Brazilian NT 2018 - who deserves the spot?

  • I actually don't think that angry is the best word in this case... I would rather say that she is disappointed. Bruna did a really good Superliga, she was the 3rd best scorer (and she hasn't played the semifinals). I really would like to see her in the NT, especially because I don't think that Monique has any chance to guide Brazil against top international teams.

    You're right, my bad. I agree on Monique, but... (meaning I don't even know what to say anymore)

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  • okay, my bad. I've meant to ask the question for a long time. The first time I saw her on court for Brazil I thought "oh, there's that USA player" ... and really not to offend anyone but I think I was confusing her with Jordan Larson.

    Sorry for the brain fart

  • Ze Roberto sucks but his plans have worked for most part of the last 15 years by winning medals in almost every single tournament.

    I think Ze is a good coach. That being said, I do think that the success we've achieved in the past 15 years are not only due to his strategy given the fact that our NT used to be really strong both individually and collectively. My point is that he should not apply the same strategy for a waaaay different group of players. We do have good players, but most of them are around their 30's and I do not think they can develop a lot more (which is Monique's case IMO), so that's why I think that other players should be given opportunity to show their potential, otherwise Ze will never know how Bruna or Milka or Mari Paraiba or Mayhara (and the list continous...) would behave in international level competitions.

  • I might agree on Bruna a little bit. But Mari Paraiba does not have international level, we all know that. As much as I like her a lot, that's it. She did nothing in Volero when she played there and she mostly was never an awesome player in Brazilian league too, despite having two or three very good seasons in Osasco and Minas.
    About Milka and Mayhara...yes, they are good... but...why use new MBs when you have at least 5 better MBs who have already international experience either in European leagues or in the NT. This is a WCH year, there is not much room for testing. By the way, Mayhara is almost 30 too.

  • setters: roberta fundamental in her sets somehow she stumbles but her sets are precise to tandara mb's and the sets she is giving is well distributed. She can block too

    Bia - gave serbia a run of their money. She plays tricks and commands precision
    Ade - even in two games she played, made the difference. I just hope she makes her serve most powerful, more effective....

    Tandara - when she shines, she is unstoppable... when she isnt she defends a lot!!! Truly the no. 1 brazilian player of today with fe garay being no. 1 when available to play for nt..

    Amanda - she serves tactically well... she defends like shes defencing brazil from terrorist and has a clever play of spiking...

    Drusylla - awesome spike! More potential... can defend at the back row as well...

    Rosamaria - i hope she will be used as well!!!!!
    Gabi - i set per game is ok! She is a defense specialist!!!!

    Suelen is shutting me of from her recent games! She had an awesome reception and digs as well... good luck to everyone

  • I only don't like Roberta as a setter. Roberta doesn't use her MBs more. When Brazil played against Turkey, Ade usually got uncomfortable balls and which made her play worse. I still think Ade can hit more balls if she get it :whistle: Brazil NT are used to play more with MBs and if their MBs will not help to them then their attackers will be helpless. Tandara and Drussyla seemed okay in attack.

  • The issue is when to use oh and mb aproriately in the game against serbia, roberta used her middles especially ade and bia!!! Because during that time tandara was well watched

    That's so true. A great setter knows when to set her spikers and when not too. Serbia is a really tall team, and with smaller OHs and Tandara who relies on power for her attacks, thats the time you need to use speed so you go to the middles more. With Turkey, they have a really good blocker in Eda Erdem, and a younger squad on the wings. Logically where do you go more. It's not really rocket science. The thing is how will a setter execute those plans. So far, I'm loving the way Roberta is distributing her sets. Almost always double digit scoring for the whole first 6. The connection with the middles could use some more, but the rest is good. I hope Roberta becomes the titular over Dani Lins to be honest.

  • Where is Naiane?

    She didn't play this last season due to an injury, so Zé has chosen to leave her out of the NT this year.

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