Chinese NT 2018

  • Heard the tournament extends to June so likely will miss HK and Jiangmen as well.

    Well I guess that's kinda a good thing since Lang Ping is focused on training the newcomers. They will get more playing time and experience with the absence of Yuan Xinyue, Gao Yi, and Liu Yanhan. It will mainly affect Gao Yi since she only played one week in the VNL tournament. I expect more losses for China, but it will be a great learning lesson and since they are hosting, they shouldn't be worried as much. Just focus on trying their best and overcoming their mistakes.

  • Only fans care about the results in this tournament. Lang Ping always uses it to train players. Even in previous finals, its a combination of A and B team members playing. Maybe this time we will see a full A team playing in the final since China is the host again.

  • I know I'm a broken record on this but I'm willing to bet the players care about results. :teach:

    And gosh darnit, no way do I believe Lang Ping doesn't care about winning gold at home in this meaningful and important tournament that goes on forever and allows for the chance to show she has a team and not just 6 players. :white:

    Who would you say right now is China's full "A-team" that will start the finals? Seven players. Call it right now and we'll revisit. :drink:

    A "combination of A and B team members" is a team. Sure, Zhu Ting is better than Liu Xiaotong. Does that mean Liu Xiaotong is "B-Team" material?

  • Of course players care about getting gold. Lang Ping had said she and players will try to win every game with whatever roster but the main goal is getting players experience to select the best for the upcoming quadrennial world event. "A team" includes all members that have played or will play World Championship, World Cup, and/or Olympics so Liu Xiaotong is not B team.

    Liu Xiaotong used to be B team when she was selected to play in the 2014 WGP final and went on to play in the 2014 World Championships. Zhu only played 2013 WGP final when she was a rookie and last year's final when An Jiajie was the coach, skipping 2014, 2015, and 2016 finals.

    "B team" includes members that have never played on any of the big 3 quad tournaments. Biggest B team example is Li Jing, who played the 2014 WGP final, Asian Games, Asian Cup, etc, but never made any of the big 3 world title teams. She wasn't even selected this time for training so she is probably done for good.

    WGP/VNL is pretty much Lang Ping's test to see who makes the cut. We will find out how many B team members will make it to A team after the VNL finals. Probability of Zhu playing in the finals is high because China is the host but who knows.

    Lang Ping's previous track record showed she will likely play A and B team again. 2014 WGP final, 10/13 players on the roster made it to 2014 WCH. 2015 WGP final roster, 7/12 made it to 2015 World Cup. 2016 WGP final roster, 5/12 made it to 2016 Olympics.

    So who do you think will play in the VNL final for China? I have no idea because some main roster players are playing other tournaments so...

  • Live Stream of 2018 VTV9 – Binh Dien International Women's Volleyball Cup:

    3rd Final: [now] Fujian - VTV Bình Điền Long An
    Final: [20:00 UTC+7] Jiangsu - Bring It Promotions

    My favourite roster of Chinese
    male NT:
    S - Li Run-ming, Zhan Guo-jun
    OP - Dai Qing-yao, Jiang Chuan
    OH - Ji Dao-shuai, Xia Run-tao, Liu Li-bin, Zhang Chen
    MB - Zhang Zhe-jia, Chen Long-hai, Geng Xin
    L - Ren Qi

    female NT:
    S - Ding Xia, Yao Di
    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Zhang Chang-ning
    OH - Hui Ruo-qi, Zhu Ting, Liu Xiao-tong, Li Jing
    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Yan Ni, Xu Yun-li
    L - Lin Li

    My avatar is Jiang Chuan. I hope more persons love him.

  • I have high hopes for Meng Dou (S).

    She's young and tall at 189cm. That is ridiculously tall for a setter.

    well, CHN is quickly becoming the tallest team in the world, even taller than RUS.

    DOM (angeles), ITA (rondon), NED (forgot her name) and GER (môllers?) all had setters that tall, around 188-190 cm.