Turkish NT 2018

  • we'd better see how Elif Şahin will perform in the tournaments like Montreux etc..

    if Gamze is getting ready for her marriage..will she be with the NT on time, and mentally or emotionally be ready to run the team ?

    in any case,another experienced setter like Cansu Aydınoğulları or someone else should be ready!

  • the players' performances during the VNL (during both the preliminary and final rounds):

    I agree with that summary but would give Zehra Güneş a little more love than you. I didn't watch all the TUR games though. Did just re-watch the TUR v BRA match. Other-worldly fun, and it got me thinking about Montreux. Looks like the roster that's on tap for the WCh? Elif Şahin and Tugba Senoglu at least. TUR could win Montreux. I will be rooting for them. Call it a meaningless circus, it's still an international tournament and would be a nice momentum builder going into the WCh.

    I can't comment on the fine grain of the larger Turkish possibilities, and about who and who shouldn't be called, because I don't know any of them, but I agree with beri about the players I met at the VNL, even though there is no way I could possibly know it :):

    I don't think we possible could have dreamed a better performance then what these girls showed us at VNL/WGP. This was a better perf. then even our best players at their peak, not even them could just accomplish that like that.

    I have to develop a strategy for Gui, though. Watching TUR games is like watching a delightful TV program interrupted by commercials with some sweaty dude discussing his laxative needs. A momentary killjoy.

  • Read this in a Turkish forum: "according to Meliha's instagram, Cagla Akin joined the NT" which means Guidetti already gave up on Elif Sahin & Cansu Aydinogullari.

  • Watched a couple more VNL TUR matches, against NED and CHN. Some thoughts:

    Turkey has just eclipsed NED as my favorite Euro-team. I immediately started rooting for TUR. NED seemed kind of bitchy. Surprised me when TUR lost that one.

    TUR is an aggressive serving team, across the board. No one lollipops the ball over. I think that can demoralize opponents. Certainly BRA suffered from it.

    Erdam, Akoz, and Boz are true all star players, imho, with Baladin knocking hard on that door. I can't be objective about the tight-bun sisters Cansu Ozbay and Meliha Ismailoglu because I love their energy so much. I would love to play volleyball with them. Ozbay has wonderful court awareness, knows where her attackers like the ball, and has a great smile. Ismailoglu is the Turkish Risa Shinnabe, and gives great post match interview. I can't be objective about Zehra either (we're on a first name basis now) because she's the cutest player in this tournament.

    Aylin Sarioğlu played libero against CHN. I have mostly only seen her as a defensive addition to the fabulous Akoz, and didn't think she offered much, might even say she's a hindrance, but she played great against CHN.

    Gamze Alikaya always looks sad and worried to me. Ebrar Karakurt hasn't shown me anything yet.

    If anyone here wants to tip me to one of their favorite TUR games of the VNL to watch next, I'm happy to hear it.

  • 16 players roster for Turkish NT for Rabobank Tournament. young tall setter Elif Aydin is out. This tournament will be very important for OHs since one of them will be out. I expect either Saliha or Tugba to be dropped out. Also Aylin Sarioglu since she is the weakest among the 3 liberos

    Setters: Cansu Özbay, Cansu Aydınoğulları

    Opps: Meryem Boz, Ebrar Karakurt

    OHs: Hande Baladın, Meliha İsmailoğlu, Şeyma Ercan, Saliha Şahin, Tuğba Şenoğlu

    MBs: Eda Erdem Dündar, Beyza Arıcı, Zehra Güneş, Aslı Kalaç

    Liberos: Simge Aköz, Gizem Örge, Aylin Sarıoğlu

  • this roster is ok to me

    absence of Kübra Akman seems a problem

    i also wonder about second setter Aydınoğullları's performance with the NT..i wish Alikaya would be with the team in Japan

    im guessing Saliha Şahin will be cut but first, lets see how she and Tuğba will perform in the Rabobank tournament

    i wish all the teams an injury-free tournament!

  • Ziggo Sport is broadcasting the game in the Netherlands, I will be able to watch it from there as I recently got a bit of an illegal way (lol) to stream all channels paid and regular from some hand picked countries in HD quality. Ziggo Sport is a paid channel normally, I don't know about other streams. Maybe Turkish paid channels also broadcast it.

  • in the absence of Kübra...another good blocking MB is needed...Dicle could be there instead of Aslı..Beyza is doing well as slider but doenst seem a threat over the net or we will have to expect her to do well at blocking as in the league finals last season

  • Dicle 100% would be a good solution for the block, Idk why Gio did not even consider for wide roster but did Asli...

  • I've read that Gamze Alikaya is not in the roster because she didn't agree with Guidetti about being the second setter behind Ozbay

  • I've read that Gamze Alikaya is not in the roster because she didn't agree with Guidetti about being the second setter behind Ozbay

    I actually had a feeling this was the case...the weeding thing was just a excuse. Too bad, but this makes me loose a lot of respect for her ....In a interview Paula Pequeno was asked how she dealt with going from MVP in Beijin to a backup in London, and she said it is not easy and of course she wanted to be on the court but it is about "Brazil" and not about "herself"....So whatever it takes to win a medal with out without her is what matters and she still helped the team by sitting on the bench...

    Gamze is making this about herself and not about her country...and this is wrong. Shame on her. ( I wish Vitra did not sign her ).

  • I've read that Gamze Alikaya is not in the roster because she didn't agree with Guidetti about being the second setter behind Ozbay

    Where did you read it? There is always a lot of BS that are made up by twitter users

  • I think this was also in Italian news like a month ago. This is probably the only explanation.

    It is also possible that Gamze asked for extra holiday from Guidetti due to her honeymoon and he probably rejected her because the schedule was already set and she could have her wedding earlier. It is quite annoying considering last year's preparations were totally disturbed by Gözde Kirdar's wedding in Seychelles.

  • Gamze was needed in this team. Neither Cansu nor Cagla could give what Gamze would have given to this team. If this news is true, It is quite absurd that you ask to be the first setter since you don’t ask that, you get the role by your performance. Gamze is more experienced but I have to be honest, Cansu played very good and proved she is more of a team player so she earned that spot by her performance.

    If this is true, it is really so unprofessional of Gamze. And it is best of the team that she won’t come back.

    I was so angry with that looser Ferhat that he didn’t invite Gamze because of his stupid personal issues with her, now, she shows us how she is incapable of being a team player.

    Last year was a joke, I never understood that break just for Gozde’s wedding. That was quite unprofessional of Guidetti as well.

  • Since Asli Kalac is not training with her club, I assume Guidetti will take only 3 MBs to WCh and 3 liberos (one receiving specialist Aylin Sarioglu). I don't think this is a good idea. WCh is very long tournament. What if Eda Erdem gets injured in first match of the tournament? Playing with only 2 MBs for the rest of the tournament is scary. And I am not really convinced by the contribution of Aylin, I feel like she makes a mess whenever she is in the field. I am curious if Guidetti will invite Kubra Akman, Dicle Babat or Busra Cansu as last minute call instead of Asli Kalac :teach: