2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League

  • That Bosnian girl, Meliha has done amazing job with her reception so that is why I like her as OH. Yeah She haven't got good performance with attack but everything starts with reception. So brava Meliha

    Meliha is not 'that Bosnian girl' lol she has a name which is her own name and a Turkish name and she is Bosnian-Turkish. Why do you mention this now every page. Egonu is from Africa, so is Sylla... I know very well what you're trying to do with that. There are millions of Turks with roots from Balkans like I remember that number is like 20 million, they're not all coming from that country just bcs of that. The situation is not similar at all to Azerbaijan I personally have grandparents from Greece for example, but don't identify as Greek whatsoever. Turkey has been a mixing pot for all etnicities almost similar to USA ever since Ottoman Empire.

    With that said I think she under performed today, but there are many up and coming OHs in Turkey like Derya, Tugba etc which will take one of Seyma-Meliha's spot.

  • What do you guys have problem that Meliha is Bosnian player who decided to play for Turkey ?? What is wrong with that ?

    She is Born in BIH, She played for her home town club before She came to Turkey, and She played for youth and junior NT of BIH. She has double citizehship and She can play for Turkey or BIH if She wants to. Same for Boskovic and Mihaljevic.

    Do you see this guys ? I just point that Meliha is from BIH and Turkish fans are getting crazy. That is fact, chill guys :lol: :lol:

  • I just said she has a name and explained what her background really is, how is that starting problems lol I just gave extra information on her as Spyro was also curious.`

    crovolley you seem to care more that she is Bosnian as you mention it twice now in 10 mins...

    You say she is Bosnian and then next time call her 'That bosnian girl' on the other page to make it clear for people who did not see it :rolll: clear what your intentions are but Iosta said the truth here.
    I don't mind her being Turkish-Bosnian which is why I never brought it up really apart from once a few years ago, you mention it twice in 10 minutes so clearly it matters to you

  • So, Turkey has beaten Euro champs Serbia , Mighty Brazil and lost to World champs USA in the finals in a close one. In the most valuable tournament after the major ones and the continentals, that is mighty good form for the up coming WCH's. The point here is being able to compete with these top teams, i don't really care about the wins per se, we have proved we can compete and beat the top, that is such a great platform to build on.
    With so much room to improve and several high quality players we need to see yet in the NT set up, i don't know about anyone else but i have never been this high and positive for many years with the NT.

  • What game have you watched to say that Italy MBs are not delivering good performance ? Why do you underperform Christina performance and Danesi too ? Who are doing pretty much good job ? OH is not just attack, Bosetti is second libero next to De Gennaro that is why they have the best defence team right now and secondly Pietrini is the biggest talent in volleyball right now and her performance was going up game by game I still think that Sylla deserves to be start with her amazing performance in week 5 after she got little injury.

    Last 6matches Italy won at VNL (China,Brazil, Serbia) so they are pretty good with their confidence.

    Well I watched most of their VNL matches and I don't think Italian fans are thrilled by their middles either. When your opponents have MBs like Akinradewo, Dixon and Adams and you have Chrichella and Danessi, that is unfortunately far from being enough.

    You are right about Bosetti, she is simply a second libero which makes other teams' job easier to read what Italy will do in front row when she is there.

    Pietrini is young, as young as Zehra and Ebrar and I am sure she will become a better player in the future but as I pointed out, her receiving won't improve in 3 months and she is clearly a target by most well serving teams.

    I agree on Sylla but she is not consistent enough for this level either. She reminds me of a young Plak, she sure is more dynamic than Plak but her receiving and attacking is like ticking bomb unfortunately :white:

  • Wow how quickly this thread turned. It was a great tournament watching Turkey play. So impressed with their defense; blocking and everyone going after digs. Just a few bad plays and they lost. They beat really good team during the tournament. I’m not sure if their A team players could have done any better. I would have liked to have seen their libero get the award how amazing is she.

    Happy that USA won...they did look discombobulated a lot of the time and not as strong as in the past but several different players playing different positions. Kelly did a decent job at libero and we really don’t have anyone else. And I don’t see her playing that role when she goes back to Turkey to play which will hurt our future. I don’t think JWO has a professional contract this coming year so she is not a good option. People think Lowe is the answer to the OPP. She was only a decent player. A lot will change in the next couple of years.

  • I can understand why turkish fans are so exciting about their team. It is the best result that their senior team get till now. Here is the record of wgp from 2014-2017.

    2014: Brazil, Japan, Russia
    2015: USA,Russia,Brail
    2016: Braizl ,USA, Netherlands
    2017: Brazil, Italy,Seriba

  • crovolley  beri

    I'm really tired of this conversation. Every fu*king given day the same topic. You want your trash talk? Go to your trash can tread topic. There's no reason to keep it open if you keep talking about whatever you want here, being off topic most of the time.

    Thank you :white: I am really sick of these two users. Crovolley defending every thing from Italy and beri as the same for Turkey. You are not the presidents of these countries and dont have to defend every negative posts coming from other users. :white: