• When is De Kruijf supposed to be back on court? I thought we might see her in the friendly tournament but she's still not in the team. Will she recover in time for WCH?

    She wrote on her Instagram that she was unlikely to be ready for Rabobank Super Series because it took only 2 weeks (even less) as she started training with team

  • Does anyone know why Stoltenborg is not in the roster for the Rabobank Super Series?

  • About the absence of Stoltenborg, De Kruijf and Daalderop:

    Stoltenborg is not in the roster because Morisson prefered Bongaerts for this tournament likely. Nothing special. In two weeks there are friendlies agianst Germany, possibly Femke will return there.

    De Kruijf: indeed Robin wrote on Instagram that she is ony a few weeks back in practice, so she is not yet on match-level..

    Daalderop: she makes me worry a little...During the summer, she has played only a few matches...this week she isn't in the roster again..hopefully we will see her in two weeks in Germany-friendlies.

    P.S. I'm speechless about Juliët Lohuis' development in only a few months...amazing! Unfortunately for her, she already extended her contract in Münster for next season. I think she could play for a better club meanwhile. Also Koolhaas made a step forward, related to the previous years (I am still not a fan, but I must admit she really improved). How many players are allowed in WCH-roster, 12 or 14? In my opinion Beliën, De Kruijf and Lohuis should have a spot in the roster. 4th spot --> Polder or Koolhaas.

  • I'm not a big fan of Stoltenborg, but I hope he will take her to the WCH instead of Bongaerts. I think Stoltenborg did not play bad in the VNL and the WCH comes 1 year too early for Bongaerts, beacause she is still too unstable.

    I am also a bit worried about Daalderop, this year she has had many injuries. I think she can be verry useful as a sub in the WCH, so I hope she can play some friendly matches.

    I totally agree with you on Lohuis! But I think it is positive she is going too have a lot of play time next season.

    I thought there are 14 players allowed in the WCH roster, so I will pick Koolhaas as 4th MB.

    Tomorrow I'm going to watch the game live, so I'm really sad de kruijf is still injured. I think they play better with de Kruijf.

  • I don't think the absence of Daalderop would hurt NL teams much, both Plak and Buijs can sub each other any time. I think the most critical position for NL is Maret. There is no single defensive OH in the roster. In the case of her injury, the team would collapse:whistle:

  • For me the biggest surprise is actually not Lohuis but Koolhaas! Her serve is crazy, she aces everyone to death and imo she is the 3rd best attacker and maybe even the 2nd best blocker in the Dutch team (MBs). Lohuis has developed greatly as well but I'm not sure if she is ready for top level, she is a bit easy to block out of system and her own blocking is not on highest level either although I do like her and think she should continue improving like this.

    For me the 3 Dutch MBs ares till de Kruijf, Belien and closely nowadays followed by Koolhaas.

  • According to Dutch press Daalderop and De Kruijf are still injured. On Instagram I saw video both of them doing aquagym.

    I really don't know wether they will make it to Japan (1 month left).

    Morisson said he isn't sure about the 14-roster for Japan. At this moment there is a 17-roster.

    My guess the following players are certain: Dijkema, Sloetjes, Plak, Buijs, Grothues, Beliën, Knip, Schoot, Lohuis, Jasper.

    Uncertain: De Kruijf, Daalderop, Polder, Koolhaas, Stoltenborg, Bongaerts, Oude Luttikhuis.

  • There is a verry small chance that de Kruijf and Daalderop will play at the WCH;(

    The absence off de Kruijf is a big blow for the Netherlands:(

    Source: https://www.telegraaf.nl/sport…olleybalsters-richting-wk

  • De Kruijf and Daalderop definitely out for the WCH:(:thumbdown: Bongaerts goes as second setter, so Stoltenborg is out.

    Team roster

    Setter: Dijkema, Bongaerts

    Opposite: Sloëtjes

    Outside hitter: Balkestein-Grothues, Buijs, Plak, Jasper, Oude Luttikhuis

    Middle blocker: Beliën, Lohuis, Koolhaas, Polder

    Libero: Schoot, Knip


  • I'm really sorry for both De Kruijf and Daalderop. But also Stoltenborg, she looked better than Dijkema to me... and now she is out!

  • It will be a difficult job for NED to get a medal, which is their goal. De Kruijf is (with Beliën) the best MB from the Netherlands and Daalderop as a sub for Buijs would also been have better than Jasper or Oude Luttikhuis.

    I hope De Kruijf and Daalderop will recover soon and shine in Tokyo '20

  • No luck for the Dutch teamX/ Now Beliën has a virus, so she has not traveled to Japan so the rest of the team does not get ill. Probaply she can play the first game.

    Source:Virus Beliën verstoort WK-voorbereiding volleybalsters - https://nos.nl/l/2251714

  • The contract of Jamie Morrison has been extended till the OG of 2020.

  • I think this is a wise decision. He done well with the team, just needs to give more chances to younger players in the more unimportant events/matches to evolve like the Italian coach does.

    I completely agree with you! In VNL he should give more play time to Daalderop, Bongaerts etc. Also Polder should get more trust, because she is playing good in Schweriner now.