2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League

  • I see only few familiar faces in the Chinese team. What happens to their core players? Why there are so many youngsters in this team? 8|

    Lang Ping will try new players. ZT, I think,got a deserved rest. ZNN had a kidney surgery and is recovering. Yuan is in another event. So, there.

  • I see only few familiar faces in the Chinese team. What happens to their core players? Why there are so many youngsters in this team? 8|

    Ruoqi Hui, Yunli Xu and Qiuyue Wei have retired.

    Zhun was on holiday and just resumed training.
    Changning Zhang is recovering from a kidney surgery.

    Xinyue Yuan has to attend another military tournament for her club.

    that's prob why.

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  • Two weeks into the tournament it looks like Germany has arrived at being the worst European team though I guess we'll battle it out with Belgium eventually. Our MB position is simply shameful. Schölzel is at least young and somewhat talented, but everyone else is :white:
    I wish Koslowski would experiment a bit more at OH position. Starting Stigrot instead of Geerties today is already a first step, and finally also Vanjak got some time on court. I want to see Orthmann back in the team next week, there is simply no point keeping Poll in there.

    Koslowskis options are rather limited now - the many players who retired in the last years the team couldn't compensate for until now, not only experienced players (Apitz, Kozuch, Fürst, Hippe) but also younger talents (for example Wiebke Silge). Especially middles are not that great now indeed, but overall quality is no good. It is simply not enough to have one splendid player now (i.e. opposite Lippmann, who was fully on the level of the Russians today).

    Remember, only due to commercial reasons FIVB pulled them back into the top level and declared them even as core team, so they will stay for years in this competition regardless how they perform - they would not have returned to it due to results in World Grand Prix last season.

    And to be honest: Belgium made the overall better impression so far, but of course, the German NT may avert the embarassment of being behind several challenger teams next week, if they win against DR and Thailand (what will be no way easy). This is the sad truth about current German NT, looking into world ranking tells everything (13., so they played so far only against better ranked teams).

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    Let's go back! SRB wins set 2. So, 1-1. Wonder if LP will keep the starting six.