Turkish NT 2018

  • the players' performances during the VNL (during both the preliminary and final rounds)

    Eda Erdem and Meryem Boz were the leading players of the NT. considering these players' ages (respectively 31 and 30 ) i feel unhappy as thinking the day when they leave the NT especialy Eda Erdem :(

    libero Simge Aköz did a very good job. i liked her game.she adds a lot to this team with her contribution

    Meliha Ismailoğlu did her job. she did well mainly in the defensive part of this game. she needs to vary her offensive game : different angles etc

    Şeyma Ercan needs to pass better. she is slightly better than Meliha at using the ball realizing the opponents defense over the net. Meliha seems to like the spikes where she can transfer all her power right onto the ball as hitting. this means more blocked shots/hits.

    Hande Baladın did a good job coming from the bench. Both Gala's new transfers did a good job : Meryem Boz and Hande Baladın. Hande will play as starter in her club which will help her improve her passing,defensive and other qualities..

    Cansu Özbay did a good job. i like her distribution. she made mistakes too but playing and gaining more experience will make her better. Being a good setter needs a long time,she is at the beggining of her career.i find her game brave,that is a good quality for a setter to be better. Guidetti should use Gamze at times when Cansu's game goes down. i dont know if Guidetti will go to Japan with two or three setters ?

    Zehra Güneş did a pretty good job. she has the talent and needs to work more on her talent. lets see if Guidetti will use her or Kübra or both in TL (resting Raşiç)

  • Tuğba Şenoğlu seems to have done well at the Mediterranean Games 2018 (MG 2018)

    if her reception is enough at the moment,Guidetti should take her to Japan for the WCH 18

    Neriman Özsoy would be useful as an experienced offensive player..couldnt she be persuaded for the WCH 18 ?

    Gamze Alikaya should play more with this team to have a good connection with the players considering she will be the other setter in the team.

    i didnt like OPP Ceren K's game even at the MG 2018..well she could be more experienced than Ebrar but i prefer Ebrar over her.

  • Read this in Turkish forums. Looks like Neriman's husband answered yesterday that she won't return to the NT but today Neriman changed her name on instagram back to her maiden name and deleted all the pictures she had together with her husband.

    I won't be surprised if her old decision of not joining the NT was because she wanted to spend more time with her husband since she also played in Japan. Now she might return. If he invites, I hope Guidetti considers her as an opposite, not an OH. Meryem is pretty inconsistent though she definitely deserves her spot in the NT as the main opposite. However Ebrar really needs a year of good training before she enters such a serious stage. I think having Neriman as a back up opposite can help a lot.

  • apparently the three wing-spikers are determined. meliha-hande and seyma. I really do not like fulden. maybe seyma is still not sure of playing the World Cup. maybe tugba, neriman, derya cebecioglu (?) and saliha can play.

    I think the setters will be Cansu and gamze

    opposite meryem and ebrar

    libero simge and gizem

    MB eda, beyza, zehra and ??? - maybe yasemin? kubra want to go back? sude demirel?

    we will see how turkey will play in montreux (turkey will not be able to play with U19 players like derya, sude, merve atlier, ilkin) and we will see how these U19 players will play the European U19

  • Meatballs , Neriman as opp would work too..(btw, would she accept to be a backup OPP or OH ? )

    dagdelenler , i think i woudnt take Saliha Şahin to Japan..Tuğba Şenoğlu would be my choice..i dont know much about Derya Cebecioğlu's status..if she is ready or not etc..Derya could be more talented but Tuğba is more experienced..

    on the MBs : Kübra should be ready for the WCH..if not, then one of Dicle,Büşra,Aslı, Bahar instead

  • Dicle could be good actually as another MB option, I know she is not close to the others in attacking level and she can be a bit arrogant at times but she is the 2nd best Turkish blocker after Eda to me and I did see that mainly we needed 1 more good blocking MB in this VNL as Zehra and Beyza lacked sometimes.

    Tugba should also be added to the team instead of Fulden probably