Chinese NT 2018

  • This article run by the Eastday Sports (19 Sep) speculates that most likely Diao will be cut from the final 14 list. Many fans said that Diao Linyu is directly marginalized in the photos, standing so far away from the adjacent teammate, Hu Mingyuan.

    Nonetheless, it also points out that Lang team may possibly bring all the 15 players in the family portrait to Japan, with the one not selected to act as a member of officials, helping in training process and so forth, as well as to get the major intense competition atmosphere and pressure from close distance for future personal growth. In the case of Diao, she's still young and has the prospect in future. But again, this is only a speculation or prediction.

    Notice that in the family portrait, there's no Lang's good sister, Lai Yawen. Some folks speculate that Xu Yunli who has frequently appeared in the NT training may take over Lai's coaching role soon one day.

    As about the participation of Xu Luyao in the NT training, the article mentions that Lang Ping might wish to observe her potential from a close distance under the NT coaching team's guidance before the young player can really be admitted into the NT training... a reserve talent for the future! After all, Xu Luyao can play as the main attacking force but also can take the role of an all-round talent.


    EDIT: just read that the BRA team will be traveling to Japan bringing along its 15 players. Therefore it has a good ground for the Eastday Sports article's speculation that the CHN team may possibly bring all the 15 players in the family portrait to Japan, regardless who is being dropped finally.

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  • Congrats to China in the Asian Cup! I think the most important match was against Thailand in the semifinals, who brought their main team. China was up 2 sets, but let Thailand take the next 2. Blocking was the key during the Finals against Japan.

    Liu Yanhan was unstoppable! Although this was against weaker teams, I think Lang Ping knows she still has talent which is why she brings her back every year. It's a matter of getting Liu to perform this same way consistently against top teams which she has yet been able to do. Her reception also has not improved overtime.

    Sun Haiping also played well making smart decisions and distributing the ball evenly. She seems a good future prospect to invest in. Though it will be hard for her to get playing time during the league season playing behind Ding Xia in Liaoning, but she will get good experience learning from her.

    Zhang Yichan/Duan Fang provided stable contributions. Coach Shi Hairong's decision to make Yang Zhou start in the third set of the finals was a smart move. Her block was strong, creating problems for Japan. She kind of reminds me of Yan Ni, why doesn't Lang Ping train her?

    Is Zhang Changning and Zeng Chunlei really prepared and healthy for the long world championship tournament? Makes me wonder if part of the reason Lang Ping has yet to release the 14 player roster is to see how others played in the Asian Cup that could take their spot if one of them is not ready. The only other option would be Liu Yanhan.