Japan - V.Premier League 2017-2018

  • We know who it the best team, but we also know is the 2nd best ( JT :heart: ). The battle for the final spots in the final 6 will be awesome. It is hard to predict anything and it could come down to the final games, I think Ritache is the only one who might have no chances at this points.

    I like Kitsui but seams like JT plays better without her. I still hope she recovers and gets back, I like Yuka Meguro.

    Toyota got so close....I was thinking they were actually do it, but oh well....once the final 6 starts it will a different game and I don`t think Hisamtsu will go undefeated. Neriman is such warrior.

    I hope the Rockets reach the finals, they were brave to go into it with a all Japanese squad.

    I think this season has been great so season and the playoffs will be even better :box:

    GREAT NEWS the videostream website is working again... :woohoo:

  • I'm not writing off Hitachi yet. Numbers are only a part of the story. They have skilled players.

    It's clear that JT is the team having the most fun. That's why they are winning. Yeah, Brankica is a monster, but they look like a TEAM that is playing together. Interesting about Kitsui. I guess they brought in Megura because Kanasugi wasn't quite doing it in Kitsui's absence. We'll see how it plays out.

  • sitenoise ,
    can you say about the formula of the league ?

    :D Uhm, I'm a new guy, not sure what you mean by "the formula" of the league. Like ... how will the playoffs and points be calculated? If that's it, maybe this will help:

    The top six teams at the end of the regular season will advance to the Final Stage, which will run from February 10th to 28th. In the Final Stage, the team with the best record and points at the end will be given 5 points to start the round robin Final Stage. A list of the points given to the top six to start: 5,4,3,2,1,0.

    In the Final Stage, only points matter, so winning in 3 or 4 sets gets you more points. The best team after the Final Stage advances directly to the final. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams will then play a two-match semifinal called the Final 3, which will be on March 3rd and 4th. In the Final 3, only match wins count, so if it tied at 1 win each, then there will be a 25 point “Golden Set,” which is different than the CEV version which only goes to 15 points.

    The winner of the Final 3 advances to the Final to face the best team from the Final Stage in a 2-match final--March 10th, and 17th or 18th--with similar rules to the Final 3.

  • yes you got it right..i meant what would happen after the regular season ..thax :D
    i hope Toyota can make it to the Final Stage..

  • yes you got it right..i meant what would happen after the regular season ..thax :D
    i hope Toyota can make it to the Final Stage..

    I hope Toyota makes it too. They've lost three straight, but I think they will bounce back. If you get a chance, check out the game from last night against the undefeated Hisamitsu. At least watch the 4th set. Toyota was beautiful, especially Neriman--btw, did I read somewhere that she is not returning to Turkish NT and is going to play Beach?

    Here's link to the Toyota game if you want:

    Toyota is down 2-1, and 22-17 in the fourth. Nobody comes back from that against Hisamitsu. But Neriman rolls her ponytail and puts her hair up. That was the game changer.

    btw - to give credit, I didn't write that bit about the formula. It came from Volleymob site, written by our own brahmin  

  • Thanks for the info and the video link sitenoise :heart: obviously another Toyota supporter here. I am planning to watch the 2nd part of the season since so many great players are in this league now and Japanese volleyball is already quite enjoyable.

    The low quality stream is all we get from Japan. Or rather somewhere else, but that's it. You may not like it. I've watched some Turkish League matches and am jealous.

    Have a look at this post. It's the schedule with scores and links to little 5 minute highlight videos of each game. Big difference. It's nice tosee what people actually look like

  • The main reasoning for the slow stream is that Japan is very stringent with intellectual property laws. So, we are lucky to get the ones we have. May times in the past I was watching Japanese events in a foreign language because Polsat was broadcasting or in Russian too.

    On thing that sitenoise missed is the if teams are tied on points in the Final 6, the team with the better finish in the regular season is the tiebreaker. I have taught him well, but even that one is a really minute detail that I had to go back and check to make sure I remembered that from last year.

  • Sat 09 Dec 2017
    13:00 Hisamitsu Springs v Toray Arrows ... 3–1
    13:00 NEC Red Rockets v Denso Airybees ... 1–3
    15:00 Ageo Medics v Hitachi Rivale ... 3–0
    15:00 JT Marvelous v Toyota Body Queens ... 3–0

    Sun 10 Dec 2017
    13:00 Toray Arrows v JT Marvelous ... 0–3
    13:00 NEC Red Rockets v Hitachi Rivale ... 3–2
    15:00 Hisamitsu Springs v Toyota Body Queens ... 3–2
    15:00 Ageo Medics v Denso Airybees ... 3–0

  • Depending on how bored I get waiting for the 2nd half of the regular season to resume I may provide horribly long winded commentary at a later date.

    1 Hisamitsu Springs - 43pts ... 15-0 -- Unstoppable, but not uber-exciting to watch. Foluke Akinradewo for League MVP. Yuki Ishii—Team MVP's reception is key. I hope the unnecessary overplaying of all the NT players doesn't result in an injury.

    2 JT Marvelous - 33pts ... 11-4 -- By far the most fun to watch. Weird that their two strongest players are a MB and a Libero (and that Brankica chick). Team MVP Kotoe Inoue is a brilliant liaison player-coach who keeps that Brankica chick facing forward. #1 Aika Akutagawa. Fact. Mai Okumura (C) is the year's most pleasant surprise. She kicks ass.

    3 Denso Airybees - 22pts ... 7-8 -- What a surprise they are. They look sloppy, like Team MVP Yurie Nabeya who trips over floor moppers and runs into referees, but will continue to improve as the season wears on. Hidden gem Mizuho Ishida (C) needs to be on court as much as possible if they want to get there and go far in the finals.

    4 Toray Arrows - 19pts ... 7-8 -- If setter Kanami Tashiro (C) played more they would be better. With Mari Horikawa & Love After Dark on the wings, they should be. Team MVP, oh man, it's Mari but I want to give it to Libero Yumi Nakagawa because. Watch her.

    5 NEC Red Rockets - 19pts ... 6-9 -- So sad. Sarina Koga better keep an eye in the rear view mirror unless we just aren't in on their plan of not playing to win. I wrote, way back when, that Team MVP Misaki Yamauchi was going to have to make me like her if NEC wanted to win. She did, but then she fell down and had a boo-boo. I hope she returns for the second half.

    6 Toyota Body Queens - 19pts ... 6-9 -- 2nd most fun to watch team. Team MVP Momoko Higane. Watch her set Neriman for a billion back row attacks and tell me she's not a player. Toyota is going to be the sleeper team come finals if Neriman can still walk. Foreigners can't win Team MVP, sorry.

    7 Ageo Medics - 15pts ... 5-10 -- Nothing to see here. Team MVP Shiho Kondō ... hmmm ... is she even playing any more?

    8 Hitachi Rivale - 10pts ... 3-12 -- They don't suck as bad as their record indicates. I call. Team MVP Megumi Kurihara shouldn't even be playing volleyball any more but she still scores. I love Arisa Sato.

  • I`m glad you found those videos, the quality is much better than from the ones we get, I hope this channel streams regular season.

    Vow 2 games at the same time?! I have never seen this before, I wonder if the final will have men`s and women`s at the same time also.

    I`m glad Hisamitsu lost, simply because that shows even if they loose 0 games in the regular season they can still end up loosing in the finals.

  • I'm coming around for Denso. That block I wrote about last week from 5'2" setter Airi Tahara was beautiful. Her response to it is probably the most emotionally joyful thing I've seen in volleyball. And Nanaka Sakamoto, who hasn't given me a reason to root for her yet, also did something in that game I enjoyed. She's right-handed but spiked one with her left hand. It wasn't one of those "Oops, this is off. I better just save it with my left". She actually whacked it. Bravo. Go Denso!