Chinese NT 2018

  • Yang Fangxu's situation is a sensitive and complicated topic and it’s not only because of An jiajie. To put things in context, Yang was a rising star previous her injury and she was in the same league of Zhu, Yuan and Zhang. Besides Zhu, Yang was talented enough that Guidetti had also an eye on her.

    Before joining the Chinese NT, she also had a bright future academically and her parents refused categorically to let her daughter invest in sport. But the local head hunters and her coaches kept insisting that with her talent, her future will be much brighter if her daughter chooses a sportive career. Her parents accepted finally with reluctance to let her daughter to play volleyball.

    If the Chinese NT lets Yang down now, this could send a wrong signal to other players and it will be hard in the future for the Chinese NT to convince other young talented players (who have other options in their pocket) to join the Chinese NT. Because they would probably think that a sportive career is too demanding and too risky, and it’s better for them to choose a safer bet for their future. Also, solidarity is very important among the NT players. You don't let a comrade down because of her hardship.

    Given the popularity of Zhu, Yuan and Zhang, probably Yang Fangxu is feeling unfair because of her situation. But she needs to accept her fate and she should start to think about her new career. She will probably stay with the Chinese NT for a while. But I doubt she will be part of 2020 OG roster