches.
    With the new VLeague next year, it will change to more of a home arena setting. There will still be a few neutral sites, but way fewer than before.

  • To the best of my Google Translate abilities, I think this is it. Not sure about the times. I think they are all played at the same time, 11:00 Japan Time for the Saturday games, 13:00 for the Sunday games, but I dunno

    Sat 10 Feb 2018
    11:00 Hisamitsu Springs v Toyota Body Queens ... 3–2
    13:00 JT Marvelous v Toray Arrows ... 3–1
    Denso Airybees v NEC Red Rockets

    Sun 11 Feb 2018
    Hisamitsu Springs v Toray Arrows
    JT Marvelous v Toyota Body Queens

    Sat 17 Feb 2018
    Hisamitsu Springs v NEC Red Rockets
    JT Marvelous v Denso Airybees
    Toyota Body Queens v Toray Arrows

    Sun 18 Feb 2018
    Hisamitsu Springs v Denso Airybees
    JT Marvelous v NEC Red Rockets

    Sat 24 Feb 2018
    Toyota Body Queens v NEC Red Rockets
    Denso Airybees v Toray Arrows
    Hisamitsu Springs v JT Marvelous

    Sun 25 Feb 2018
    NEC Red Rockets v Toray Arrows
    Toyota Body Queens v Denso Airybees

  • Quoted from "jetmasters"
    Are back to back games the norm in J League? Thanks.

    This is my first year watching, or paying attention anyway, so I can't help with an answer.

    Yes, they have been the norm, other than some weekends when only one match is played per team, which can be one match only. Men did it earlier this year as two matches in the same venue between 4 teams over 2 days, so a little odd.

    Saturday games are tripleheader, back to back to back. Start at 11:00 with 20-30 minutes before the following match and then the same for the last match.

    Sunday matches are just a doubleheader and start at 13:00.

    Final 3 semifinals, Saturday 13:00, Sunday 12:00

  • 2017-2018 V-League Regular Season Awards

    Best Scorer: Neriman Gencyurek (nee Özsoy) (Toyota Auto Body Queenseis) - 580 points; Full Ranking
    Best Spiker: Foluke Akinradewo (Hitsamitsu Springs) - 60.3%; Full Ranking
    Best Blocker: Erika Araki (Toyota Auto Body Queenseis) - 0.85 per set; Full Ranking
    Best Server: Yuka Kanasugi (JT Marvelous) - 17.4%; Full Ranking
    Best Receiver: Risa Shinnabe (Hitsamitsu Springs) - 63.0%; Full Ranking

    Source: vleague.or.jp/news_topics/article/id=20391

  • Risa :heart: :heart:

  • These are the players I had the most fun watching and who impressed me the most during the regular round. My All-Star Team.

    Libero: #15 Yumi Nakagawa (Toray), #5 Arisa Satō (Hitachi)
    Setter: #17 Airi Tahara (Denso), #4 Momoko Higane (Toyota)
    Middle Blocker: #16 Foluke Akinradewo (Hisamitsu), #1 Aika Akutagawa. Fact (JT), #3 Mai Okumura (JT)
    Wings: #13 Neriman Gencyurek (Toyota), #13 Misaki Yamauchi (NEC), #4 Rei Kudo (Denso), #15 Yurie Nabeya (Denso), #6 Yuki Ishii (Hisamitsu), #13 Miwako Osanai (Hitachi), #3 Saori Takahashi (Toyota)

    I enjoyed #11 Megumi Kurihara (Hitachi) a lot offensively but she's such a black hole on defense she can't make the cut

    #12 Yuka Imamura (Hisamitsu) was more impressive than #2 Sarina Koga (NEC)

    Honorable mention to #11 Erika Araki (Toyota) for continuing to be #11 Erika Araki

    #10 Kotoe Inoue (JT) and #16 Shiori Aratani (NEC) didn't play enough for the judges

    Risa Shinnabe was quietly impressive

    Love After Dark

  • the players i like and remember from the matches i have watched : Kudo,Osanai,number 2 from JT,Horikawa..Neriman's teammate Takahashi is not bad either.she seems to be an athletic player
    Nabeya is already an NT member so i already expected good/better from her..
    i think there are a few other names but i cant remember what their names or their teams are..i havent watch many matches