Turkish NT 2018

  • another interview with giovanni guidetti for my twitter (@voleiturquia)

    1- why vakifbank did not receive the final four?

    @Gio1315 : we didn't ask for the final four, we were not interested on this organization!

    2- why ebrar karakurt not played in vakifbank A this season?

    @Gio1315 : Young players have tô move step by step! She had Very important season with coach bosetti and she played in Second league! Perfect!

    3- 3- what are the goals for the end of the club season?
    @Gio1315 : goals for vakifbank is awalys to Win every match

    4- many were surprised by neriman, gozde and neslihan in your list. Do you expect these players in the world championship? And naz and eda? Only in world championship also?

    @Gio1315 : a National team coach have always to try to have the best player of the nation in the team

    5- what are your criteria when calling 29 players?

    @Gio1315 : the best players of the league, the players that perfomed better, the players that played mostly and some Young talents.

    6- we Will many players of A2 league. Is this an answer becouse many players in a1 are unfortunately back up at big teams?

    @Gio1315 : correct! I Will give space to players that prefer playing in Second league instead of sitting in the bench in the First league.

    7- 3+1 rule in turkey is bad for National team?

    @Gio1315 : 3+1 is Very bad becouse means that 90% of the club are choosing 3 Foreigner spiker. 2+1 for sure 1-2 turkish spiker are playing, foregners free means the Young players Will not find anymore space in the bench.

    8- How do you expect to play in nations league?

    @Gio1315 : we Will loose a Lot, hopefully we Will learn a Lot

    8- you were praising saliha sahin for having played in the A2 league as starter. @YagmurMislina follow your exemple. Do you advise the players to go play as a starter?

    @Gio1315 : absolutely YES

    9- for you What else do you need to chance in turkish volleyball?

    @Gio1315 : the foreigners rule and menthality of familly and players agent: they want money immediately instead of Think how to creste a better player.

    10- about new players, how do you expect these players to tske advantage of this opportunity?

    @Gio1315 : those Young players Will have amazing chances this Summer!!!!! To them decide How to use It!

  • I don't think Eda will play at all. There are quite a big competition going on for MB position that's why Guidetti will probably try other youngsters. Same with setter position, Gamze didn't have a convincing season, Cansu Özbay might get the second slot for WCh if she would perform well this summer

  • I'm really curious to see with what kind of starting line-up Guidetti will show up. There are a lot of good players/potentials on the list but I personally can't really come up with many sure starters atm. I guess trainings will have a big impact.

  • I was curious because I remember Eda talking about Guidetti asking her to captain youngsters in the summer on her interview at Federation's 60th year event. So I guess she will be in the squad but won't play in easy matches then. I still think Naz should've been the one tho

  • The roster of Turkish Junior NT for U19 European Championship Qualifications:

    Elif Şahin Karayolları Spor Kulübü
    Eylül Karadaş İlbank Spor Kulübü
    Ebrar Karakurt VakıfBank Spor Kulübü
    Derya Cebecioğlu VakıfBank Spor Kulübü
    Yaprak Erkek İlbank Spor Kulübü
    Zeynep Üzen Eczacıbaşı Spor Kulübü
    İlayda İşçimen İlbank Spor Kulübü
    Ayşe Çürük TVF Spor Kulübü
    Merve Atlıer Eczacıbaşı Spor Kulübü
    Zeynep Sude Demirel VakıfBank Spor Kulübü
    Fatmanur Yılmaz Karayolları Spor Kulübü
    Simay Kurt Kameroğlu Beylikdüzü Vol. İhtisas

    Only missing name is Ilkin Aydin who showed a good performance whenever she entered the game with GS this season. Moreover she is the only player from this generation with Ebrar Karakurt who are invited to the senior NT :what: Ebrar is clearly the most promising player in the roster. Also our libero Simay already played as starter in Sultanlar ligi and performed well. Both setters are promising as well. Elif Sahin is very tall but still precise, she manage to promote Sultanlar ligi with Karayollari this year. Eylul Karadas played in Ilbank in the second half of season. Our OHs are mostly defensive/short ones. Derya was supposed to be next Gozde but she had an injury at the end of this season, I am curious about her current shape. Both Yaprak and Ilayda got chances to play in Ilbank but did not show anything special but maybe due to the fact that whole team was a huge chaos anyway :whistling:

    ITA-RUS and TUR were the best ones of 2000 generation (just like 2002 generation indeed) whereas another powerhouse SRB did not do well in last WCh

  • I was watching the turkey U19 match and I will stick with the good form of derya cebecioglu. merve atlier made a good match. demirel (198 cm MB - VAKIFBANK) entered in the second set and did well on the attack. I can not like yaprak, sorry. i have doubts if elif sahin will be good setter or if she will be the new nuservil

  • i tried to translate what Neslihan said in this video


    Neslihan :"first time i dont know what i will be face to face with..its something unusual!..im very happy and i thank everyone..i dont know what to say.. forgive me if i have offended you..that's all.."

    question : "what do you think you have left behind ?"
    Neslihan :" i have left behind a shoulder, two knees and two wrists and so on ( i like her sense of humor)...i dont think i have left many things..i have done something (a job) i have got great pleasure doing but it lasts for a limited time for us volleyball players to play volleyball..i have tried to do what i can..i thank again those Who have helped me reach these days.."

    question on the final 4 :
    Neslihan : " we could have been better.i thought we deserved to play the final (meaning considering what they did untill reaching the final4)..but sometimes you can stop some things from happening ,it gets out of your control.i have had some injuries before coming here.i entered the courth but i couldnt do anything..when it doesnt happen,it doesnt happen(??) (meaning : sometimes when things go wrong you cant do much,what you do doenst work )..if you ask me what i have learnt so far,i have learnt this in 25 years : when it doesnt happen,it doesnt happen)

    question on her team,teammates in Galatasaray
    Neslihan : " playing together with them all was a good chance for me..i thank everyone one by one..from the coach to the masseur..its been a very pleasant year for me..