Brazilian NT 2018 - who deserves the spot?

  • i don't think BRA would seriously consider tifanny for the NT, mostly because she's not young.

    for MBs to develop, how about milka, valquiria and mayany? i like leticia too.

    (or they can pretend it's 2008/2012 and bring back walewska, gattaz, thaisa, fabi... or valeskinha :D^^:dance4:)

    I think brazil is okay with carol(from praia), adenizia currently from scandicci, and hopefully mayany!

    2005 was the year i saw a huge potential in carol however an injury to her shoulder dropped her level, still a starter though in sesc and galasataray but seeing her connection in clubs to the american setter made me think, she already developed!!

    Well adenizia is still there, age isnt a number. Even she gets old, the level of play is still there. Her main weapon is to block!

    Mayany of course is a different story. Had an oppurtunity from wch now getting the starter role of role and never had it back to her, 3-0 win to barueri. 8 points. 2 block 2 aces 4 points from attacks

    Bia - i told my self she is a warrior in the 2016 gp however recent injury made her level dropped. Not giving up on her but i hope she surpasses her injuries and act high level again.

    Thaisa - got the height, but her level dropped already. Its bad seeing her in this position in her career. She from almost all brazil mbs is what i see intangible from the nt.

    Carol gattaz - oh please! Invite her! Hehehehe she with tandara garay and gabi wont overwhelm the main setter from setting only the main player as the three becomes reliable as well..

  • As long as I would love to see Carol Gattaz playing an Olympics, I don’t think she’ll be able to make it to Tokyo. Playing Superliga is a whole different thing than playing with the national team. With the NT, you have A LOT of exhausting trips, like in a week you’re in Japan and in another you have to travel to USA... In addition, you usually have to play 3 games or more in a very short period of time. And those 3 matches are way more intense than the games in Superliga, because right now the level among NT are very similar and there’s no more “easy” game anymore. Given these reasons I don’t think Gattaz has phisycal conditions to succeed in the NT.

  • Brazil shud just copy what Italy did, make a club team for young players and play in Superliga. Club Italia is a club full of young italian players and it is where Egonu started including Malinov i think.

    I would love to see something like this around here. There are so many talented players benching all season long. Besides, I really think that these younger girls should look for a club in which they will actually have chances to play.