Turkish NT 2018

  • Final roster of Turkish NT for WCh:

    Setters: Çağla Akın,Cansu Özbay

    OHs: Hande Baladın,Derya Cebecioğlu (2000),Şeyma Ercan,Meliha İsmailoğlu

    Opps: Meryem Boz,Ebrar Karakurt (2000)

    Liberos: Gizem Örge Güner,Simge Aköz,Aylin Sarıoğlu

    MBs: Eda Erdem Dündar(K),Beyza Arıcı,Zehra Güneş

    The only surprise is Derya Cebecioğlu in instead of Saliha Şahin or Tuğba Şenoğlu who have played in NT B and were with the A team for whole summer and out of blue Derya is invited after her not so good performance in Junior ECh. It is good to invest youngsters but I am not sure WCh is the right tournament. Another issue is inviting only 3 MBs just to be able to bring Aylin Sarıoğlu as a receiving specialist. I just hope no injuries and Aylin could step up her game during this tournament. Our MB position seems to be our most reliable position. Also Simge as libero puts a high class performance so far. Neither Meryem and Ebrar is consistent to play several games in a high level. That's why we will see many double substitutions during the tournament. In this case Cağla's performance will be crucial. 3 OHs are on a similar level and any combination seems to be possible depending on the opponent.

  • simge akoz is turkist precious jewel. Cansu ozbay as setter. Oh is hande baladin mb eda n gunez opposite is meryem boz... meliha is good too but depends on the opponent!

  • Derya Cebecioğlu is an interesting choice

    Guidetti aims at creating the team of future and taking them to 2020 OG and farther so that makes sense

    i dont know whats the problem btw Gui and Kübra Akman (if she isnt injuried seriously)

    Kübra should have been in japan

  • another interview with giovanni for my twitter @voleiturquia

    1- What do you expect from Turkey in this world championship in Japan?


    gio: we want to go Osaka , we dream to go Nagoya and with a miracle we can go yokoama !

    2- Is there any player with an injury?

    gio: all ok

    3- Why did you choose to only go with three midlle blockers?

    gio: we did all VNL like this and I need a third libero entering for reception

    4- Many thought that tugba or saliha would be the fourth wing-spiker, but you chose derya cebecioglu. could you tell me why?

    gio: i have the best Turkish players in Japan

    5 - What do you think turkey needs to improve? attack? reception? defense? serve?

    gio: We are young and we have to improve everything

    6- Which are the most difficult opponents in your opinion?

    Gio: all ! Our group is a hell !!!!

  • Great interview again dagdelenler ! good questions though I have to say; Gio seems kind of cocky with his responses? I did not really like that, some questions he didn't even reply to reallly...