Brazil NT 2018

  • Taubate had no lucky in the past 2 seasons.... They signed Gavin Schmitt but he got injured before the season started, he arrived late and after 2 games he got injured again. ... This past season they signed Ivovic and he got injured.... He arrived on time ( I think) but was not 100% until the 2nd half of the season....

    That`s why they are being very careful with Lucarelli.

    Will Conte be at the WCH? I read that he has already joined Taubate as they already started the preparations for next season... I have never seen a player do that, join the club and then leave for the NT.....usually NT players won`t join the team until they are 100% done with the NT.

  • Why is Lucarelli out, and for how long?

    He suffered an Achilles tendon rupture last November. No one knows exactly how long it'll be until he's fully back.

    Things are not looking good for the Rio Olympics gold winner. SMH> They should have start playing with the younger team much earlier. Now that Lucarelli is out (perhaps), things are just getting worse for them.

    I hate to be pessimistic (even though that's my brand lmao), but I don't think we can expect anything from Brazil this year.

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