Japan - V.Premier League 2017-2018

  • What you think is “satay” is actually Shatai. In Japanese Toyota Auto Body is pronounced Toyota Shatai. The announcers say Shatai to not confuse people with Toyota Gosei on the men’s side.

    They could just stick with Toyota as the it says in the graphics, but Shatai may be included there as well.

    Also the emphasis on syllables depends on pictographs. In romanized Japanese you can’t see where a new pictographs begins.

  • thanks for posting that...Nice to hear Mihajlovic saying some words in Japanese and I guess I just learned another word in Japanese "Hai"

    Imagine if we could watch every game with this HD stream....that would awesome.

    U know one thing that is kind annoying me... the camera shows and focus on the foreigners all the time and it is just too much sometimes, they even follow them around the court and during time-outs, I love them but I wish they could show the Japanese players more, we barely see the liberos and setters faces basically, but even for the wing spikers and especially MB there`s not a lot of close=ups like they do with the foreigners

    is the video stream website down or it is just for me? aynone experiencing the same?

  • Every time I post those highlight videos it brings me pain knowing that these games exist out there in beautiful HD and ... well, as you say, at least we get to see something. And but the thing is...I think it's important to be able to see the players with some clarity to see if they have lights on upstairs, if they are confident, etc. I've upgraded and downgraded my opinions of players after seeing them in HD.

    :teach: Of course you don't want to get me started on the foreigner thing. :lol:

    Brankica also says "Arigato" at the very end which means "thank you". Not sure what she says in between Hai and that.

    I just clicked on that site link you posted and it went nowhere. That's a different site than the russian one, yes?

    Looking forward to tonight's games. I'm sort of losing my love for NEC now that OUMI is gone, but I still don't want to see them lose. I kind of hope Toray wins tonight, as Kurogo interests me and I'm happy to see Horikawa acting so beastly. Of course I really want to see JT give Hisamitsu their first loss, but that Hisamitsu team is ridiculously stacked and experienced in winning--even with Nagaoka not there.

  • Quick question: what exactly is Nagaoka's injury? It feels like she hasn't played in forever.

    Sorry to answer that I don't think anyone here knows ... because we can't read Japanese. We saw her go down from an attack and be carried off the floor at the end of last season (April-ish?). Maybe brahmin knows specifics (I think he speaks Japanese). I believe the speculation, especially now that it has been so long, is that it probably is a knee (because ankles heal more quickly?).

  • I don't know if it was my error or an error from wherever I got the schedule from that I posted in this thread

    I've updated it to reflect that the NEC/Toray game and the Hisamitsu/JT game are both first games tonight, on at the same time (8:00pm PST). Bummer. I was looking forward to watching them both live, one AFTER the other. Not sure which one I'm going to watch live. No spoilers!

  • According to worldofvolleyball it was ankle injury

    She`s expected to come back in January.

    Thanks for the checking the videostream website, and I guess they are down for everyone, that sucks, and yeah they are the Russian betting website, hopefully they come back up soon, at least a have the browser plugin.

    I can`t wait for the game tonight, I hope JT can play their best. :heart:

    No worries, I will be watching JT`s live but I won`t be posting anything.

  • U r right.... but the Russian website offers Plugin Extensions for Chrome and Explorer, and the on the extensions everything is working, I hope the youtube people will stream from the extension.

    I just in case u should get the plugin extension on chrome store.
    I went to chrome store but I can`t find it....the name is Sport Zone and should try and see if u can find, they should have also on Internet Explorer.

    Let me know if u can find it.

  • I don't see any plugin (Chrome/Mac) in the store by that name. Not sure what to search for in place of it. I tried searching for the name of the site in case it might be in the description of a plugin that would stream it.

    I don't understand how a plugin can reach the site but a browser can't--because plugins are part of the browser and have to get to the site address as well. That's weird.

    Damnit, why couldn't that russian site go down in the early part of the week and get it over with. I'll be sad if I can't watch the games tonight :mad:

  • I know it is weird, I searched and can`t fine.

    I remember one time the website was down for a while and then came back, another time I just had to uninstall the browser and install again and then it worked, that`s why I was asking if it was working for other people or it was just me.

    Well, 10 minutes to go....let`s see if they will have it, I think they will

    just in case this is another website with streams.

  • I got the NEC game on at Volleyball is my passion, but nothing for JT yet. I can't get the NEC game at that livetv.sx site. Is it Flash based like the Russian site? I get nothing that even looks like a videostream should be there

    Volleyball Cup
    on youtube has JT

  • Cool. For some reason Firefox won't play VBCup, but I got it in Chrome.

    Damn, the two women are doing the NEC game, I was liking the sound of them. Saying KUR-oh-GO instead of kur-OH-go

    I'm going to watch JT. More fun with that one being live.

    Yamauchi isn't playing for NEC ;( another injury :(

  • The two guys calling the JT game sound Spanish to me :D

    Speaking of accenting syllables, Japanese accent the second syllable of "Block" ... blok-KUUUUUHHHHH , or that's what it sounds like to me. :lol:

    I love Okumura's post slide attack recovery dance.

  • Yeah I like how they say block. And true, they do sound like Spanish.

    Great game so far, JT was close to open a 2-0...
    but oh well in the first game they had 2+0 and lost in 5....

  • Very disappointing performance from Jt in the 3rd, they should have won that 2nd set. I hope they can push this to a 5.

    I wish i could understand what the announcers are saying about Mihajlovic. They keep saying her name over and over again....