Turkish NT 2018

  • 21 player roster for VNL
    S: Gamze Alikaya, Cansu Özbay, Aslıhan Kilic, Buse Ünal
    Opp: Meryem Boz, Ebrar Karakurt, Ceren Kestirengöz
    OH: Meliha Ismailoglu, Şeyma Ercan, Mislina Kilic, Fulden Ural, Saliha Şahin, Hande Baladin
    MB: Eda Erdem(c), Kübra Akman, Zehra Gunes, Beyza Arici, Yasemin Guveli
    L: Gizem Örge, Simge Akoz, Aylin Sarioglu:

    This young team played a friendly vs Belgian NT in Belgium yesterday and will play another one today.
    Turkey 3-1 Belgium (22-25, 25-22, 25-20, 25-16)

  • Actually OH lineup is worse than Opp lineup :lol:

    Meryem did good job last year ECH.She also had a good year with Seramiksan.Ebrar is big question.We don't know what she can do.Also Hande and Mislina can play opp.I can't undertand why Ceren is here :down:

  • Turkey beats Belgium in today's friendlly 3-1 25-20 19-25 31-29 25-20

    Do you also have the stats for 1st match?

    Btw is Hande cut in the end from the team? :white: it is clear to me that we lack an offensive OH here. Meryem Boz seems to be the only player that played a good offensive game here. Also disappointing stats from thw MBs but ofc this is just a friendly and they don't mean much, the results ofc. Last year Turkey beat Serbia a few times at friendlies so I will wait for VNL to really judge the team.

    Britt Herbots also with very bad numbers on Belgian side.

    So Turkey wins 3-1 twice vs a weak Belgium, it is not bad we will see what Gio really comes up with later.

  • Actually, they played yesterday and today. And yesterday Belgium won 4-1 and not Turkey.

  • maybe the 14 players in nations league first week

    cansu o. - gamze
    meryem- ebrar
    beyza- eda- kubra- zehra
    gizem orge- simge
    meliha- seyma- mislina - saliha

    i'm suprised with hande and tugba out but they played in backup this season and giovanni wants players that played in 6 players. mislina and saliha played so good in A2. i think the players that loves backup and want play in national team will change or will not play in national team.

  • The official 14 player roster is announced and you are exactly right. This will be it for week 1! :thumbsup:

  • there are backup players and backup players...
    Tuğba was a backup in Vakıfbank. Kelsey Robinson too was a backup in Vakıfbank. Thank god Karch Kiraly is not Guidetti.

    Guidetti is trying to get Tuğba and Hande out of their comfort zone, but is this the way to do it I'm not sure...
    No matter what, Hande will be in World championship roster, since she's in another level compared to Mislina, Saliha etc.
    And Tuğba probably knows Guidetti would loan her if he really thought she's not competent enough.

  • Leaving Tuğba and Hande out because they spent most of the season makes sense...but it if funny because Guidetti is the one that put Tuğba on the bench. He should have known better that she`s not ready for a big club yet, he should simply have loaned her to a smaller club.

    And Hande was the starter at first..but as the season went on Meliha took her place... and again..She`s not ready for big club yet..she could easily be a starter for a smaller club.

    I don`t know....I like Turkish Players and I would love if they could surprise us and become a powerhouse... But I just don`t see that happening....there`s just so much wrong with their development ....at least I hope to see Ebrar playing :heart:

  • my opinion on the new lineup of Turkey

    they started well in VNL

    in this new roster, ony Eda Erdem, Kübra Akman could be considered experienced on NT level.Meryem Boz (30) has been the starter since last year though she is pretty experienced as club-based and Gamze Alikaya has always been second setter. first Naz now Cansu. even Şeyma Ercan (23 -24 ) and Meliha Ismailoğlu (24 ) are for the first time starters in the NT .others are more inexperienced

    this bunch of the players did well in VNL however some others are needed too to increace the possibility of being succesfull in the mid-term.
    e.g. Meliha and Şeyma played well but some other players at the same level must be on the bench as insurance..at least two more players..there's Hande Baladın but what about Saliha Şahin and Tuğba Şenoğlu ? could they make the same contribution as Şeyma-Meliha..not sure!.

    Considering Meryem Boz is 30..Turkey will need a good OPP soon...Ebrar or someone else should step up in soon

    same for Eda Erdem.She is almost 31 and we dont know when she will announce/demand her retirement from the nt..maybe very soon..Zehra Güneş made her debut in VNL.she was good.Beyza Arıcı played some good matches in the league but she doesnt still seem to make the impact Eda has been making in the NT. Even so,Mbs are not bad and not the weak points in it

    main problem not having enough number of good OHs and two "good" OPPs at least after Gözde,Neriman,Güldeniz,Seda,Neslihan etc..