2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League

  • im wondering how they calculate best spiker ? can somebody explain it to me ?

    if i talk about Turkey..
    e.g...MB Eda Erdem has got 188 balls so far and had 94 kills..her percent is 50...Zehra has got 162 balls and had 88 kills..her percent is 54..however they arent at the top of the best spiker..the first one is 226th and the other is 230th...how many times should a spiker attack so that she should take a place up there ?

    lets say Eda and Zehra havent had enough amount of balls 188 and 162 balls arent enough but Şeyma Ercan has got 207 balls and had 81 kills..her percent is 39 but she is the 225th in the wide list..how come ? shouldnt she(Şeyma) have been the 20th up there at least ? why is it ? what is the rule to calculate it ?

    It needs at least 15% attempts of teams total attempts,

    For example, the number of Turkey's total attempts is 1430, so their players need at least 215 attempts (15% of 1430) to be ranked at Best spiker ranking.

  • GER team for 5th week:

    S: Hanke, Gryka
    OPP: Lippmann, Drewniok
    OH: Geerties, Fromm, Poll, Stigrot, Orthmann
    MB: Schölzel, Schwertmann, Vanjak
    L: Dürr, Pogany

    Magdalena Gryka was supposed to play already last week but she had a minor injury, so she'll make her debut in GER NT this week.

    No info about the health of the MBs that are out of the team, but in the phases where Vanjak was on court as MB it looked like it could be a good solution in the long run. She surely needs much more time to adapt to the position, but she has more power in attack and also a higher reach in block than all our regular MBs. It reminds me a bit of the situation of Nadja Schaus some years ago, when Fürst was injured it showed that no other MB could replace her, and Schaus was not strong enough on her normal position as OH/OPP to have a chance in NT, so back then Guidetti switched her to MB and it worked very well.

  • I would like to ask why Lisa Gründing is out?

  • on first Day of the week 5 :

    Brazil - Belgium : Brazil is the fav.

    Turkey - Netherlands : Dutch team is the fav. on paper but could be a nice match

    Russia - Dominican R : i expect Russia to win

    Italy - Thailand : Italy is supposed to win.they have to win

    Germany - China : i dont know how China will play..could be a tough match

    Poland - Japan : i think Japan is the slightly fav. Poland should be stable enough to win.

    Serbia - Usa : Usa is the clear fav. against this Serbian team without its best players

  • Match of the week: Turkey - Netherland

    Not only is it a crucial match to get a spot in final 6 for both teams, but also because of the drama :drink:

  • [/quote]Match of the week: Turkey - Netherland

    Not only is it a crucial match to get a spot in final 6 for both teams, but also because of the drama :drink: [/quote]

    Does it matter which place you end up as long as you are in the top 5?

    Italy could technically still get 5th place, but it seems very unlikely. If they win all their home matches this week (including Brasil on the last day), they end up with 30 points. Brasil, Serbia and Turkey only need one win to get 31 points (shouldn't be a problem since they have Thailand, Argentina and Germany respectively). That leaves the Netherlands with 26 points and Turkey, China and Germany to play (in Germany). They should be able to beat Germany and China (not with best players).

  • would be enough for Serbia to beat Argentina..Serbia's AB-team could beat them.

    Antonijevic - Bjelica
    Milenkovic - Blagojevic
    Raşiç -Aleksic

    this lineup is enough to win against Argentina but id like to see Serbian promising younger players ..seems we couldnt see bcz Serbia has to win that match .. the match vs.Korea could be tough (if KYK plays then Korea could win too)
    i guess if Serbia wins against Argentina they can play with the youngers on Day 3 against Korea

  • Serbia:

    S: Bojana Živković, Slađana Mirković
    OPP: Ana Bjelica, Jovana Jovičić
    OH: Tijana Malešević, Jelena Blagojević, Bojana Milenković, Bianka Buša, Sara Lozo, Katarina Lazović
    MB: Jovana Stevanović, Milena Rašić, Maja Aleksić
    L: Teodora Pušić

    Rasic is there simply because Mina Popovic is injured and now they only 4 middles in the wide roster.

  • Don't forget, that German NTs don't like to play against top Asian teams, especially not against Japan and China. And Chinas roster is not that bad, despite Zhu Ting is missing...

    yep,i see..not only German team but many european teams dont like to especially play China ,Japan
    i read that Zhu,Liu and setter Xia would be missing..the rest of the players are also tall and China is still a good blocking team and its always hard to play a good blocking team.

  • do you think Robin de Kruijf would have liked to play tomorrow a lot :lol:

    also, it mustn't have been that easy for Gui and his players flying from thailand to germany

    i think the most interesting matches will be :

    Turkey vs.Netherlands
    Germany vs. China
    Poland vs. Japan

    Russia vs DR match could end up being an interesting one