2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League

  • I think Poland can become very strong if they have at least 1 really good, offensive OH. They have good MBs (1 is really good) They have Smarzek. Now they have to hunt for their to go wing spiker and I believe we can see them achieve even more next year1

  • She has a muscular problem in her leg. Actually no surprise after a full club team season as go-to player, then just a week break, then NT camp and then 4 weeks of NT matches as go-to player :whistle:

    Oh no, not a surprise at all. This tournament must be really tiring.. anyway I appreciated Drewniok for what I've seen of the match!

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    I hope Italy will get the F6 spot. This team deserves more than the Turkish team.

    They didn’t even play with their main players at the begining. How come they deserve it more? Can you please explain it?

    Main Italian team is better than main Turkish players, that is for sure, but Turkish team played with their main squad and took it seriously from the begining. You definitely cannot say they didn’t deserve it.

  • There are three coaches I really dont like and I even can say I hate all of them. Terzic, Gui and Ze. I hate all of these coaches. They always complain and try to interfere with decision of referee and I dont find accurate thing to express it and well I find it, they just shit over game and make it uninteresting with endless complainment. That's why I dont watch their teams' games. Today without Terzic I enjoy watching game

  • Congrats to Dutch team.they were better at blocking in the match adn won

    Turkey played better after the first set. i didnt get what happened in that set. i dont remember i have seen 3 rotation errors in a row in a set of a match so far 8| i think under those circumstances Guidetti was not unjust in being angry at the referee of the match..Turkey made uncommon errors back to back in that set..i didnt find the fault with setter Cansu..she was setting to Eda back to back but she couldnt kill any balls (it was like 5/0) maybe she had killed a few balls the team could have played better

    Turkey didnt play the tie break well enough after the score was 9-9..Dutch girls did well at blocking..maybe the wings could have played smarter.
    Hande played a good game offensively. i liked Meliha's game too.she couldnt kill many balls but she passed and contributed in a way.Simge did well. setter Gamze did a good job however what i like in setter Cansu's game more is that she can set to the middles at anytime unlike Gamze. the first set was not Cansu's fault. Meryem could have played better.MB Beyza did well except for her blocking.she should have blocked better than that (who can block)

    just one stat : Turkey made 37 erors..Netherlands made 22 :!:

  • Italy deserves much more to be in Final6 than both Turkey or Holland, escpecially if they beat Brazil but I believe they can.

    Seriously I can‘t handle your posts anymore. Just say something smart or never ever post something here again. Why does Italy deserve it more? Why didn‘t they send their A team to the first two weeks? If they want this final then they should have send their A squad and not B or C or whatever! Just because they are rolling up doesn‘t mean they deserve it more than other teams.

    Seriously you have no respect for the performances of those players by making such comments. Before the start of this VNL nobody had hopes for Turkey that they would be so close to make it to the finals. Even more who would have thought they would beat USA as the only team by now? Or the whole Asian teams, and were so close to beat Russia and even Serbia?

    They are a young new generation and you criticise it immediately. Same goes for NED, they beat serious opponents to be on position 4 right now!!
    Do you think those teams became the points as a gift from FIVB? They didn‘t own it by their own to beat the opponents?

    You don‘t have to like those teams but what you really should get is respect for the teams, their performance and players!!
    And if a team has 9 or 10 wins out of 13 games so far they deserve it!!!! I don‘t get your point by not deserving it what should they do to deserve it!

    Sry but I really do wanna insult you because of yor stupid comments which I have to read but it is against my respect that I have been taught.

    Go and get some respect and return when you deserved it!

  • No Boskovic and Mihajlovic? No problem... Serbia can still play.... Zivkovic can still set Bjelica,Blagojevic and Mikenvovic....

    Her connection with Stevanovic and Rasic is terrible....

    They could easily have won the 2nd set as they were leading 10-4... and got a couple of rebounds to close the set but of course Zivkovic set Blagaojeivic like 100 times just as if MIhajlovic was there....and gives Bjelica a bunch of terrible sets....

    I really like Milenkovic.... Serbia really needs a player like her and she`s still young and will just keep improving.

  • I hope Italy will get the F6 spot. This team deserves more than the Turkish team.

    Omg god please give some users a brain. I guess Turkish girls should not even participate anymore. It does not matter for some users if they win or not they simply do not deserve it even with a win they do not deserve it.