2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League

  • What an empty hall! and they wıll host next 3 editions as well :aww:

  • USA should host tbh, they have always good atmosphere and filled arenas and as the latest winners its fitting as well. I want South Korea to host as well after seeing their hall but they might be too weak sadly :/ esp. without KYK

  • Congrats US! Kim Hill was the game changer, her serves are super dangerous, I am surprised Guidetti could not find a solution to them knowing her very well. I don't agree on Bartsh, she played a great half 4 and full 5 set but she made so many basic errors earlier that almost looked like she hated playing as opposite.

    At Turkish side, unfortunately Cansu collapsed in 5th set, she looked very nervous. Meliha was useless in attacking in whole match. Baladin looked injured because she was far from being explosive and powerful in attacking compared to earlier matches. Zehra really needs to learn to hit angles better and not insist on finding the block. Too bad the receiving line of Turkey could not hold well in 4th and 5th sets, giving an easy win for US. I think US also improved their serving a lot at 4th set and further on.

    No matter what, I am so proud of Turkey and most important, I am thankful to them as a volleyball lover. We watched so many good matches owing to their performance, first both group matches were both 3-2 and very exciting and then the match against Brazil and now against US, a 3-2 again. They showed a great reaction and did not give up easily, it was a pleasure to watch them. :box:

  • They engraved a mega rally on the medal. I thought they did the last point

  • i only started watching from 3rd set and i had a lot of trouble with sportsdeutsch and sportklub, had to switch from one to the other... but i saw most of the last 2.5 sets.

    wow. larson... i don't remember seeing her hitting the ball so hard, she was going for the big block outs. and hill too, she was an attacking monster, as well as bartsch. didn't watch the beginning so can't comment on murphy, but i never understood why karch likes her so much... lloyd still can't connect with foluke, so weird.

    i don't understand why gui didn't start 5th set with erdem serving, her serve is crazy and was killing the US. they could have gotten a big jump in the beginning. i also noticed, as good as boz is, her arm swing is slow and in the end, she couldn't kill the ball when it counted (5th set). in some previous matches, i noticed that ismailoglu was killing the ball by doing it US-style (fast sets) but today wasn't working...

    congrats to all the players, too bad sportklub cut off transmission before the awards ceremony.

  • I usually cheer for the dark horse. But I hate obnoxious turk users. So this time, I root for the USA. GO! USA! GO! :super:

    Oh my! So this is your second post in the forum? So many users being banned and coming back with different names, this gets annoying.

    Btw, I dont agree on the comments about Italy making it to the F6. They sure can, but then I expect Serbia to be out because there is no other playing joining them to make them better in 3 months. I wonder if Mihajlovic will be able to play WCH after the surgery for example?

    About Italy, I don't think they will be unstoppable. To me, Egonu is still very inconsistent, their middles are not delivering good performance that's why people were wondering if Folie will be back soon, their OHs are doing nothing special compared to the OHs of teams we have here in the final of VNL. Pietrini was served off the court immediately when I watched her last time for example. They really need to work hard this summer to get best of those same players, it will be exciting to see if they start performing better in WCH :drink:

  • Tandara best Opp
    Zhu Ting best OH
    Michelle Bartsch best OH
    Eda Erdem best MB
    Tori Dixon best MB
    Suelen best libero :O
    Cansu Ozbay best setter (outside from sert 5 yea seh was)

  • Congratz USA. They were the best team in the league stage and the f6.

    I said i had be happy what ever the result, but if you have any team down by 6-7 points and need 3 more points and you just break down and completely lose it mentally that is disappointing, Turkey somehow still won the 3rd set but i think we lost the match there mentally. We were just not there in the next 2 sets. Apparently we are still not over the mentality issue.

    But you have a team of mostly 18-22 year olds competing with major world powers you are definitely going in the right direction. Gratz Turkey.

    I just got to note this down somewhere, Turkey is an excellent serving team, it has been one of our major strengths(i know, i say this despite all the mistakes)

    Anyway, well done girls. Looking forward to the WCH's, it will help immensely all the experience gained here.

  • Bartsch MVP wow terrible

    Zehra seemed disappointed as well as it was clearly Eda sorry

    No medal to Simge Akoz is a crime! Cansu did not have to be best setter

    Bartsch was as meatballs said not that good for most of the match. .. Anyway the winning team obv gets the upper hand

  • Zhu's attitude is kind of unattractive. Too good for this unimportant stuff?

  • I think best setter should have been Lloyd and best libero Simge Aköz. These are the only awards I can complain.

    I agree about Zhu, she looked like she doesnt wanna talk :whistle: It can also be because she does not feel comfortable in English though.

  • uh... sorry, you need to have your eye sight checked... they look nothing alike. especially facially, and even body-wise.

    Err ok, but why the over the top put down? did you in your head flag that as racism? It was a throw away jokey comment, you put 1+1 and made it 3?

    AND they do look alike, body type and facially especially if watching on a pixellated stream on a monitor and they play the same position.

  • Zhu was like: ''Yea omg soo fun! 3rd place now when can we leave?''

    She looked indeed as sitenoise said as if she was too high class for all this stuff lol. I like humble Zhu a lot, I hope fame and money wont change her!